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SizeGenetics Review

This SizeGenetics review will cover one of the best-selling worldwide penis extenders. If you’re looking to gain some extra inches – let’s find out whether SizeGenetics is the right penis extender for you and your needs.

There are hundreds of millions of men around the world that are unsatisfied with their penis sizes. Approximately 45 percent, to be more precise. So, if you thought that most men own gigantic dicks – you’re wrong.

There’s a good reason why penis extenders became such a well-researched and wide market all around the world. Many brands try to compete in it but only the best survive.

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While there are many penis extenders that give zero results, there are a few that can actually help you have a bigger and better-shaped dick.

Fortunately, SizeGenetics is one of them. This medical-grade penis extender is known to have one of the strongest traction power, so is that enough to it make the best penis extender out there? Let’s find out!

SizeGenetics Benefits

Naturally, one of the best-selling penis extenders comes with many benefits. Let’s take a look at what you could expect from the famous SizeGenetics penis extender:

sizegenetics penis extender

Visible Results

When you buy a penis extender, you expect it to work. Good news – that’s exactly what SizeGenetics does. From an experiment I did to test it together with my friends, both of them reached visible gains. You can read more about that in the results section.

Just within 8 weeks, on average, you can expect your penis size to increase by 13 percent. Within 6 months, on average, your penis could increase in size by 29 percent. You can read more about it in the results section.

Overall, having an additional third length-wise on your penis is a pretty impressive result.

Quality Made, FDA Approved

The device is made from quality materials that are hypoallergenic. This means it is completely safe to use for any skin type. It won’t cause any irritations or allergies.

Being FDA-approved only proves how much effort and quality materials were used to create this incredible device.

Being successfully sold for over 20 years, only shows how many clients have successfully received treatment.

Clinically Tested

Another thing I like about this penis extender is the fact that it has scientific proof to back its claims.

For me personally, it’s very important to buy only clinically tested devices that are safe to use and have been properly tested.

Note: if a penis extension device you’re considering getting didn’t undergo any clinical trials, most likely it won’t work and you’re about to get yourself scammed. So, don’t waste your money on cheap 20-dollar extenders, you’ll throw them away. Most likely they will break fast and will be uncomfortable as hell.

Comfortable to Wear

Since you have to wear the penis extender nearly every day and longer than just a few hours – comfort matters. And matter a lot.

So, the really great thing is that SizeGenetics penis extender didn’t cause me any discomfort when moving, no matter what I was doing.

It is easy to put on and take off, so you won’t face any troubles using it.

Size Genetics Curvature

Peyronie’s Disease Compatible

One of the best things about this penis extender is its compatibility with Peyronie’s disease. I know how frustrating it can be when you can’t lead a normal sexual life and how amazing it is when you resolve your issues.

So, if you have penis curvature, you can now fix it. All it will take is some patience, time, and a quality penis extender.

How SizeGenetics Works To Enlarge The Penis?

Similar to other penis extenders, SizeGenetics uses the penis traction method in order to increase the penis size in length and girth proportionally. I wrote you a simple guide that will help you understand how natural penis enlargement works. I divided it into 3 simple steps that define the stages of the whole process you will go through during the enlargement:

Step 1: The Stretching of Penis

When you put on SizeGenetics it will start applying constant yet light stretching to the penis. This process is called penis traction.

Even though stretching your penis may sound spooky, there’s nothing to be scared of. Penis traction is completely painless. It won’t cause you any discomfort and will not interfere with your penis functions.

To achieve the best results, you need to use the device regularly for around 3 to 6 months. The duration depends on the results you want to achieve.

Step 2:  Micro Tears in Penis Tissue

The stretching you apply to your penis will cause microscopic tears in the penis tissue. These tears form around the shaft. Don’t worry, it’s completely painless. The process can be compared to growing muscle mass while exercising.

These microscopic tears can’t be seen with a naked eye. So, no one will be able to know about your new exercise routine.

The result of those micro-tears is micro gaps in the penis tissue. Due to those gaps penis cells start splitting to fill in the gaps. It is called a forced cell division, or, to put it in other words, the process is called mitosis.

Step 3: The Healing and Cell Division

The forced cell division can be explained in a very simple way. One cell divides into two and starts filling the formed gap in the penis tissue.

The process continues until your penis is healed or to say it in other words, until all the gaps are filled.

If you continue the stretching on a regular basis, cell division will continue. So, your penis will continue growing. Since the process is completely natural, your penis will grow proportionately. Both girth and length-wise.

Result: Enlarged Penis

Even though the process takes at least 3 to 6 months, it’s way more convenient and cheaper than getting surgery. So, you don’t need to break the bank to get a bigger dick.

Penis enlargement using the traction method is completely natural, painless, and gives permanent results. All you need to do is have patience and follow the suggested instructions accurately.

What You Get in The Package?

There are 4 different SizeGenetics packages for you to choose from. 3 of them serve the same purpose but come with different additional gadgets, designed for additional comfort or storage.

Such additional items include travel cases, moisturizing lotions, and so on. In general, you can survive without them, however, if you’re not on a budget, additional comfort is always nice.

The fourth one is designed for guys who suffer from penis curvature and Peyronie’s disease. So, you will get additional items that work with treating penis curvature. You can review all of your options in more detail here.

Here I made a list for you that includes only the items that are in the cheapest, Value Edition, These items you will get with any other pack as well:

  • Sizegenetics™ Device (2800g Tension)
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Dual Function Front Piece
  • Comfort Strap
  • Protection Pad
  • SizeGenetics QuickGuide
  • 1 inch/2,5 cm Elongation Bars
  • 2 inch/5 cm Elongation Bars

As you can see, even with the simplest edition, you get more than enough to start working on your penis enlargement.

SizeGenetics Results

Even though the device worked on me, one man’s results can’t speak for the whole mankind.

Based on SizeGenetics’s official website, you can expect your penis to grow by 13 percent, on average, within 8 weeks.

Within the period of 24 weeks, or 6 months, you can expect your penis size to increase by 29 percent. This is an impressive number, which means that you can actually have a bigger penis by adding an impressive additional 1/3 to it.

For more detailed numbers, you can review the table below or visit the official website:

No. of Weeks8 weeks16 weeks20 weeks24 weeks
Length Increase 13%19%24%29%

As you can see, the penis growth is proportionate to time, so all you need is to follow the routine and have patience. Don’t forget to measure to track results.

You can do that on the official website by creating your online diary. Also, if you want to check out some success stories, click here. Due to explicit content, I decided to keep it away from the website.

Personal Experience With SizeGenetics

Well, since I’ve previously used other penis extenders, I started to test new extenders on my friends who volunteered. This time two of my friends agreed to try out SizeGenetics. Why I didn’t use it myself? Well, as you understand, a penis can’t grow an infinite amount, so my results wouldn’t reflect the actual effectiveness of the device.

That’s why to be fair in terms of comparing the devices – I needed data from other penises that haven’t been extended yet.

Here are the results of the first participant:

No. of WeeksStart Day8 weeks16 weeks20 weeks24 weeks
Length Increase +0.3+0.2+0.1+0.1
Total Length (inches)

As you can see from the data, the first participant used the device for 24 weeks and gained around 0.7 inches in length. Note that these measurements were made on an erect penis. Since that’s when it matters most, right? So, the results are pretty good.

And here are the results of the second one:

No. of WeeksStart Day8 weeks16 weeks20 weeks24 weeks
Length Increase +0.15+0.1+0.2+0.1
Total Length (inches)4.74.854.955.155.25

When it comes to the second participant, his erections became 0.55 inches longer. So, that’s not a bad result as well.

Even though both of my friends reached lower results than the manufacturer’s average – they’re still visible and both of them were very satisfied.

However, it’s worth acknowledging that the first participant had a shorter penis to start with. Shorter by around 0.5 inches. Why is that important? Well, many manufacturers highlight that men with shorter penises can reach better results compared to men with larger ones.

In the case of my test subjects, a group of two people is too little to prove or deny anything. However, it shows some correlation. Even though doesn’t prove anything.

SizeGenetics Cons

Even though it comes with numerous benefits, there are several downsides to it. These downsides, in my opinion, make the alternatives of SizeGenetics a better choice. Here are the issues I had with SizeGenetics:

Could Cause Mild Irritation

Well, if you don’t set the voltage correctly, it can cause some irritation for your penis. For me personally, it’s a very big turn down, as I don’t want any type of irritation for my penis. However, if you set it up correctly, you won’t have any troubles.

Competition Could Give Faster Results

Even though SizeGenetics can give you impressive results, what I got from its alternatives was even more impressive.

So, based on how big and how fast you want to go, you can choose the perfect penis extender for you.

That’s why before you buy SizeGenetics, take a look at its alternatives.

Alternatives to SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Even though there are several alternatives to SizeGenetics, my recommendation would be Quick Extender Pro. The price is similar, yet based on the average results I got, Quick Extender Pro works faster and gives better results.

Also, Quick Extender Pro is very easy to use. Just like SizeGenetics it is medically certified and can help with Peyronie’s disease. So, if I had to choose between the two, Quick Extender Pro would be the one.

Another excellent choice that works well in terms of curvature is Pallosan Forte. With premium German engineering, it works very well on improving penis shape as well as increasing size.

If you’re looking for more penis extenders alternatives, check out my best penis extenders recommendations. I update the on a regular basis.

The Verdict on SizeGenetics

Overall, SizeGenetics is among my top recommendations when it comes to penis extenders. It has excellent customer service and provides pretty good results when it comes to penis enlargement.

However, based on my own experience and reviews I collected, there are better alternatives to it for a similar or even lower price.

Among such would be Quick Extender Pro and Phallosan Forte, as they provide more visible results faster. Quick Extender is always my top choice for several years in a row. It’s comfortable and gave me brilliant results.

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However, if you decide to go with SizeGenetics, only buy from the official manufacturer to be sure that you get an authentic device and not just a cheap knockoff. Always be cautious when you buy as there are a lot of scammers out there. You can do so by clicking the link below.

If you have any additional questions about penis extenders, how they work and how to use them, you can review my penis extender FAQ guide.

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