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Alexis Fawx + Kiiroo = FeelAlexis

Alexis Fawx, without a doubt, is one of the hottest MILFs in the porn industry. She is well-known for her work all around the world and there are millions of horny guys who fantasize about doing it with her on a regular basis. So, good news for you all!

Just recently Alexis Fawx masturbator FeelAlexis was introduced to the public. FeelAlexis is a male stroker that comes with an orifice that looks exactly like Alexis’ vagina. The sleeve has a unique texture, full of exciting sensations for you to experience.

So, let’s see if she’s all you ever fantasized about.

Alexis Fawx
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Alexis Fawx FeelAlexis Benefits

Even though each FeelStars model comes with its unique texture, the benefits you’re getting from them are mutual. Here’s what you will be getting from your Alexis Fawx stroker:

Unique Textures

Each FeelStars sleeve comes with a unique texture that you won’t find anywhere else. The same rule applies to FeelAlexis.

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Not only that, each of them has an orifice that looks exactly like the vagina lips of that porn star. In this case, you would be getting Alexis Fawx pussy lips.

Fantasy Element

Every dude has fantasized about what it would feel like to have sex with their favorite porn star. Well, now you can get the next best thing.

Get your own Alexis Fawx FeelAlexis sleeve and get as close to the real experience as it is currently possible.

Quality Materials

Each FeelStars sleeve is made from body-safe materials. This means that you and your partner are completely protected from unexpected skin allergies or rashes.

Kiiroo produces only top-quality products, therefore you can rest assured that you are getting the best treatment out there.

Real Feel

FeelStars strokers feel very realistic. When warmed up and lubed up properly, they’re very close to feeling like a real vagina does.

So, you will not only get a masturbator that looks like your favorite porn star’s lips but one that actually resembles the sensations of actual penetrative sex.

Discreet Shipping

Each and every team that you order from Kiiroo will be packed and handled discreetly. This means that no one will be able to tell what’s inside the box without actually opening it.

Your privacy is safe with Kiiroo. I always recommend buying your items directly from the manufacturer. This way you will know that you are getting an original product and all the warranties that come with the item of your choice.

HowAlexis Fawx FeelAlexis Feels?

feelalexis size guide

FeelAlexis comes with 4 chambers and a wide entrance. For me personally, the entrance is too wide and the chamber behind it is as well, so, overall it’s a waste of the sleeve length. Especially for guys who have a shorter penis and therefore won’t be able to reach the end of it.

The first chamber is ridged and on the wider side, so the sleeve doesn’t seem too exciting yet. It could be good for beginners or men with very wide penises. The third chamber is where you finally start getting your textures and it becomes exciting. The fourth and the fifth chambers are excellent – they’re intense, exciting, and take you by surprise.

Overall, I’m disappointed in this sleeve, since the first part of it is simply a waste. It may be good for beginners, however, I feel like there are better alternatives. If you’re considering using it only manually, better choose an alternative, since this one feels like a stretched-out vagina. At least the first part of it.

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Alexis Fawx + KEON

I tried the masturbator together with KEON, to see if the automatic experience would make the sleeve more exciting. Naturally, it did. Since physically you simply can’t stroke your penis at such speed.

KEON truly made the sleeve feel better and the first part of the sleeve that didn’t like wasn’t as pronounced. However, it’s still not the best Kiiroo can offer you. Yet, if you’re a beginner and are planning to get KEON – it’s not the worst start.

Alexis Fawx FeelAlexis Alternatives

KIiroo introduced the FeelStars only several months ago. Therefore, currently, there are only 5 alternatives in the FeelStars collection. If you are looking into buying the KEON, it’s important to get a sleeve that is compatible.

However, if you don’t mind manual labor, you can consider some Fleshlight options. Even though there are hundreds of them, here are some of my favorite ones:

Fleshlights can also be upgraded to automatic experiences. For that, you would have to get the Universal Fleshlight Launch.

Alexis Fawx FeelAlexis Reviews

Since Alexis Fawx FeelAlexis just launched – there are literally no reviews of this item. So, unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any feedback from other people.

If you bought this sleeve and would like to share your thoughts – post them in the comments section and I will add them here.

Maybe there are many fans of the masturbator and I’m the only one who didn’t like it.

What’s In The Alexis Fawx FeelAlexis Package?

In each review, I like to remind my readers how important it is to know what comes inside the box, together with your toy. This way you can be prepared, in case you need additional items, such as lube.

When buying Alexis Fawx, only the stroker itself will be included in the package. Of course, sometimes you get lucky and they add a complimentary package of lube. Yet, that depends on the website. Still, it won’t hurt to be prepared.

So, if you don’t have any water-based lube lying around the home, it would be wise to get some. You can order some from Kiiroo or, you can choose other that you like.

Additional Items

There are always additional items you need or could get. When t comes to essentials, you need cleaning supplies and lube. When it comes to enhancing your experience – there’s the possibility to make it automatic. Here are the additional items that you can get from Kiiroo:

Water-Based Lubricants – based on your preference, you can get a simple one or one that comes with heating/cooling properties. Using a heating lubricant is a pretty good alternative to sleeve-warming

Cleaning Supplies – FeelNew Refreshing Powder and Kiiroo Pure is the best way to properly clean your Kiiroo sleeves and ensure their longevity.

Kiiroo KEON – if you want to get the most out of their Alexis Fawx sleeve, definitely get KEON, or choose a different sleeve. KEON is an exciting automatic male masturbator that is compatible with all FellStars masturbators. You can read more about KEON here.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Alexis Fawx sleeve disappointed me and I expected a lot more from it. The first part of it is way too wide and feels like a stretched-out vagina.

Alexis Fawx
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Using it with KEON makes it better, so if you’re planning to use it alone, I would recommend choosing a different one.

I am a huge fan of Kiiroo products ut this one has seriously disappointed me. Even though you get the premium Kiiroo quality, you get an unfulfilling texture from the sleeve.

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