Are Vibrating Panties What You’ve Been Missing?

Are Vibrating Panties What You’ve Been Missing?
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In a brief, but surprising turn of events, today I got up from my afternoon nap and found myself saying, “it’s time to write about vibrating panties”. Now, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind this. Before the said nap, I was actually looking at vibrating panties. You see, they’ll make wonderful wedding presents. And no, the bride won’t mind, I promise. We – me and my group of friends – are really free that way. 

Okay, so I went to take a nap thinking about vibrating panties. I also went so far as to make a list of the ones that I think are wedding gift-worthy… these were pretty surprising events. Just to be clear, I don’t look at vibrating panties every afternoon. And I don’t sit down daily to wonder what to give people at weddings either. But today I did, so when I woke up I figured, why not write an article about it? 

I’m best at this anyway. Writing about all things sex toys and sexy, that is. Not so good at finding out correct underwear sizes without sounding creepy. (Maybe vibrating panties aren’t great wedding presents after all.) Anyway, nothing should stop you from getting a pair for yourself, at least. After you’re done reading this article, I’m sure you’ll want one!

A Brief, And Maybe, Okay Definitely, Imaginary History Behind Vibrating Panties

If you ask me the history behind vibrating panties, I’d say one day a woman woke up and realized she was too lazy to use a vibrator that day even though she really wanted to. And viola, she put together this amazing invention, and now all of us have her to thank for. Oh, or how about she went a step further and decided to be generous to all the men out there? How you ask? 

Well, you see the men – be it now or a few hundred years ago – always missed the vital G-spot by more or less a mile. So this wonderfully futuristic woman who may or may not have existed decided to invent vibrating panties so that all men everywhere needed to do was press some buttons and these panties would do their bidding. After all, if the underwear was vibrating at all the right places, chances were it would hit the G-spot at least once.

If you’ve read the other articles written by me you’d know that I do have a habit of cooking up quirky origin stories. But no, really, vibrating panties were invented more or less after vibrators only because we humans are never happy with what we’ve got. Dildos weren’t enough so we got vibrators. Just vibrators weren’t enough so we got all the other sex toys. The entire range of sex toys wasn’t enough so, of course, we then needed edible undergarments. 

While all of this was being invented, one random person might have had the idea to invent a vibrating panty as well because why not? And this random person might have been a woman who was a philanthropist. Who knows, strange things have happened here no stranger would it be…for a woman to invent a vibrating panty!

Why Do I Need A Vibrating Panty?

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? I’m not a salesperson and I’m not trying to sell you anything. So why am I being the vibrating underwear’s advocate here? Simple. Because it’s that good. And believe it or not, it’s my solemn duty to bring you the truth and only truth. So, what is this vibrating panty I’m so worked out about?

So, I had this idea – because a woman’s underwear is often the last thing on my mind – that the whole panty vibrated and that’s why I was called a vibrating panty. It was only after I sat down and researched a bit did I realize that vibrating panties don’t vibrate throughout. These panties have a pouch or a pocket near the gusset to subtly conceal a bullet vibrator.

It’s this bullet vibrator that vibrates and gives off a vibe that the whole panty is vibrating. This bullet vibrator can obviously be operated from a remote. They’re often battery-operated or rechargeable. Bottom line is, it’s a groovy experience altogether to use one of these babies.

What’s the purpose of a vibrating panty?

Well, apart from what they show in the movies – you wear these panties and someone else, possibly a male lover, controls the bullet vibrator with the remote and it’s oh so tantalizing – another purpose to buy a vibrating panty is because it actually feels good. Now, I haven’t worn a vibrating panty but I have come armed with my research.

My friends have not only owned but worn vibrating panties on multiple occasions. And what they say is that even though the vibrator is fixed at a particular position, the whole panty feels like it’s moving. The sensations are felt throughout – whether or not your mysterious male lover is welding the remote. And this is possible only because these panties are made of really soft and pulsating lace or silk – depending on what you prefer.

In The Mood For Buying A Vibrating Panty? – Some Choices In The Market For You

Vibrating panties make you feel elegant. Just like any sexy lingerie, you feel confident when you wear it. And I think that’s reason enough to try wearing one. And the best part is, where these panties are concerned, you can wield that remote yourself.

  • MY SECRET SCREAMING O VIBRATING PANTY: Well, I personally love the color white. And I love a vibrator. And this product has both of these things packed together. So of course, it has topped this list. Moreover, do you know what happens when you don’t wear proper underwear? Butt pimples, that’s what. This panty is made from premium quality lace which won’t irritate your skin. Because just like a vibrator needs to be made from premium material, what you wear should also be premium. Other than this, this vibrator can be controlled from upto 50 feet away! Way to have some fun, don’t you think?
My Secret Charged Remote Panty
  • My Secret Charged Remote Panty: You get three color options (pink, black and red) for this one but you also get a waterproof vibrator that works within the range of 50 feet! What’s even sexier is that the remote is adjustable and sits all snug around your finger like a ring. The vibrator also has 10 functions, 3 intensity levels and 7 pulsation modes for you to choose from! Moreover, it’s USB rechargeable with upto 60 minutes of playtime! Oh and the best part is, if you feel like getting out of these panties but are still in the mood for some fun, simply take the vibrator out to use with a compatible harness!
OhMiBod Club Vibe
  • OhMiBod Club Vibe 2 w/ Remote Control Vibrating Panties: All the good stuff goes out of stock really soon. Do you know how many times I’ve tried to add stuff to my lists only to see that the stuff in question has gone? Multiple times, that’s how many. Ah but at least these are still available! These are one of the best vibrating panties out there. The panties are quite pretty, besides the vibrator being both wireless and rechargeable. I mean come on, this is an award-winning sex item we’re talking about. The vibrator has 4 hours of playtime and 5 intensity levels! Not to mention, it’s completely quiet and lightweight. These panties are the most sophisticated pair you’ll ever get your hands on!
Cheeky Panty with Rechargeable Bullet
  • Adam & Eve Brand Cheeky Panty: This is a convenient option for anyone looking to just begin their exploration and adventures with vibrating panties. This pair is both sleek and sexy. The vibrator is rechargeable with 9 vibrating functions. It’s USB rechargeable and comes with a cable. The underwear, moreover, fits a range of sizes from 2 to 12. Ah, and there’s obviously a discreet pocket made in the underwear which lets you slide the bullet vibrator in or out based on your convenience. Also what’s best is, the whole package is soft, stretchable, and waterproof! 

How Do I Use A Vibrating Panty?

Although, most of the fun people have with vibrating panties includes using them when one partner wears them and the other operates the vibrator, you can use it any way you like. You could wear them to work, to a party or even on an airplane! Firstly, these panties feel good on the skin. And secondly, knowing that something is down there and ready to please you at the pressing of a button…it sort of is a turn-on.

Other than for solo purposes, use it with a partner during foreplay! Vibrating panties can be extremely fun this way. You mix the fun of sexy lingerie and a vibrator together and viola…you wouldn’t know whether to take the panties off or keep them on! 

The best thing about these panties is they’re completely hands-off! While your hands are busy exploring each other, switch the remote on and let it work its magic. Don’t you forget, the main objective is to feel sexy and have fun!

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