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Milan Christopher Fleshjack

Milan Cristopher is the dream guy for many. His international success led to collaboration with Fleshjack and now his fans can enjoy original Milan Christopher Fleshjack sex toys.

The Milan Christopher Fleshjack series features one Fleshjack sleeve called King and a dildo that is shaped exactly like his penis.

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Milan Christopher
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How Milan Christopher Fleshjack Feels?

Let’s start with the most important thing, how Milan Christopher Fleshjack feels.

Milan Christopher Dildo

Milan Christopher Dildo

Milan Christopher’s dildo is for serious players. This massive 9-inch cock is not for everyone.

In terms of stimulating the p-spot, for me, such a long cock was a bit too big and not very comfortable, as you definitely don’t need 9 inches of wood to stimulate it.

However, if you simply enjoy super large dicks inside you, you will of course enjoy Milan. He’s not too wide, so will suit tighter asses as well.

Milan Christopher King Fleshjack

Milan Christopher King Fleshjack

Just like his dildo, Milan Christopher King Fleshjack is for serious guys. Personally, I would have named the sleeve Grinder. He does grind your penis pretty seriously.

Each and every room of this chamber is intense, trust me. It’s actually pretty hard for me to choose my favorite one.

You simply need to feel him. I would recommend this sleeve to any guy who has a penis that can bear a lot of things. It’s more intense than STU, or anything else I’ve ever tried.

For those who aren’t afraid, Milan Christopher King Fleshjack is a must.

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Milan Christopher Fleshjack Benefits

Fleshjacks are not only about pleasure. They also come with numerous benefits that can impact your health and overall life quality.

Practice Safe Sex

Even though people are encouraged to use protection, STDs keep on spreading.

Currently, there are nearly 40 million people who are infected with HIV and some of them don’t even know it.

Owning a Fleshjack can actually help you stay away from random hookups that potentially can make you a part of these unfortunate statistics.

Fantasy Come True

Everyone has fantasized about having sex with a porn star. Especially their favorite ones.

Now, you can actually get the next best thing – your favorite porn star’s private parts delivered straight to your doorstep.

So, if Milan Christopher is the one for you, get your own Milan Christopher Fleshjack sleeve and his dildo.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Each and every Fleshjack product is made from quality, hypoallergenic materials.

This means that neither the Milan Christopher Fleshjack sleeve nor his dildo will cause you or your partner any skin irritations or allergies.

Real Feel

Not only are the sex toys hypoallergenic, but they’re also very realistic, sensation-wise.

The Fleshjack sleeves are made from SuperSkin material. Currently, it’s the material that’s closest to feeling like the real human touch. Especially when warmed up.

The dildos are made from medical-grade silicone. They’re firm enough to feel like the real deal and smooth enough to use them without any discomfort.

Discreet Billing and Shipping

Fleshjack knows how to respect your privacy. Every item that you order from them will be taken care of in a discreet manner.

When it comes to billing, there won’t be any Fleshjack purchases in your credit card report.

The same goes for packaging. The box won’t contain any Fleshjack branding or any other markers that could help identify what’s inside the box.

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Milan Christopher Fleshjack Reviews

You already know my Milan Christopher Fleshjack review. Now let’s take a look at what other guys are talking about him.

Knowing what experience other users had, usually helps define whether the sleeve is the right choice for you.

Love this thing, it’s by far my favorite FJ. I am also happy that FJ has decided to expand its product line and add some basic diversity to their line of toys. The texture on the inside of this is intense and insane; it’s great if you want a rocket launch after ‘playing’.

– S. Bradbury C.

Working 2 jobs and completing grad school is a huge undertaking but I knew that going in. Every now and then, it starts to weigh on you but nothing like a good time with Christopher Milan to ease the tension when I’m burning the midnight oil or having trouble getting to sleep.

– CL
Milan Christopher

Love the feeling of it, kinda annoying to clean, but worth it

– Justin D.

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Milan Christopher Fleshjack Alternatives

Fleshjacks are a very personal choice. Even though Milan Christopher Fleshjack offers you a fun ride, you may feel like he’s not the perfect one for you. So, let me suggest you several alternatives to him.

Calvin Banks is the newest Fleshjack Boy and one of the tightest ones. If you’re looking for some serious action for your penis and a medium-sized dildo for prostate stimulation, he could be the one for you.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s not too intense – Diego Sans might be the guy for you. After all, there has to be a reason behind him being a best seller.

Fleshjack Care Tips

Even though Fleshjacks seem to look like they require a lot of effort to look after, it’s quite the opposite.

In terms of the dildo, the only thing you need to do is wash it after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap. Also, use lube each time you play with it.

The sleeve, on the other hand, requires a bit more attention. However, the rules remain the same, wash it and lube it up.

Washing the sleeve requires some skill and special products. However, this way you ensure the longevity of your sex toy.

Take a look at this detailed guide about Fleshlight cleaning. It covers all the Dos and Don’ts of Fleshlight / Fleshjack care.

What’s In The Package?

If you choose to order directly from Fleshjack, your items will arrive in plain carton boxes, so no one will know what’s inside.

Once you open the box, here’s the complete list of items that you will receive with a standard Milan Christopher Fleshjack sleeve/dildo order:

  • Fleshjack Boys case (gold)
  • Milan Christopher signature King sleeve
  • Instructions for use and care


  • Milan Christopher 9? Dildo that’s an exact match for his penis
  • Instructions for use and care

The only thing that you need to prepare in advance is a lube. If you already have some water-based one, there’s nothing else you need.

If you choose to order directly from Fleshjack, not only will your items be handled in a discreet manner but you will be sure that you’re getting an original item.

Currently, there are more than just a few scammers out there, so if you decide to buy elsewhere, make sure to choose a reputable reseller.

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Additional Items

Even though Fleshjack sleeves and dildos are exciting on their own, you can get some additional items to upgrade your experience.

For the Fleshjack sleeve upgrade:

The essentials – Fleshwash and Powder. They’re ideal for proper Fleshjack hygiene.

When warmed up to human body temperature, Fleshjacks are simply incredible. The most convenient way to do that is the sleeve warmer.

Fleshlube – water-based lube that’s perfect for Fleshjacks.

If you wish to have hands-free orgasms in the shower, the shower mount is an ideal solution.

If that’s not enough and you feel ready for the ultimate hands-free orgasm, get yourself the Launch. Up to 250 strokes per minute guarantee you mind-blowing orgasms.

For the dildo upgrade:

Fleshlube – this one is essential. Use lube to make your experiences with the dildo easy and smooth.

If you wish to get your butt pounded hands-free, try a dildo suction cup that will provide you with hands-free orgasms.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Milan Christopher Fleshjack series is one of the most intense I ever experienced.

Milan Christopher
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I would recommend it to guys who are not afraid of superintense experiences.

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