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Phallosan Forte Review

This Phallosan Forte review will cover a state-of-art, German engineering penis extender. Read and learn how nearly 20 years of research led to one of the best penis traction devices.

Not all of us were born with huge penises. Let’s face it. So, you can continue being upset about it or you can do something about it. I used to be upset but I’m not anymore. I worked on fixing my size issue and so can you. No operations were needed.

So, if you’re here, I guess you decided to take a step in the right direction and actually do something about it. Congrats and I’m excited to know that you’re taking control into your own hands.

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I’ve done extensive research and tried quite a few penis extenders, just to give you the ones that actually work. For me, it’s frustrating to pay for something that doesn’t do the job. That’s why I am 99% sure that you and Phallosan Forte will be a good match.

Phallosan Forte Benefits

This penis extender is one of the top products that you can get on the whole penile enlargement market. Naturally, it has more than just a few benefits. Below you will find a list of some great advantages that you can expect to get when using Phallosan Forte:

You Get Visible Results

Contrary to many low-quality penis extenders that cost only several dozen of dollars, this one could actually give you visible results.

Even though it comes with a price tag, you actually get what you pay for. With Phallosan Forte men around the world witnessed penis growth of nearly 2 inches in just 6 months.

So, don’t wait and become one of them today.

German Quality

Well, I don’t even know if I need to comment on this point, as everyone in the world already knows that German products are top quality. The country has very high standards for anything they produce, so Phallosan Forte is definitely not an exception.

In terms of quality, you can expect only the best from German-made stuff.

Backed by Scientific Research

Phallosan Forte has strong scientific research and studies behind it. They justify that the device actually works. Below you will find one of them. If you’re too lazy to scroll, simply click here to jump on-page.

If you checked the results, you can see that the study proved, that within 6-month period men, on average, increased their penis length by 1.93 inches.

Phallosan Forte Results

Comfort Wear

What I really liked about Phallosan Forte is how comfortable it feels when you wear it. Even though it takes more than just a couple of hours per day to wear it, I didn’t feel any discomfort.

Even when I wore it during sleep, my penis didn’t move out of position and I saved a lot of valuable daytime. Also, if wearing it during your sleep sounds scary, you can wear the extender during the daytime since Phallosan Forte is not easy to hide under the clothes, thanks to its special belt that you can check out in the image below. However, I wouldn’t wear clothes that are very tight.

phallosan comes with a belt for comfort wear

Approved by Users

Based on reviews I managed to collect and my personal experience, I can say that men around the world are mostly satisfied with the device and believe they made a valuable investment.

Many men claim that by using this penis extender they increased their penis size as well as their self-confidence. Being comfortable in your own body is all that using a penis extender is about, right?


If you get some water on your device, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Phallosan Forte is water-friendly. However, being water-friendly is not the same as being water-proof. So, you shouldn’t take it to the tub with you. Better use it after you’re done showering.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Even though it may be a bit difficult to assemble at first, Phallosan Forte is very easy to clean and maintain. Also, it doesn’t require any special cleaning products or tools.

All you need is some soap and warm water. Be sure to wash your penis extender after each use. Not washing it can cause the penis extender to get infected by some nasty bacteria or other stuff like sweat or dirt that could infect your penis.

How Phallosan Forte Works

Phallosan Forte principles are similar to other penis extenders that use penis traction to increase penis size. However, since Phallosan’s technology is slightly more advanced, it can be worn overnight. Below is a simple guide divided into 3 main steps that define the process and stages you will go through when enlarging the penis:

phallosan forte penis extender

Step 1: The Stretching

When you put on Phallosan Forte, it will create a light vacuum around the penis and will apply consistent and constant light stretching to the penis.

The stretching the device applies to your penis is called penis traction. The penis traction is painless, won’t cause you any discomfort, and won’t interfere with the regular functions of your penis.

For best results, it should be used nearly every day of the week.

Step 2: Forming Micro Tears

The light stretches applied to your penis will cause microscopic tears that will form along the shaft. Don’t worry, the process is natural and it’s pain-free. It’s similar to what happens to your muscles when you exercise.

The micro-tears are not visible to the naked eye and no one will be able to tell that you’re working on increasing your penis size.

The micro-tears result in microscopic gaps forming in the penis tissue. That causes the penis cells to split. Once the cells are split, the penis starts healing itself. The process is often referred to as forced cell division. To put it in more scientific terms that you may have already heard about, it’s called mitosis.

Step 3: The Healing

When one cell splits into two mitoses happens, it’s a perfectly natural process and is completely safe.

Due to the continuous application of penis stretching, micro-tears will continue to appear and the penis tissue cells will divide continuously until the micro-tears are healed/filled.

Due to this process, your penis can grow naturally and proportionately, both in girth and length.

Result: Naturally Enlarged Penis

Compared to surgery, this method takes more time and requires patience. However, it’s a completely natural way to enlarge your penis without breaking the bank.

The process is painless and gives permanent results. The results vary as every man is different. In order to get the best results – follow the recommendations and training program accurately.

What You Get in The Package?

Even though Phallosan Forte is not a sex toy I still got pretty excited to unbox it. It came in discreet packaging, so your little secret is completely safe from the public eye and no one will know about your new venture.

Once I opened it, I found a quality-looking and nicely designed white box that was hinting about being a medical device. So, here’s what you can expect to get when your order of the Phallosan Forte system arrives:

  • The suction bell
  • The suction ball
  • The protector cap
  • The tension clip
  • The sleeve condom
  • The elastic belt
  • A comprehensive information booklet
  • A measuring gauge

Even though it doesn’t come with the shipment, it’s worth acknowledging that Phallosan Forte has a special phone app that is compatible with both: iOS and Android operating systems. The app is very useful and helpful when it comes to tracking your progress. Sometimes it gets difficult to see how much you achieved, so be sure to use it. Also, the app is completely discreet and protected. So, no one will be able to see your personal details.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Phallosan Forte does not arrive with complimentary cleaner or lube. However, lube isn’t necessary when using it, so don’t worry.

Phallosan Forte can be cleaned with warm water and soap, so buying a cleaner is not a must. However, be sure to clean your penis extender after each session. If you don’t clean it, you risk catching a nasty infection that you don’t want. How, you wonder? Well, a device like this tends to accumulate dust, dirt, sweat, and anything else that was on your penis when you put it inside. So, be smart and clean after your sessions.

Phallosan Forte Results

Well, I believe that telling you whether or not the device works based solely on my experience isn’t right. Even though I can say that it worked on me – one man’s results can’t speak for all mankind.

That is why, for more detailed results, so you would know what to expect from Phallosan Forte, I present you with German urological clinic study results.

Study resultsAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Flaccid size increase1,38″ (3,5cm)1,93″ (4,9cm)
Erect size increase1,5″ (3,8cm)1,89″ (4,8cm)
Girth increase0,55″ (1,4cm)0,98″ (2,5cm)

Source: Clinical study PHALLOSAN by Dr. Clemens Tilke

The average length increase of all test patients at non erect/erect stage:
3.6 cm (1.41 inches) / 2.9 cm (1.14 inches)

(results after wearing for 6 hours 5 days/week)

The highest length increase after 6 months at non erect/erect stage:
4.9 cm (1.9 inches) / 4.0 cm (1.47 inches)

(results after wearing for 9 hours 6 days/week)

Based on the official Phallosan website, the results you gain are permanent and can even be increased after 6 months.

However, keep in mind that results vary from person to person. Yet, this study is a great starting point to know what to expect from this penis extender.

My Experience With Phallosan Forte

I convinced 3 good friends to give Phallosan Forte a try. Each of them agreed to use the device for 6 months, the way the manufacturer suggests. It wasn’t difficult to convince them, since I promised to cover their expenses and it was one of those COVID-19 lockdowns.

So, after 6 months of testing, here are the results of the first participant:

Person 1 resultsAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Flaccid size increase1,42″ 1,75″
Erect size increase1,6″1,88″
Girth increase0,50″ 0,74″

This guys starting size was around 4 inches. Out of all three guys who participated, he reached the best results and had the biggest gains.

Here are the results of the second participant:

Person 2 resultsAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Flaccid size increase1,25″1,7″
Erect size increase1,4″1,69
Girth increase0,4″ 0,6″

The second participant had a starting size of around 4.5 inches. His result was the average of the group. The first participant was more successful than him and the third one was less successful.

And finally, here are the results of the third guy who agreed to try this:

Person 3 resultsAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Flaccid size increase1,1″ 1,4″
Erect size increase1,2″ 1,87″
Girth increase0,23″ 0,34″

The third guy started with the largest penis in the group – 5.2 inches. However, he gained the least. Still, the results were visible and he was happy with the experiment.

So, let’s not forget to check the average results of all 3 participants:

Average resultsAfter 3 monthsAfter 6 months
Flaccid size increase1,26″ 1,61″
Erect size increase1,4″ 1,81″
Girth increase0,38″ 0,56″

Compared to the data of the manufacturer, the 3 participants reached slightly lower results. However, each of them experienced visual results which is a sign that most likely you will experience them as well. Also, there’s a chance that you will be even more successful than these guys were.

What’s also worth acknowledging – the guy with the largest starting size had the smallest gains vs the guy with the shortest penis experienced the biggest increase in size.

The Downsides of Phallosan Forte

The benefits of Phallosan Forte overtake the downsides. Yet, you as a buyer and potential user need to know what you can expect from your penis enlarger. Here are several problems that I faced when using Phallosan Forte:

The Price Tag

While Phallosan Forte is the best penis extender, it comes with a price tag of over $300. However, currently, it’s the only extender in the market that you can completely hide under your clothes or wear overnight. Let’s face it 6-8 hours in a day is a lot.

Phallosan Forte Alternatives

While Phallosan Forte is a top-notch penis enlargement product, there are some alternatives to it. My personal recommendation would be Quick Extender Pro. Especially since it has a lower price, however, there are no possibilities to sleep while wearing it or hide it under your clothes as well.

Quick Extender Pro is less complicated to use and is made here, in the USA. Just like Phallosan Forte it is medically certified and has a special edition that helps with Peyronie’s disease. Also, the price is lower.

If you’re looking for more alternatives, check out my best penis extender recommendations.

The Verdict

Phallosan Forte is an excellent penis traction device that helps achieve real results. While the price seems a bit steep, you won’t be disappointed.

Even though it may seem a bit complicated to assemble and use at first, you’ll figure it out after a couple of sessions.

Phallosan Forte
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So, if you’re looking for a German-quality penis extender that could give you real results – Phallosan Forte is your best choice. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative made here in the U.S. – go for Quick Extender Pro.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns in terms of penis extenders, you can review my penis extender FAQ guide. If you’re not sure about using a penis extender – consult with a professional first.

Marshall L Grossman says:

My only question is, do you have to wear it every day, 7 days a week? Or is it still effective if you use it say 3-5 days a week?


Martin Moore says:

Hey Marshall,

thank you for your question. Since the effects of a penis extender are individual, my recommendation is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to get the best results within the shortest period. Quality and reputable penis extender manufacturers run clinical trials in order to find the optimal ‘routine’ of wearing the device as well as prove its efficiency. You can take a look at their clinical study report which should help you better understand what you can expect from their device.

Also, I don’t know if you noticed this on their website, but their extender can be worn overnight, so it makes it easier to deal with!

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