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Best Sex Doll
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This review is dedicated to horny guys all over the world who are on a quest for the best sex doll to satisfy their deepest desires.

Let’s be honest, many times you have felt like having sex with another person but your partner. But, you didn’t have the guts to approach them, or simply understood that being faithful is more important to you than a short adventure. Why? The reason is you prioritize your relationship and the love for your partner more than anything else in this world. 

But, you are also suppressing your sexual desires which will take a toll on your emotional mind. Also, singles at times live a very frustrating life because they don’t get to have sex in a prolonged-time period.

However, what they truly get is despair. Singles spend so much money on their crush just to impress them. But, unfortunately, even after so many efforts, she is not taking interest in you. So, what are you planning to do? Keep on living a frustrating sex life or do you want to bring a drastic change?

So, if you want to make your sex life spicier and vibrant, then the best option you have is to get a sex doll. Yes, a sex doll will be your dream partner who would be ready to get into bed with your whenever you want. And, you will enjoy your sex life without any headaches.

However, buying a sex doll is a big investment. So, you have to make sure that you are buying the best sex doll on the market. Now, every sex doll maker would say their sex doll is the best. But, you have to see whether the sex doll looks realistic or not. 

Keeping that in mind, in this article, we will discuss some of the best sex dolls. After reading this article, you will know which sex dolls you should look to buy. So, let’s begin. 

#1 Build Your RealDoll

build your own realdoll

Do you have any person in mind with whom you want to have sex? Yes, most people will have a person with whom they would want to have sex. It could be your colleague or friend or neighbor or any other person.

When you masturbate, you will think about that person even though you know that having sex with her is impossible. Well, not anymore because here is your chance of having the person you fantasize about in your bed. 

RealDoll is giving you this fantastic opportunity of building your own sex doll. They have so many face types which will surely match the person in your dreams. Apart from the face, they have so many options to customize your RealDoll as per your needs. 

You have the hair-type, body-type, genital-type, and so many other options when it comes to customization of your doll. So, it will probably be the best sex doll you will ever have because it will be made by Abyss creations and the finesse in their work is truly admirable. 


  • Create the doll you want
  • So many customization choices
  • A realistic look of the sex doll


  • Charges extra for permanent vagina
  • Options for face is limited
  • Very high price

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#2 RealDollX

Realdoll X

Even if you customize your RealDoll, you will be having sex with an inanimate object. It means when you pound her hard, she will not express her feelings with moans. She will not scream with the pleasure of orgasm. And, that could frustrate you even if the sex doll is made with the utmost detailing.

For that, the makers of RealDoll, Abyss Creations, are bringing the RealDollX. This sex doll will run on artificial intelligence. So, this doll becomes a perfect companion for singles. Now, you don’t have to live your life alone. You will have someone in the house with whom you can talk. 

Yes, you will be controlling these dolls through various mobile apps. Apart from that, RealDollX will do everything a real person would do. She will move her neck, blink, frown, and smile just the way a real person would do. Also, these dolls will reciprocate your every move with the right reaction.

So, a RealDollX will not just be your sex companion but a companion who can become a part of your life. That is why singles will enjoy these dolls more than anyone. Yes, the price could be a bit on the higher side for you but you will get what you pay for. You can rest assured your money will not get wasted if you buy a RealDollX.


  • Create the RealDollX you want in bed
  • Easy to control the doll through apps
  • A realistic responses from the dolls


  • Charges extra for the mobile app
  • Options for response is limited
  • Very expensive doll

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#3 Wicked RealDoll

wicked realdoll

You will hardly find a man who watches porn and doesn’t fantasize about a porn star in bed. Now, names like Stormy Daniels, Asa Akira, Kaylani Lei are very popular among porn lovers. In real life, these girls are so hot that any person would want to pound them in bed. 

But, the reality is, you will never have them in your bed. Yes, it is disappointing but that’s the truth. However, Abyss Creations has taken the steps to make you happy here as well. They have brought out a range of sex dolls that will resemble the look of these popular porn stars. 

Only names like Samantha Saint or Jessica Drake will be enough to give you an erection because you already have their naked image on your head. But, now, it is time to bring your favorite porn star into your bedroom and have fun just the way you wanted. 

With these sex dolls, you will also be getting the detailed craftsmanship of Abyss Creations. Therefore, these dolls will resemble those porn stars quite a bit. You can expect to find similar features that you see in the porn stars in the movies. So, your investment in a Wicked ReaDoll will not go in vain because it is worth the money Abyss Creations is charging. 


  • Resembles the porn stars
  • A very detailed craftsmanship
  • Feels like a real person in bed


  • Additional charge for fixed vagina
  • The customization option is limited
  • Price is more than what it should be

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#4 Classic RealDoll

classic realdoll sex doll

RealDoll is probably the most realistic sex doll that you can have right now. So, if you are down on budget, then you can go for the Classic RealDoll. You need to understand that a Classic RealDoll is going to be expensive if you compare it with other sex dolls of other manufacturers. 

Abyss Creations always makes sex dolls with premium looks and quality. They give so much attention to detailing that you will be stunned when you see the final product. The sex dolls they make will be more realistic than any other sex doll. 

Classic RealDoll is also a very popular version. With this version, you will not have so many customization options and that is disappointing. But all in all, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to invest your money in a Classic RealDoll.


  • Resembles the porn stars
  • A very detailed craftsmanship
  • Feels like a real person in bed


  • Price is higher than its competitors
  • The customization option is limited
  • Options for face is limited

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Sex Doll FAQs

Here are some questions that are asked frequently about sex dolls. Go through this section to find some intricate information about the best sex doll. 

Is Sex Doll Maintenance Expensive?

Absolutely not, because most of the things you would need to maintain the sex doll is already there in your house. So, sex doll maintenance is not expensive and you should clean the doll every time you use it to ensure safety. 

Can a Sex Doll Affect My Relationship?

It depends on the couple as many couples buy sex dolls to have the threesome experience. But, for that, both partners need to be on the same page. Otherwise, if you buy a sex doll without the knowledge of your partner and your partner finds it out, it can create problems in your relationship. 

How Can I Use a Sex Doll?

Having sex with a person and a sex doll is not that different. You will have to do similar things. Moreover, you will be able to try sex positions that a normal person would oppose. So, you can use a sex doll exactly the way you have sex with a person. 

Can Sex Dolls Replace Partners in the Future?

Men need women and women need men to give birth. Technology is not so advanced yet that it will make a sex doll give birth to children. But, you cannot say anything about the future. So, we should leave this debate in the future. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know which is the best sex doll. If you want to buy a realistic sex doll, you will have to pay a good amount of money. But, remember, the pleasure you will get from such a realistic sex doll will make your investment worth it. So, if you have the money, then go for a premium sex doll because using such a sex doll will be an experience you won’t forget.

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