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3D Pile - Orifice
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3D Pile - Sleeve
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What's good

  • Very discreet
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Low price
  • Easy to dry
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Water-based lube included

What's not so good

  • Difficult to clean
  • Might not be the right fit for very girthy penises
  • The texture is not very intense


Minimum Diameter
1.8 in
4.64 cm
Maximum Diameter
1.7 in
4.36 cm
Sleeve Length * stretchable
4.6 - 9.8 in
11.6 - 24.9 cm
Sleeve Color
Orifice Type
Opening Max Diameter * stretchable
0.9 - 3.1 in
2.26 - 8 cm
Sleeve Material
Ag Antibacterial Elastomer
Release Date

Tenga 3D Pile Review

The Tenga 3D collection looks more like mini sculptures rather than sex toys which makes them perfectly discreet. The Tenga 3D Pile comes with a texture covered with small triangles that doesn’t overwhelm you and therefore is a great fit for sensitive penises.

*The 3D Pile was supplied to us by Tenga in exchange for an honest review. Whether the toy was gifted to us or whether we bought it ourselves does not impact our judgment.

3D Pile is Discreet and Beginner Friendly

Since the toy looks more like a fancy modern mini sculpture than a sex toy – it can easily be confused with one. Especially if someone is not familiar with the product. That’s why, if you accidentally leave the toy out in the open, there’s a great chance it won’t catch any attention.

3d pile texture

The toy is also extra-beginner-friendly since it doesn’t have a firm case and you are fully in control of the intensity and applied pressure on your private parts.

However, if you have a very girthy penis, be careful with the entrance. Even though it stretches well, it’s narrow and requires a generous amount of lube.

Note: A sample pack of lube will is included with the toy.

3d pile orifice

Skin-Safe Materials With Smart Design

The Tenga Pile 3D sells for $39, so it is budget-friendly. The toy is made from body-safe Ag Antibacterial Elastomer and won’t cause any unexpected skin irritations or allergies.

Tenga 3D collection is constructed in a very smart manner. You’ll be turning the sleeve inside out for use and then back again for cleaning and storing. This makes the whole maintenance a lot easier compared to other male masturbators.

tenga 3d pile tuning inside out

Using Tenga 3D Pile

In order o use the Tenga 3D Pile, you first need to turn it inside out to get that texture inside. Then generously lube it up and you’re all set to go.

tenga 3d pile inside out

The amount of those small triangles make the sleeve look very intense, let’s get that right. However, when turned inside out, it turns out that the texture is actually quite gentle and quite flat. So, the first impression turned out to be a bit misleading. However, in order to enhance the sensations, you have your hand to help you with squeezing and twisting.

The Tenga 3D Pile is a perfect fit for beginners or guys who have sensitive penises and like to take it slow. Therefore, if you are someone who needs a lot of spiky textures or intense suction to get off, the Tenga 3D Pile might not be the right toy for you.

Overall, even though the intensity of the sleeve is low, it’s still a lot more fun than using your hand.

Once you’re done with your session, all you need to do is turn the sleeve inside out and properly rinse it. While the ability to turn the sleeve inside out makes the cleaning easier, the small triangles on the texture did make it quite a challenge.

Things to Know About Using Masturbators

If it’s your first toy, here are some very important things to know:

  • Never use the toy without lube – when two dry objects rub against each other, a lot of friction occurs. That friction can irritate the sensitive skin of the penis or break the sleeve. That’s why you need to use lube to reduce that friction to a minimum.
  • Always wash and dry the toy – as lazy as you can be after an orgasm, you need to properly wash and dry the toy. Otherwise, various nasty bacteria may start accumulating inside it. Later that may end up causing irritation and infections of your penis.

What’s In The Package of Tenga 3D Pile?

Here is a full list of items that you will be getting when ordering your Tenga 3D Pile:

  • Tenga 3D Pile male masturbator
  • A special tray with a cap to store the toy, help maintain its shape, and keep the dust away
  • A small packet of lube
  • Detailed instruction manual

As you can see, Tenga has you covered for the first session, however, I would recommend ordering extra lube for the future, if you already don’t have some.

The Verdict

Overall, the Pile 3D is a good sex toy for those who have a sensitive penis and enjoy having a lot of control during masturbation. However, if you’re the type of person who enjoys intense stimulation and bold textures, the toy is most likely not what you are looking for.

In such a case, You can still consider the 3D series but with a different texture. My suggestion would be to go for the Tenga 3D Spiral.

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