About Us

So, if you’re wondering who are TechySex here you can get to know us. Even though there are more than a few people working around the clock with testing, photographing, and shopping (unfortunately sex toys don’t just magically appear on our doorstep), usually you interact with me (Martin), Melissa and Harry.

So, since we’re the faces of the blog, time to get to know more about us.

Martin Moore

Martin Moore The Founder

Basically, this website started right before the pandemic took the world by surprise. I was pretty much done with my day job and decided to build a life following my own rules.

While some people enjoy more traditional pleasure activities, I could say mine is slightly different.

I’ve been passionate about sex and sex toys for over 15 years now when I ordered my first Fleshlight. Ever since then, when my younger self got super impressed with the toy, I would spare money each month to try out a new one. Well, at least one. So, my sex toy collection is pretty huge. However, even the best toys have an expiry date.

All the time I was shy to share this obsession with anyone thinking people will think that something is wrong with me. However, when I met my girlfriend everything changed. She encouraged me to follow my passions and share with the world my discoveries. So, that’s how TechySex was born.

Before that, when I was studying medicine and I was a ghostwriter for many worldwide recognized websites, so there’s a huge chance that you’ve already read an article or two written by me on medical websites. However, it’s time for me to stand by my name and share my insights in my name.

Melissa Wild

Melissa Wild The Wild One

Hey! I’m Melissa Wild but people often refer to me as ‘wild’ Melissa. Probably because I believe in creating my own rules and then breaking them later.

I’m a sex-positive and open-minded sex toy enthusiast on a quest to find the best sex toys out there. I used to run a sex toy store but the pandemic empowered me to go digital so I’m here to share my findings.

I am always looking for new opportunities, so I couldn’t resist the temptation of joining the TechySex team!

The sex toy industry is constantly changing as the toys become more and more advanced. So, let’s keep up together!

Harry Miller

Harry Miller The Kinky One

Hey, I’m Harry and I’m the kinky one. While Martin has his limitations, I’m open to pretty much anything, well, sexually at least. For over ten years I’ve owned a physical sex toy store, however, due to increasing online shopping, I’ve moved to the digital world and that’s when Martin invited me to join the project.

Thanks to my experience in the field and quick reactions to new releases of sex toys, I’m aiming to build the most up-to-date knowledge base, where people would be able to find information about the latest sex toys.

I’m very into trying out new things, so if I hear about something new I never heard about before: sex toy, sex position, fetish – I’m down to try it out. You may call me crazy – but I have some great stories to tell. Hope you enjoy my writings!