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Diego Sans Fleshjack

Diego Sans is loved by men and women from all over the world. Being an international porn star landed him a deal with Fleshjack and made Diego Sans Fleshjack sleeve and dildo available.

The Diego Sans Fleshjack series currently features one sleeve and one dildo. The sleeve is called Sex Machine and you’re about to find out whether he lives up to the name.

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Diego Sans
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How Diego Sans Fleshjack Feels?

Diego has a big dildo and an intense sleeve for you to offer. Let’s see if you can actually handle him.

Diego Sans Sex Machine Sleeve

The Diego Sans Sex Machine Fleshjack has 6 different textures in 6 different chambers for you to offer.

Diego Sans Sex Machine Fleshjack

As you can see from the picture, the deeper you go, the wider he gets. However, he still remains pretty intense.

The first and the fifth chamber are the same texture-wise, however, they differ in width. The texture is good but nothing too intense.

The second chamber is small but tight and intense. Guys who like serious stimulation.

The third part with big dots is a classic texture that is pretty common in Fleshlights and Fleshjacks. So a classic texture already means that it has to be a good one.

The fourth chamber is the widest one, yet the texture makes up for the width. It’s medium intense and exciting.

The last chamber is texture-less, so nothing special about it, if you don’t reach it, you are not missing out on too much.

Overall, the Diego Sans Fleshjack is medium intensity and equally as exciting. If you’re into super intense stimulation like the STU has, it may be not enough for you. Unless you have a super-wide penis.

However, if you’re an explorer or a beginner, he’ll be a challenge but a doable one.

Diego Sans Dildo

Diego Sans Dildo

Diego Sans has quite a big penis, so naturally, the dildo is equally as big. It’s definitely not to be played with.

Similar to other Fleshjack dildos, Diego feels very realistic and comfortable to put inside.

If you don’t put him in too deep, the head of the dildo has a pretty nice angle for prostate stimulation. Especially since he is uncircumcised.

He’s not too wide, so even less experienced guys can try him out. However, always warm-up before such cocks.

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Diego Sans Fleshjack Benefits

Fleshjacks are high-quality items, so they come with certain benefits (and a price tag, of course). Here are some of the main ones:

Fantasy Element

Well, we all fantasize about doing it with real porn stars. However, most of us such experience will remain a fantasy. Yet, now you can get the next best thing – Fleshjack dildos and sleeves delivered straight to your doorstep.

So, make your fantasies come true (at least partially) and get your Diego Sans Fleshjack(s).

Hypoallergenic Materials

Fleshjack products are of the highest quality. The sleeves are made from SuperSkin material and the dildos are made using only the highest-quality medical-grade silicone.

Both materials are 100% hypoallergenic. This means that they won’t cause any unexpected skin irritations and/or allergies. You and your partner are in good hands when you choose Fleshjack.

Feels Real

Not only are the materials hypoallergenic they’re designed to feel real.

The SuperSkin material used for Fleshjack sleeves feels super close to real human flesh. Especially when warmed up and lubed up.

The medical-grade silicone used for the dildos has the perfect firmness to feel very close to a real boner and is not too firm to irritate you.

Discreet Billing and Shipping

Fleshjack takes your privacy seriously. Each and every item that you order from them will be handled in a discreet manner.

There will be no marks of Fleshjack on the boxes that could help identify what’s actually inside. All items will arrive in plain carton boxes and no, it won’t say that it’s from Fleshjack.

The same rules apply to billing. There will be no mention of Fleshjack or Fleshlight in your credit card history. So, I always recommend getting it directly from the manufacturer. Not only because of the discreetness but also this way you know that you’re getting original items.

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Diego Sans Fleshjack Reviews

I’ve already told you about my Diego Sans Fleshjack review. Now, I’ll show you what other dudes are saying about him.

Below I’ve listed several argumentative Diego Sans Fleshjack dildo and sleeve reviews, written by verified users. This way you will know that you’re getting the real info and it should help you decide whether Diego is the one that you’re looking for.

Good product, just wish the coloring was better.


It feels very real and good. I love it!

Luis H.
Diego Sans

Was hesitant to purchase another star’s replica, but when I learned Diego Sans was the model, I had to look into it, and when I discovered it was made by Fleshlight, I was sold!

They specialize in both quality and authenticity, and while I can’t compare to the original model, this is as close as you can dream in a replica to the real thing. It is firm, but soft, immaculately detailed, with life like skin tone shading.

There is a plastic smell, but only insofar that it is made of plastic, not that toxic smell others may have. The smell is faint, and lessens when it becomes warm, either from soaking in warm water to heat to real body temperature, or active use. But as it is so faint to begin with, you don’t need to take steps to mask or remove the smell. It is easy to clean and does not fade or discolor after multiple washes. Follow the package’s instructions and you’ll have no problems.

It was exactly as described, and am glad I purchased. I’d definitely give as a gift, should the situation arise, and am tempted to by myself a 2nd, should anything ever happen to the original, as it works by itself or combined with the fantasy of it’s model

– J. B.

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Diego Sans Fleshjack Alternatives

There are around 20 Fleshjack Boys for you to choose from. So, if you feel like Diego is not the one for you, let me suggest a couple of other guys.

First – Calvin Banks. If you’ve already owned several sleeves and are looking for new sensations, check him out.

Second, if you want to become a better lover for your partner, consider getting the STU. I call it the penis school that transforms it to a powerful tool.

Fleshjack Care Tips

If you have ever before owned a Fleshjack or a Fleshlight, you already know that it’s a very simple device. Even though they’re the luxury items of the whole sex toy world, Fleshjacks are pretty easy to look after.

In general, there are two things that you need to remember about their care. Everything else is simply about pleasure.

The first thing to remember is lube. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a dildo or a Fleshjack sleeve – lube is a must. If you don’t use lube, there will be a lot of unnecessary traction that can result in two bad things:

  1. You may hurt your private parts – you know how sensitive they are, so treat them gently.
  2. You may ruin your sex toy. This especially applies to Fleshjack sleeves. Too much friction car rip them.

The second thing to remember is hygiene. You need to wash both: your dildos and your Fleshjacks after each use.

To properly clean a Fleshjack dildo, you will need some warm water and antibacterial soap. That’s it.

However, cleaning a Fleshjack sleeve requires a few more steps. The same hygiene rules apply to all Fleshjacks and Fleshlights. Here is a detailed guide to proper Fleshlight care.

Each time you use a Fleshjack sleeve, it gets filled with various body fluids, including sweat and cum. It becomes the perfect place for various nasty bacteria and even molds to grow if you don’t clean the sleeve. I’m sure you don’t want those things later touching your penis. So, remember to wash.

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What’s In The Package?

When you know what items arrive with your order, you can prepare any additional items that may be required in advance. In terms of Diego Sans Fleshjack and dildo, the only thing thing that is a complete must to get is water-based lube.

Here are the items that you get with Diego Sans Fleshjack / dildo order:

  • Fleshjack Boys case (blue)
  • Diego Sans signature Sex Machine sleeve
  • Instructions for use and care


  • Diego Sans 7″ Dildo that’s an exact match for his penis
  • Instructions for use and care

As I mentioned before, if you order directly from Fleshjack, you will get your items shipped and billed discreetly. Also, you will be sure that the items that arrive are original. If you choose to buy elsewhere, make sure to choose a reputable reseller. There are quite a few scammers out there.

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Additional Items for Fleshjack

I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy your Diego Sans Fleshjack on his own. However, if you’re interested in upgrading your experience with him, let me suggest you some additional items.

For the Fleshjack upgrade:

While it’s not required for the dildo, Fleshwash and Powder are great items that will make the care of your Fleshjack effortless and ensure his longevity.

As I mentioned before, lube is a must for Fleshjacks, so the original Fleshlube will help you reduce friction and make your experience smooth.

Be ready to enjoy your Diego Sans Fleshjack even more with the shower mount. What can be better than long hot showers that include a hands-free orgasm?

Fleshjacks are best when warmed up to human body temperature. The most convenient way to do that is the sleeve warmer.

If you feel ready for the ultimate Fleshjack upgrade, take a look at Launch. This powerful male masturbator will stroke your penis up to 250 times per minute. Trust me, there’s nothing that compares to that.

For the dildo upgrade:

Fleshlube – well, it’s more of a necessity than a commodity, however, this lube works great with the dildo and is made from high-quality ingredients.

If you enjoy taking long and hot showers, I believe you will enjoy them even more with the dildo suction cup. Hands-free orgasms are guaranteed.

Overall Verdict

Overall, Diego Sans is a good lover even as a Fleshjack.

While he might not be suitable for everyone, he’ll fit most guys’ needs.

So, even if you’re a beginner, an explorer, or a pro, at least one of Diego Sans Fleshjack’s items will suit your needs.

Diego Sans
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His sleeve is intense, his dildo is big, and has a great angle for prostate stimulation. So, if this is what you’re after, get your personal Diego Sans.

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