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Front View
The Orifice
Dainty Wilder - Orifice
Side View
Sleeve X-Ray
Dainty Wilder - Sleeve
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What's good

  • First and only stroker molded after Dainty Wilder
  • Great choice for stamina training
  • FeelMe AI compatible (*requires add-ons)
  • Unique sleeve texture
  • VR upgrades available (*requires add-ons)
  • Body-safe, durable materials
  • Discreet shipping

What's not so good

  • Takes time to dry
  • Can be too intense for some


Minimum Diameter
0.5 in
1.25 cm
Maximum Diameter
1.1 in
2.71 cm
Sleeve Length
8.7 in
22 cm
Sleeve Color
Orifice Type
Opening Max Diameter
0.8 in
2.1 cm
Sleeve Material
Release Date
Case Type
Kiiroo Classic
Case Color

Dainty Wilder Stroker: FeelDainty Wilder

Dainty Wilder is about to make your personal time a lot wilder. Kiiroo just launched the first and only male masturbator made in collaboration with the famous adult entertainer Dainty Wilder.

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This masturbator boasts a snug entry and distinct inner texture, promising satisfaction for enthusiasts and pleasure-seekers alike.

*Several weeks ago I received a sample product from Kiiroo and thoroughly tested the FeelDainty Wilder stroker. This does not impact my judgment.

Sleeve and Orifice

The new FeelDainty stroker has an orifice precisely molded after Dainty Wilder. Her signature is engraved on the right side of the orifice.

Dainty Wilder stroker orifice

The stroker sleeve is made from a durable and soft TPE material that feels similar to human flesh and creates realistic sensations. The stroker is easy to clean since the inside of the sleeve is not very sticky.

The case of the sleeve is made from high-quality plastic which ensures that the soft inner sleeve keeps its shape. It comes with a protective dust cap.

Realistic Dainty Wilder Fantasy

If you’re a fan of Dainty Wilder, you will be able to enjoy a life-like experience with her through the FeelDainty stroker.

Not only is it the only stroker made in collaboration with Dainty, but it’s also fully compatible with Kiiroo Keon automatic stroker. What does that give to you? Well, only a fully hands-free experience that can also be interactive with the help of FeelMe AI. FeelMe AI enables the stroker to work in sync with videos of your choice so that you can feel her riding you.

Experience With FeelDainty

The FeelDainty stroker has a narrow opening and an orifice that looks exactly like her vagina. While the sleeve offers several classic and unique textures, I found it to be very exciting and a great fit for almost any user.

From what I experienced, the best part of the sleeve is hidden in the first half of the stroker. In particular, that amazing tentacle-like texture. Turns out that a generous amount of lube paired with it gives you some unique sensations with some unique stimulation that I doubt to have experienced before. It’s not too tight and those tentacles are very pronounced and give you some nice extra suction as you slide back and forth.

The second part of the sleeve is pretty typical/traditional. You can find quite a few strokers out there that feature similar textures. This is not bad because there is a reason why some textures travel across strokers – they feel great. Don’t forget to twist your stroker as you use it for increased stimulation.

When using the FeelDainty stroker without automatic add-ons, as I mentioned before, my favorite part of the sleeve was the tentacle-like dots at the first half of the stroker. They’re very pronounced and give great sensations to the tip of the penis when going for full strokes.

Also it makes it a great sleeve that will fit almost any penis size since the best part of it is not hidden deep in the back.

Keon and FeelDainty Wilder

Trying out a stroker with Keon is the highlight of my testing routine. I’m a big fan of interactive experiences and the advancements in masturbation tech.

Pairing FeelDainty with Keon is the ultimate way to take your experience to the next level, especially if you opt for FeelMe AI for full interactivity. Using Keon lets you fully immerse yourself in fantasies featuring Dainty Wilder that you’ve always dreamt about.

You’ll get to enjoy various textures and watch your favorite adult entertainer in action. If you have VR goggles, definitely use them for an even better experience. If not, you can grab a pair from Kiiroo.

Overall, I’d easily recommend this stroker to Dainty’s fans looking to live out their fantasies and to anyone up for a seriously intense experience.

What’s Inside The Box

There are three purchasing options available for the FeelDainty stroker: either the sleeve alone or various combo deals. Opting for the sleeve-only choice entails receiving precisely that in your package: the sleeve along with the stroker case equipped with protective caps.

Yet, should you opt for a combo deal, here’s what’s on offer:

  • Small combo pack: includes the Dainty Wilder stroker, Kiiroo KEON for interactive experiences, and a bottle of arctic lube.
  • Big combo pack: encompasses all items from the small pack along with the original Feel Stroker.

Acquiring a combo pack proves more cost-effective compared to purchasing the individual items separately. However, if you solely require the stroker, utilize the links provided on our website to secure a 10% discount (automatically applied during the final step of checkout, or add TECHYSEX code).

Alternatives to Dainty Wilder and Additional Strokers

If you are looking to get more than just one stroker or feel like FeelDainty is not exactly what you’re looking for check out our Kiiroo FeelStars comparison tool. Simply enter your measurements, and find the sleeve that best matches your needs.

kiiroo feelstars comparison tool

*If you already own some strokers make sure to rate them and help other fellows make better purchasing decisions. Thanks!

First Stroker? All You Need to Know

If you’re using an insertable penis toy for the first time, there are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Always use appropriate lubrication: Ensuring you use lubricant every time is crucial. Going in dry can cause discomfort or even injury to your private parts. Given the sensitivity of the penis, it’s essential not to take risks in this area.
  • Clean, dry, and store the toy properly: While it may seem like common sense, it’s worth emphasizing the importance of cleaning your toy after each use. Failing to do so can lead to infections over time, which can be painful and may take a while to heal. Proper maintenance and hygiene practices are key to a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Verdict

If you’re a fan of Dainty Wilder – it’s a must, and if you want the ultimate experience – get Keon as well.

The FeelDainty Wilder stroker is exciting and intense, perfect for almost any penis size and those who are after truly unique sensations and textures.

Available Add-Ons

Kiiroo Keon Automatic Masturbator
Speed & Stroke Control Remote Control VR Support Video Sync
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Kiiroo PowerBlow
Suction Control Video Sync Silent & Discreet VR-Compatible
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Dainty Wilder

Dainty Wilder

Los Angeles, CA, USA
September 27, 2002 (21 y.o.)
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