Best Sex Pillows

Best Sex Pillows
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All of us like to get adventurous from time to time and try out some new sexual positions.

However, some of them are pretty hard to achieve for a regular person who’s not a professional gymnast.

That’s where sex furniture steps into the picture and the quest for the best sex pillows starts.

In many years, I’ve tried various sex pillows and can say that they do come in handy in exploring your sexual life.

During the last years, the materials used for them, the shapes, and comfort have advanced a lot. So, now you can get some pretty good stuff for a reasonable price.

It’s also worth acknowledging that sex pillows help people with reduced mobility experience better quality sex. Which in my opinion is awesome. Everyone deserves to get the best out of sex.

Also, dudes who have penises that are on the shorter side, with the right pillow and the right angle can feel bigger and give a more intense experience for their partner. This way dudes around the world can boost their self-confidence and experience new sexual sensations.

Top 3 Sex Pillow Choices

Here are the best sex pillows. All of them have been personally tested by me and my partner. These top 3 sex pillows remain in our bedroom and are used on-demand.

#1 The Liberator Sex Position Hipster

Liberator Hipster Sex Chair

Made from top-quality materials, this sex pillow possesses a velvety exterior that feels nice against the skin and a water-resistant nylon interior that will keep your sex pillow away from any stains.

It is 33 inches long and 9.5 inches tall, which makes it big enough for most body types and comfortable to achieve sex positions. Being compatible with any water-based lubricant and being machine-wash safe makes this pillow suitable for any intense sex that you’re going to have. Believe me, you will.

The great ergonomics of the pillow works perfectly with diverse body curves and the dense interior is designed to hold you and your partner in a stable position.

By doing so, it helps prevent any sex injuries from happening. So, if you are looking for a multi-functional sex pillow that is trustworthy, durable, and easy to maintain – the Liberator Sex Position Hipster is your best choice.


  • Skin-safe materials
  • Lube-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Any sex compatible
  • Modern, attractive design
  • Supports any body type
  • Comfortable and ergonomic


  • Could be a little too large

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#2 The Liberator Wedge

best sex pillow for kamasutra

This sex pillow is not for amateurs. If you’re into some intense Kamasutra positions that are difficult to obtain – this is your best choice.

Also, compared to other sex pillows, designed for the same purpose, this 14 inches long and 7 inches tall is your best budget-friendly option. So, by spending less, you’ll achieve the same great sensations in a safe manner.

With 27 degrees angle, this sex pillow is ideal for positions that are tough to achieve.

By using it you and your partner can explore each other’s erogenous zones in a safe and stable manner. The pillow comes with machine washable and hypoallergenic covers. Also, it’s really compact, so you can easily hide it under the bed, away from the public eye.


  • Skin-safe materials
  • Lube-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Champagne foam for enhanced motions
  • Kamasutra compatible
  • Easy to hide and store


  • Could be a little too small for some body types
  • Not compatible with sex toys

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#3 The Liberator Humphrey

best sex pillows for sex toys

If you and your partner are sex toys enthusiasts the Liberator Humphrey is your best sex pillow choice. Even though it has discreet looks and a luxurious design, it’s created for the nastiest sex toy experiences.

You can easily insert your favorite dildos in the comfy two-pillow design to enjoy some hands-free orgasms.

Made from hypoallergenic materials, with silky velvety textures, it’s compatible with any skin type and will lead to incredible sexperiences.

Also, it comes with a compact pocket where you can securely store your toys.


  • Skin-safe materials
  • Lube-friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Sex toys compatible
  • Easy to hide and store


  • Too flat for body support

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Sex Pillows FAQ

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about choosing the best sex pillow. I have listed and answered in detail every question from what is a sex pillow to buying criteria and maintenance.

What is a sex pillow?

A sex pillow is a special pillow, designed to support the human body during sexual intercourse. The pillows are used for support in order to achieve various sexual positions that would be difficult to achieve without additional support.

Using a sex pillow helps prevent you and your partner from various injuries and trauma that could happen during sex. There are various types of sex pillows that can be used alone or together with your partner.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. So, you can choose the one that feels best against the skin and can offer you comfortable support during sex.

What do sexology professionals say about sex pillows and safety?

Most sexology experts agree that sex pillows are a great tool to protect you and your partner from injuries during sex. They are also very useful for people who have movement limitations.

The additional support comes in a beneficial way and allows the person to live a fulfilled sexual life. Also, sex pillows let people try various new positions safely and reach more intense orgasms with reduced risks to you or your partner getting injured.

What do sexology professionals say about using sex pillows for pleasure?

Most experts agree that sex pillows can be beneficial for both, safety and the sexual experience. By using a sex pillow you can get easier access to your partner’s g-spot and this way gives her a vaginal orgasm, as many women often struggle to get it in regular sex positions.

Also, you can try out various new and exciting sex positions without putting your or your partner’s health at risk. So, using a sex pillow gives you great benefits in terms of pleasure and safety.

How to choose the correct sex pillow size for me and my partner?

Since all bodies are different, there is no one sex pillow size that works for everybody. That’s why you need to choose a sex pillow based on your and your partner’s body dimensions. Most sex pillows are quite flexible and adjustable, however, you still need to consider the main dimensions that are width and height.

When it comes to width, for most people the standard 24-inch pillow is enough. If your body type is on the larger side, 30-inch wide pillow should do the trick. In terms of height, usually, each model comes in 2-3 different heights. The heights vary from 28 to 36 inches, with rams that respectively vary from 10 to 14 inches.

Are there any plus size sex pillows?

Yes, indeed. In today’s market pillows, designed or plus size couples and individuals are as easy to find as regular-sized ones. Many manufacturers offer their products in 2-3 sizes, so you just need to choose the one that fits your dimensions best for best support and stability.

Does penetration angle have an impact on reaching female orgasm?

Yes it does. By using a sex pillow you can tremendously increase your partner’s chances of reaching a vaginal orgasm. Many women often struggle to reach orgasm only through vaginal stimulation, as the angle of the penis isn’t the best for stimulation of the g-spot.

By using a sex pillow you increase your chances of giving your partner a vaginal orgasm instead of a clitoral one. For maximum pleasure, be sure to stimulate her from the inside and outside.

Does penetration angle have an impact on reaching male orgasm?

Just like with females, sex position for males is equally as important. Whether you’re having sex with a partner or inserting a sex toy, the angle can help you reach more intense orgasms and unlock new sensations.

Is there a best position for sex?

There is no one answer. Most likely it’s the diversity that brings the best sexual experience. And using a sex pillow opens the possibility to explore them in a secure manner.

So, the best sex position is the one that you and your partner enjoy most. However, keep your minds open to adding some diversity so that your sex life wouldn’t become boring.

Can a sex pillow reduce or eliminate pain during intercourse for females who experience it?

Finding the perfect position is all about exploration. That’s why if one position causes pain, the couple should explore other possibilities. Of course, a sex pillow that offers support and stability during intercourse could become handy in searching for a proper position for painless intercourse. Sex is all about pleasure and both partners deserve and should feel it.

Can sex pillows be beneficial for men with smaller penises?

In most cases, it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you can do with what you have. So, performance is the key and a good angle can help you seriously boost your performance.

So, by having a sex pillow you can explore more angles that can deepen your penetration even if you have a smaller penis. Also, since the position can seem a bit unnatural your partner may seem tighter, so a win-win situation.

Can sex pillow usage improve chances to get pregnant?

In general, there is no guarantee that it will help. However, it might. Using a sex pillow will allow you to obtain sexual positions during which, after the male cums, the sperm doesn’t immediately leak out of the vagina.

However, in terms of conceiving, you should always consult with a physician for advice. If you’re having trouble conceiving, don’t get upset. It takes around 6 months on average to conceive after you first start trying.

What materials are most common in the sex pillow market?

Each manufacturer makes their sex pillows differently. However, most sex pillows are covered with soft and stain-resistant microfiber. The top cover is usually removable and machine washable.

The inside usually has a water-resistant lining that ensures all your lubes, lotion and personal juices don’t get absorbed by the pillow. The sex pillow itself is usually stuffed with dense materials, such as polyurethane foam or some sort of special patented stuffing.

Are sex pillows hypoallergenic?

Most quality sex pillows today are made from hypoallergenic material, which means they’re suitable for people with allergies. So, if you have sensitive skin or some type of allergy, simply choose a hypoallergenic one.

Sex pillows and lube. Can I use it?

If you buy a quality sex pillow, then definitely yes. They come with dual covers made from stain-proof materials. This prevents the pillow from getting wet from the inside.

My suggestion is water-based lubes as they’re the easiest to wash. Once you’re done with all the sex, simply drop the outside cover into the washing machine.

Is it easy to store a sex pillow?

It depends on the space at home you have. Also, the dimensions of the sex pillow. Most sex pillows can be securely stored in your closet or under the bed.

So, if you’re looking into buying a very large one, look around o be sure that you’ll have a spot to securely place it in between your sex sessions.

How to properly clean and maintain my sex pillow?

All quality sex pillows are very easy to maintain. They come with removable covers that are made from stain-resistant materials. So, simply put it in the washer and you’ll be good. In case you face some severe lube or lotion spills, the inside of the pillow can be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth.

Many pillows come with their cases, so you can simply store them inside. If you don’t have a case, store it in a cool place away from people and dust. Also, don’t use it as a regular support pillow for sitting in order to ensure its longevity.

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