Wearing Latex Clothing: Things to Know

Wearing Latex Clothing: Things to Know
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In the present day, people wear latex clothing for a wide variety of reasons. Some people wear it for acting or as part of a job while others wear it for fun. No matter why you wear these outfits, you need to know how to properly care for them and how to keep them well-maintained. Use the following tips to ensure your latex outfits remains comfortable, clean, and safe. 

Ordering the Correct Size

Before you even think about putting on a latex outfit, you have to know what size to order for yourself. Finding out your size is going to be a little more difficult than pulling something off the rack at the store. Latex clothing tends to be very fragile and prone to tearing.

As such, the best thing for most people is to look for sizing charts. So, before you order, search for the measurements, provided by the company from which you are going to order your latex clothing.

After all, the size for an outfit at one company might not be equal to the same size from another company. To get the best outcomes, it’s best to use a brand’s size chart or compare a few size charts when one is not available to you. 

Things You Should Avoid 

Before your latex suit arrives, you need to learn about what can cause you to have a bad time with latex. For now, we will look at some of the items that can lead to a negative outcome for your new latex items. 

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  • Oil: this becomes almost impossible to get off of your outfit, and it can lead to the material breaking down. 
  • Metal: metal can cut through latex or cause it to snag and tear.
  • Sunlight: sunlight can warp or discolor your latex outfits. 
  • Heat: heat can make the latex uncomfortable to wear and hard to take off. 
  • Humidity: moisture makes latex begin to break down. 
  • Flames: flames will irreparably damage your outfit.
  • Sharp objects: anything that can cut your latex is a threat to it.

The biggest downfall of latex outfits and clothing is that once it tears, it can start to deteriorate significantly. A small rip can lead to the failure of the entire outfit. Make sure to keep these items away from your latex to keep them in good condition. As you probably understand already, if you tare the latex material, it’s most likely unfixable.

Allergic Reactions to Latex Clothing

Once your outfit arrives, you may be tempted to slip it on right away. Before you start trying to wear your latex outfit, though, you have to be sure you will not have an adverse reaction to the materials.

Some people are allergic to latex, but they do not regularly come into contact with it throughout their life. Even though it’s rare, severe allergies to latex can even be deadly. As a result, you may wear a piece of such clothing and then find out the hard way. The last thing that you want to have happened is to start getting involved with BDSM dating and then discover you have an allergy in the middle of a scene.

Ensure that you get tested for a latex allergy beforehand and ensure that any partners you bring along for fun are tested for the same. Since swelling is a major part of the reaction most people have to latex, it is a very good idea to be positive that you are not allergic to it before trying to wear it. 

How to Wear Latex Clothing

Now that you know it is safe for you to wear your outfit, you have to take stock of what you have in your hands. The outfit is going to fit skintight. In other words, you will have to put some effort into getting into your latex every time you try it on. It’s not the same material as your favorite t-shirt, something that will stretch. 

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So, you have two options for putting on the latex. First, you can use a silicone lubricant to help you slide into the outfit. Some people enjoy that, but other people like the idea of staying dry. For those individuals, it is best to use a talc powder to coat the inside of the outfit or yourself before putting on the clothing. Everyone is different in this respect.

Some people can slide into the outfits with just a little talc and some careful wiggling; others need more. You have to figure out what works best for you, but one thing that absolutely will not work is too much pulling. You can easily rip latex, and then you may as well buy a new piece of your outfit. Don’t worry— there are specialty products that are designed to help you get into your latex. 

Once you’re all dressed, you need to be comfortable moving around and check how the sizing feels on your body. 

How to Get Out of Latex Clothing

Once you have performed or had your fun, it’s time to get yourself out of the suit. That might feel impossible when you are still wearing it, but it’s not all that bad. You simply slip your hand into parts of the outfit, between the skin and latex, and gently pull up or down with your other hand.

This should be a lot easier than it was to put the latex outfit on! If not, you might need to lube it up again or get someone you trust to help you the first time. 

Cleaning, Protecting, and Storing

Like any other unique item you own, latex needs to have special care perform to keep it in top shape. Maintaining your latex is going to take a fair amount of effort on your part, and you have to be very careful the entire way. Learn how to clean, protect, and store it below. 


Cleaning latex must be done by hand. You do not want to risk throwing this into your washing machine and hoping for the best. Instead, wash it with warm water and soap. Better yet, if you can get your hands on specialty latex cleaners, use them instead. Once you’re done washing it, hang it up to dry. 


After the latex outfit is nice and dry, it’s time to store it away. First, you will want to coat any parts of the outfit that could cling to one another with talc to prevent them from sticking and breaking down. Unfortunately, latex will break down if it sticks together for too long. Then, you want to make sure that it’s hanging up somewhere and not folded. 


You do not want to simply hang up your latex outfit when you have finished cleaning and protecting it, though. You need to put it away in a place where sunlight will not get to it. Some people have special clothing bags (like suit covers) that they put on their latex outfits to protect them. Hang them in a closet, and your latex will last. 

Following these tips will save you time, effort, and money when it comes to keeping up with your latex wardrobe. 

Latex can be a lot of fun to wear for people. Some wear it for kinks and some for theater, but it’s good to be informed either way. With the information gleaned from this article, you should be prepared to own and care for your latex for a while to come!

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