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9.0 in
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Fleshlight Classic
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Liam Riley Fleshjack

If you’re Liam’s fan, I’m sure that you’re super excited about his collaboration with Fleshjack. Currently, there are two Liam Riley Fleshjack sex toys and I’ll be reviewing both of them today.

The Liam Riley Fleshjack series has a sleeve called Forever. The sleeve has an orifice that looks exactly like Liam’s tight butt hole. Also, you can get a dildo that is an exact replica of the porn star’s dick.

Let’s see how Liam feels in action.

How Liam Riley Fleshjack Feels?

Knowing how sex toys feel helps you decide whether they’re something that matches your expectations.

Liam Riley Fleshjack – Forever

The Liam Riley Fleshjack Forever sleeve has an orifice that looks like Liam’s butt hole and a unique texture with 4 different chambers.

Liam Riley Forever Fleshjack

The first chamber has a pretty classical texture of vertical ribs. It’s medium intensity and you will enjoy it.

The second chamber is wider and has dots all over the walls. This chamber is less intense but still pretty exciting.

The third chamber has a changing width which provides very good stimulation for the penis head.

The last chamber has a grid-like texture. It’s also medium intensity.

Overall, I could say that Liam Riley Fleshjack is a perfect choice for beginners. The sleeve is medium intensity and not overwhelming. He’s well-balanced and will get you hooked on Fleshjacks.

Liam Riley Fleshjack Dildo

Liam Riley Fleshjack Dildo

The second item from the Liam Riley Fleshjack series is a dildo that looks exactly like his penis.

The dildo is 6 inches long and has an insertable length of 4 inches.

The dildo is slightly curved and makes reaching the p-spot very easy.

In my opinion, this is a perfect choice for beginners. The dildo has the ideal size and won’t be overwhelming.

Liam Riley Fleshjack Benefits

Fleshjacks are all about pleasure. However, when you choose Fleshjack, you get a lot of additional benefits.

Safe Sex

Many guys go through a random hookup or a few in their lives. However, some experience more than just a few.

The more sexual partners you have, the higher the risk of catching an STD becomes.

Owning a Fleshjack is a great way to blow off steam from time to time and keep your sex life more interesting and exciting.

When you’re sexually satisfied, you’re less likely to search for random hookups. As a result, you decrease your chances of catching an STD.

Fantasy Element

Every guy dreams of doing it with their favorite porn star. However, for most of us, it will remain a dream.

Thanks to Fleshjack, guys like you and me can now enjoy the next best thing and fulfill our fantasies.

So, if Liam is the one that you’ve been dreaming about, get Liam Riley Fleshjack sex toys and enjoy.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Fleshjack uses only high-quality materials for their sex toys. That’s why you can be sure that the sleeves and the dildos won’t cause any unexpected skin irritations or allergies.

Your and your partner’s private parts are in good hands when you choose Fleshjack sex toys.

Real Feel

The SuperSkin material used for the Fleshjack sleeves is not only hypoallergenic but also super realistic. Currently, it’s the closest thing to real human flesh. Especially when warmed up and lubed up.

The Fleshjack dildos are made from medical-grade silicone. It is firm enough to remind you of a real boner and flexible enough o be comfortable in most positions.

100% Original

When you order directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure that you’re getting an original item. You can do so by clicking one of the buttons on the page.

However, if you choose to buy elsewhere, search for a reputable and trustworthy reseller. There are quite a few scammers out there, especially on huge marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Discreet Billing and Shipping

Ordering directly from Fleshjack guarantees you original products that will be handled in a discreet manner.

Discreet Shipping

There will be no mention of the brand in your credit card report and your ordered items will be packed discreetly.

No one will be able to tell what is actually in the box without opening it.

Liam Riley Fleshjack Care Tips

If you want your Liam Riley Fleshjack dildo and sleeve to last long, you need to take care of them properly.

Worry not, there are only a couple of things that you need to remember. They will help you have a long-lasting sex toy.

First – proper hygiene. Cleaning your sex toys after each use is a must. If you don’t clean them, they will get infected by various nasty bacteria that you’ll later transfer on your private parts. I’m sure you don’t want that.

Cleaning a dildo is very easy and required only warm water and antibacterial soap. The sleeve, on the other hand, requires a bit more attention. Check out this detailed Fleshjack care guide to learn how to clean the Fleshjack sleeves.

Second – always use lube. Lube is required not only to increase pleasure but also to prevent two bad things that can happen. If you don’t use lube, there will be a lot of friction. You know how sensitive your private parts are and I’m sure that you don’t want a dry rub on them. That could seriously irritate them.

Also, by not using lube, you can also accidentally ruin your sex toy. Without lube, there is a chance that you could rip the sleeve. So, use lube and be generous with it.

Take care of your sex toys and they will take care of you. You can be sure of that.

What’s In The Package?

When you know what’s in the package, it becomes super easy to prepare for the pleasures that are waiting for you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to reschedule fun time over a pack of lube.

Here’s a full list of items that you will get with a standard Liam Riley Fleshjack sleeve/dildo order:

  • Fleshjack Boys case (blue)
  • Liam Riley signature Forever sleeve
  • Instructions for use and care


  • Liam Riley 6? Dildo that’s an exact match for his penis
  • Instructions for use and care

As you can see, all you need is lube. Also, as I mentioned before – order from the manufacturer or from a reputable reseller. There are quite a few scammers out there.

Order from the manufacturer, and get an original product that will be billed and shipped discreetly by clicking the button below.

Additional Items

You will have a lot of fun with Liam Riley Fleshjack’s sleeve and dildo. However, if you want even more fun, check out these additional items that can increase your pleasure.

To upgrade Fleshjack sleeve:

Fleshwash and Powder are a couple of essentials that help properly clean the sleeve.

Fleshlube is a high-quality lube to reduce friction and intensifies pleasure.

Consider getting the shower mount if you want hands-free orgasms in the shower.

Get the sleeve warmer to warm up the sleeve to the perfect temperature.

If you feel ready for the best upgrade, you need to take a look at Launch. This automatic masturbator can stroke your penis up to 250 times per minute. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

To upgrade Fleshjack dildo:

Get Fleshlube to reduce friction and slide up the dildo smoothly.

Get the dildo suction cup to experience hands-free p-pot orgasms.

Liam Riley Fleshjack Reviews

You already know my Liam Riley Fleshjack review. Now, let’s see what other guys experienced with him.

Each of these reviews was written by a verified user. So, you will know better what to expect from Liam Riley Fleshjack. Here’s what they’re saying:

This is a wonderful product at a great price. Well worth the purchase. Get yours today!

– Ty P.

This item was given as a gift. I currently have a Fleshjack and have enjoyed it with great satisfaction.

– Michael H.
Liam Riley Fleshjack

I got his whole collection when they first came out in October 2016, But when he announced that he would put funds for purchases towards Hurricane Harvey relief for the month of September, he literally won my heart.

That is VERY generous and I know how much this livelihood is for these wonderful guys in the industry, so this is wonderful of him to do this! And yes, I bought another of his Forever style and plan to get something else this month. It means a lot for me to have someone to be as beautiful on the inside as he is lovely on the outside.

So if he marketed socks, I would buy them. Plus, who doesn’t love Fleshjack? They are good for the lonely nights, super easy to clean, and awesome to have when you watch with your favorite Fleshjack Boy on the screen. Fleshjack forever, even when I get a partner because I love the fact that you can have these with your special someone! (But I bet he will wonder why I have so many Liam Riley Fleshjacks in the house!)

– Marc C.

Liam Riley Fleshjack Alternatives

Even though Liam Riley Fleshjack will be the perfect choice for most, there is a chance that you’re looking for something a bit different. Here are several great alternatives if you feel like Liam is not the one.

Liam Riley Fleshjack sleeve alternatives:

Liam Riley Fleshjack dildo alternatives:

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Liam Riley Fleshjack series is a perfect choice for beginners. The Forever sleeve is medium intensity and well-balanced. So, it’s a great first experience that I’m sure will get you hooked on Fleshjack.

The same applies to the dildo. It has an insertable length of 4 inches. Which, in my opinion, is a great starting point. So, if you’re just starting your Fleshjack journey – Liam is a great choice.

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Liam Riley

Liam Riley

Calabasas, CA, USA
July 5, 1993 (30 y.o.)



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