How to Increase Penis Girth Size Fast?

How to Increase Penis Girth Size Fast?
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Being tired is one thing. Being ridiculously sleepy all the time is another. When all you want to do is stare at the wall and hear the clock tick by…what can one do about it? It’s the holidays, I have no sense of time anymore. I’m probably a little late in bringing this article to you as well. But like I said, I’m just going to go ahead and blame the holidays. Consider it a little gift from me that will help you learn how to increase girth size fast to impress your partner for that special night.

Before I move ahead with the article, I’d just like to put it out there: just like there’s no escape from the loss of sense of timing in the holidays, similarly, there’s no hard and fast way to magically increase the girth of your penis. Or the length, for that matter but that’s not the point of discussion here. 

There are some ways, and that’s what this article will talk about. But of course, the best way to be sexually satisfied and happy is to look for the ideal solution. Ways need to be considered and tested both within as well as without – instead of completely, and rather unnecessarily, remodeling yourself. So, without any further ado, let’s find out how to increase girth size fast.

The Average Girth Of A Penis

There has been a lot of talk about increasing the length of a penis. We sort of take the girth just for granted, in my opinion. To know if your girth falls under the standard girth size of penises, first, let’s find out what the average penis girth size is. Before you go on trying to stretch it wider or something like that, have a look to find out whether your penis needs alterations at all.

This study conducted by sex researcher and educator Debby Hebernick in 2013 finds that the average girl of a male penis is 12.23 cms or about 4.8 inches. A sample of 1661 men was taken to be measured in this experiment. And this seems to be a pretty accurate finding from a considerable sample size. 

You can measure the size of the girth of your penis to see if you have anything at all to worry about. Find out how to measure your penis here. Basically, it’s just taking a measuring tape or scale and going at it. Although, you could read that article up for the method explained step by step in more detail.

How to Increase Girth Size Fast With A Penis Pump

Now, let’s get down to business. You’ve measured your penis and it’s a fine length and width but you’re still not satisfied – okay, cool. So whatever can you do next? Get yourself a penis pump, that’s what. 

Penis pumps are actually one of the very few male enhancement contraptions that work. The design of a penis pump makes sure you get results after using it for a standard period of time. Now generally, these babies are used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. But since you just most absolutely have to add those few extra inches to the girth of your penis, you might as well try this out.

What is a Penis Pump?

I feel like I’ve explained this same thing so many times. There are two things that I write about a lot and totally endorse – lube and penis pumps. Anyway, a penis pump is a tube made of plastic attached to a pump. This pump is operated either manually or with a battery. 

There’s also a ring, called the constriction ring, that goes around the base of the male penis. And your penis sort of fits into that plastic tube. A penis pump is called a vacuum pump because it creates a vacuum to provide you with an erection.

What Does a Penis Pump do?

So now that we’ve discussed what it’s like, let’s move on to what it does. Penis pumps create a vacuum inside the tube where you fit your penis. This results in the blood from your body rushing to your penis and shooting it up. That’s how the osmosis pressure phenomenon works by the way. The fluids or air or substances rush from a region of high pressure to a region of low pressure to try and maintain the pressure equilibrium.

The resulting erection isn’t natural but is caused due to the pump’s vacuum. Penis pumps, therefore, are technically used to help give you erections when you need them.

How can a Penis Pump Help with Increasing Girth of a Penis?

It’s all in the concept of the blood rushing up there, my lovelies. Sorry to sound like a wise old aunt, but practice does maketh a man perfect. The more of such crafted erections you get, the more your blood flow becomes richer to your penis. When you have a natural erection, the blood focuses on the erection of the penis and flows away after ejaculation. But with a penis pump, the time of your erection is elongated.

Because this erection is caused by a penis pump, as long as the vacuum remains the erection remains as well. This results in the continuous supply of oxygen-rich blood to your penis. Now, as per the anatomy of a male penis, the blood is stored in the spongy erectile tissues which result in a man holding his erection. The longer these issues are filled with blood, the more they expand.

This expansion of the spongy erectile tissues in the male penis results in not only longer erections but also larger erections. Not just the length, but the girth of the penis is stretched to reach its full potential when you use a penis pump. So, when it comes to the question of how to increase girth size fast, a penis pump is the answer.

Tip: Itching is a common side effect of using a penis pump. Try applying some moisturizing lotion or oil 15- 20 minutes before you put it in your penis pump. This ensures that your pump remains properly fit in its place and doesn’t slip off. If your skin starts to get rashes or the itching continues, apply the moisturizer an hour before you put on the penis pump. 

Also, if the side effects persist, discontinue using the penis pump as there might be an issue with the pump’s size. If redness or rashes or excessive itching persists even after discontinued usage, visit a doctor.

What Else Can I Do For A Bigger Penis Girth?

Let’s get a bit philosophical, shall we? Apart from shaving down there and using a penis pump to increase the girth of your penis, what else can you do? You could sit down and ask your partner what they want, that’s what. Let’s face it, you want a solid and sexy penis because you want your partner to experience that Big O. Did you ask if your partner wants something wider – wider than how you are now – inside them?

Let’s say the answer is yes. So, besides using the penis pump and the shaving down there, you could introduce some wonderful sex toys! You’ve got the classic dildo, you’ve got your massive butt plugs for advanced users and you’ve got the fantastic vibrators that make life happier for every one of us. Just one Google search will take you to sex toys you never thought were possible to exist!

Fisting and double penetration is also an option for those size and width queens who want more. You know, at times, as good as you are, a male penis just won’t do it. My advice is – use the penis pump to reach your full potential, shave down there because it’s both clean and smart to do it, and get a sweet sex toy to have the best night of your lives!

How to Increase Girth Size Fast: Frequently Asked Questions

I want to use a penis pump, but for how long should I consider using it?

Where the male penis is concerned, we don’t really know what works 100% on it. Different people have different reactions to treatments – hey, that’s just how the human body is. So how long you use a penis pump depends entirely on you. You could start by using it for a few weeks to maybe 6 months. You’ll start noticing changes in your penis. You’ll notice it growing, changing and your erections becoming former. 

If you’re using a penis pump to increase the girth of your penis, I’d say give it a few months. You’ll start noticing the results, and once you’re happy with them you can discontinue usage. You can even stop using it regularly, but keep the pump handy in case you’re in need of an urgent erection! 

How to choose a penis pump for myself?

Choose a penis pump that suits your needs by not just looking at them online but actually visiting a store. Size, weight, and how discreet the usage is are the things you need to consider before buying a penis pump. You should be able to move around comfortably and even sleep in your penis pump. At times, your doctor may recommend a penis pump to you. 

Other than that, make sure you check how the mechanisms work, read the reviews, and hold a few pumps in your hand before you decide on which one you want. It’s completely okay to start with one pump and move to another. If you’re planning to use a penis pump for a longer amount of time, consider changing your pump with your changing requirements.

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