Penile Traction Device 101

Penile Traction Device 101
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Penile traction device, also known as penis stretcher is one of the most popular ways among men to enlarge their penises. Despite its popularity, penile traction still gets confused with penile pumping and other ways to enlarge the penis.

That’s why this article will cover the essential information about penile traction devices. Including how they work, what results you can expect to get, and what sets them apart from the competition. So, without any further ado, let’s start by reviewing the process itself.

What is Penile Traction?

In short, penile traction is the act of penis stretching. This act is usually performed with the goal of penis enlargement. Penis can be stretched by using hands (the manual way) or by using a penile traction device. This way you can keep your hands free.

When you are stretching your penis for longer periods of time, you can achieve penile growth. This process is very similar to the way you grow muscle by exercising.

When the penis is stretched for a prolonged period of time and it is done frequently, micro-tears start forming in the penile tissue. Worry not, it’s a completely pain-free process and is invisible to the naked eye. Once the micro-tears form, your body then starts healing itself by splitting cells into two in order to fill in the gaps. To put it in more scientific terms, mitosis starts. You probably heard this term in biology lessons, so you know it’s a perfectly natural everyday occurrence that you can spot in nature.

When your body is healing and ‘fills in the gaps’ it causes a natural growth of the penis. Since the micro-tears are invisible to the naked eye, it takes time to achieve visible results. Men who use this method claim to have achieved semi-permanent to permanent results.

How Penile Traction Device Works?

Penile traction device applies the penile traction method described above in order to stretch the penis. These devices are also known as penis extenders or penis stretchers. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how they work. Even though instructions are different per manufacturer, the principles remain the same.

First, you will need to put the device on your flaccid penis. The device usually attaches in two places: at the base of the shaft and right before the tip of the penis begins. Based on the device of choice, special weights are attached to the penis extender to ensure light and constant stretch to the penis.

The process is absolutely pain-free and after several days of wearing it, you should get used to it enough to no longer notice it. While each penis stretcher has its own instructions, in most cases you will need to wear the device at least 4 hours per day. Most can be worn overnight, so won’t interfere with your daily activities.

Even though you can do penis stretching by hand, the process would be very uncomfortable and would occupy hours of your daily routine. So, it doesn’t make much sense. That’s why it’s best to invest in a quality penis traction device that would suit your needs and give desired and best results within the shortest period of time.

Why Use a Penile Traction Device?

There are many penile traction device, however, all of them are designed for a similar purpose:

Peyronie’s Disease: Penile Traction

Peyronie’s disease, also known as penile curvature, can seriously affect a person’s sex life and result in serious mental health issues. Very severe penile curvature can even prevent a man from having sex.

Peyronie’s disease penile traction devices can help men who suffer from this condition improve their penis shape and restore their sex life. Penis extenders, specially designed for penile curvature can help improve the shape of the penis and make it more straight.

If you are looking for a penis traction device particularly for curvature, make sure you get one that is Peyronie’s compatible. This is one of the few ways you can avoid surgery and reach visible results.

The Benefits

Here are the main benefits that you can get when using a penile traction device.

Visibly Longer Penis

Getting a visibly longer penis is one of the main reasons for using a penis traction device. Even though getting visible results may take at least a month and getting desired results could take around half a year or more – penis extenders are basically the only non-surgical way to enlarge your penis.

Improved Penis Shape

By using a penis traction device you can not only make your penis longer but improve its shape as well. If you have penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease, there are manufacturers that produce curvature-friendly penis extenders. So, with time, you can visibly straighten your penis.

Boost in Self-Confidence

It’s not a secret that the penis topic is very sensitive for men. Men who believe that their penis is too small or doesn’t have the right shape, sometimes end up with a lack of self-confidence. That’s why when having a bigger penis or a better-shaped penis can give a strong boost to self-confidence.

Best Penile Traction Device

While there are many penis extenders available in the market, some of them are simply more effective, comfortable, and durable. So far, from what I have encountered, these two penile traction devices are the best.

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro penis extender

Quick Extender Pro is by far the best penis extender that I have tried. What I particularly liked about it is the double strap technology that keeps the penis in place during the long hours when you’re wearing it.

After I initially tried it, within 2-3 wearing sessions, I no longer felt it, so my body got used to it pretty quickly. That’s super important when choosing a penis extender since it will be your companion for quite a while.

When it comes to Peyronie’s disease, Quick Extender offers a special curvature edition. So, if you are searching for a penile traction device to help you with curvature, make sure to take a look at this one.

If you wish to learn more about Quick Extender, you can find my full review of it here.

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Phallosan Forte

phallosan forte best penis extender

Phallosan Forte is my second best choice when it comes to penis extenders. Even though it’s an excellent device, I found Quick Extender to be more comfortable.

Since you’ll be wearing for longer periods of time – comfort is what matters most. Phallosan is made in Germany, so you can expect nothing but excellent German craftsmanship.

If you wish to learn more about Phallosan Forte and learn what results I achieved with it, you can read my full experience here.

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Penile Traction vs Pumping

Penile traction devices are often confused with penis pumping devices. Or to put it in other words – extenders are confused with penis pumps.

Penis pumps work differently than extenders do and therefore give you different results. Penis pumps can’t give permanent or semi-permanent results. They are designed for temporary enlargement only.

When using a penis pump, a special tube is placed on the penis. By using a special pump a vacuum is created around the penis. This causes additional blood to flow to the penis, which helps a man get an erection and a visibly larger penis.

Penis pumps are usually used by men who suffer from Erectile dysfunction or who simply want to impress their partner during sex. The effects of the penis pump typically wear off within 30 minutes after the pumping. The process of pumping takes only several minutes.

So, as you can see these two devices are completely different and are built for different purposes. If you’re looking for temporary enlargement or something to help you cope with ED – a penis pump is what you’re looking for.

However, if you are looking for a way to enlarge your penis and improve its shape – a penis extender is what you should look at if you wish to avoid surgery.

Final Words On Penile Traction Devices

A penile traction device is an excellent measure to use if you wish to enlarge your penis. It’s also an excellent choice to improve its shape. Basically, it’s the only thing that could help you, besides surgery.

The penis and everything about it is a very sensitive subject to a man. Therefore having trouble with it makes it even worse.

If you feel like a penis traction device could improve the quality of your sex life and the quality of your sex life – definitely give it a shot.

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