RealCock Review: How Realistic is RealCock?

RealCock Review: How Realistic is RealCock?
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Dildos have evolved greatly over the years. Now, the makers of RealCock, Abyss Creations, are claiming that their RealCock 2 is the world’s most realistic dildo ever. How much truth is there in their statement? For that, we need to have a closer look at RealCock 2

Most sex toy users, especially women and homosexual men, will have a dildo in their closet. It is one of the smallest and most discreet sex toys that they can use. That is why when it comes to RealCock 2, they are the ones who would be more excited to buy it. 

But, the price of RealCock 2 is around $500 which is a huge amount to invest in a sex toy like a dildo. So, the question you need to ask yourself, should you invest such a large amount for your self-pleasure? This is what we will look to find out through this article. 

Now, the first thing you have to understand that when you have such a realistic cock, would you need a human partner? Well, that can be a bit far-fetched assumption but something that you cannot ignore with the rise of AI-based sex toys which are becoming more and more realistic. 

Now, you will find five models of RealCock 2 right now and each their own dimensions and skin tones. So, which one you should get if you are eager to have one? Let’s discuss RealCock 2 in detail through this article so that you have a good idea of what you are buying beforehand. 

Models Available for RealCock 2

Currently, you will find five RealCock 2 models. Now, all of them are different as far as their measurements and skin tones go. So, here are those five models of RealCock 2;



Dirk is one of the most popular models of RealCock 2. It has a decent length which will enhance your self-pleasure. If you enjoy stimulating your G-spot, then this could be the dildo you need. It has various skin tone options for you to choose from. Also, if you want to have your custom skin tone, you can also have that. But, in that case, you have to pay an extra amount. Yes, you need a harness to move fast with this cock. Though a bit on the higher side, if you want a realistic dildo, Dirk will not disappoint you during your self-pleasure. 

Review in A Nutshell


  • A very long dick for self-pleasure
  • Various skin tones options available
  • Ideal for G-spot stimulation


  • Need a harness for fast moves
  • Unfinished bottom 
  • Very expensive

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After Dirk, Rockwell has also gained popularity among users. This dildo has a decent size as far as the length goes. Well, you don’t have much of a size choice in RealCock 2 for all the models and Rockwell is also the same. The best part is you can use it with a suction cup. The silicone used in making Rockwell is safe for your body. Well, its price is as same Dirk’s. As the size is smaller, you could have expected a bit lesser price. All in all, Rockwell is a good dildo to have. 


  • Very realistic
  • Compatible with suction cap
  • Material is safe for the body


  • Single size choice
  • Very high price
  • Unfinished base

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The size of Jones is a decent one. Although it is not a huge dildo, you will have the pleasure you seek from Mr. Jones. There are three skin tones available just like the other RealCock 2 models. You can use it with a strap-on. Moreover, the material used in it is very much safe for your body. So, you can use Mr. Jones without any worry. However, the price should have been a bit lesser if you compare it with other RealCock 2 models. All in all, Jones is a good choice. 

Review in a Nutshell


  • Length is good
  • Various skin tone available
  • Usable with a strap-on


  • Quite expensive
  • Lacks detailing in veins
  • Size choice unavailable

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If you are someone who wants to use a giant dick during self-play, then Bruce will be the one you would opt for. It is the biggest model of all the RealCock 2 models and you will just love the shape of the dildo. Mr Jones could have had a bigger shaft. That would have made your self-play more fun. However, when it comes to realism even in a giant dildo, Abyss Creations truly did a magnificent job. But, you should also keep in mind that Mr Bruce is the most expensive of all the RealCock 2 models. So, if you are willing to pay $799 for a dildo, then you should check this one. But, you should know that Mr Bruce is worth the money. 

Review In A Nutshell


  • The biggest of all RealCocks
  • Various skin tones available
  • Harness compatible


  • Most expensive option
  • Testicles are a bit small
  • The shaft could be a bit bigger

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James is an exciting Real Cock model for sure. Well, many woman and homosexual men don’t like to use big dildos during masturbation. They want a small fat cock for their sexual gratification. Mr James is exactly that. So, those who want to use a big cock for their masturbation should avoid James. Also, the striking thing about James is the testicles which look quite realistic. Apart from the base finishing, everything about this dildo looks perfect. All in all, if you want a meaty dildo, then you can check out James. 

Review in a Nutshell


  • Perfect small but fat cock
  • Skin tone options available
  • Testicles look great


  • Smallest of all RealCock 2 models
  • Price should be a bit less
  • Base finishing could be better

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Packaging of RealCock 2

You already know about the models of RealCock 2. But, this RealCock review will be incomplete if we don’t touch on the packaging aspect. When you are buying a sex toy, you would want the delivery to be a bit discreet. Abyss Creations has also taken care of that. 

When you order RealCock 2, you will not have to worry about your neighbors getting to know that you are ordering a dildo. They have a super-smart packaging system and the labeling on the box will be something like you have ordered a sculpture. 

You might expect a more grand packing for a product of such a huge amount. But, you will not be disappointed with the packaging because the makers have made sure that your sex toy stays discreet. Also, inside the box, you will get a cleaning instruction manual which will come in handy when you start using your RealCock 2. 

The Feeling of Using RealCock 2

realcock sizes

You would want to know how it feels to use a RealCock 2 before you order one. The sensations you will have after using RealCock 2 will be genuine and amazing. You will think as if you have found your missing object during your self-play. 

As it feels like a real man’s penis, you can rest assured you will feel like having sex with a real dick when you use it. The makers have worked hard on the detailing on the dick and when you start using it, you will realize what the makers have done is an amazing job. 

Your investment in RealCock 2 will be worth it. But, for that, you have to order the right model of RealCock 2. As you already know, you have five choices of RealCock 2 models So, you have to order the one you think is the ideal dick for your self-pleasure.  

Should You Buy RealCock 2?

Now, you would have been waiting to find out whether you should buy RealCock 2 or not. Look, without any doubt, RealCock 2 is perhaps the most realistic dildo that you will ever see. But, you have to consider the price of RealCock 2 as well. 

However, if you are willing to dish out $500 for your self-pleasure, you should buy a RealCock 2. It will surely give you the pleasure you want to get. Also, for those who want more finesse in their dildos, they can order a customized version of RealCock 2. But, for that, you will have to pay an extra charge. All in all, RealCock 2 will not disappoint you with its performance. 

Final Words About RealCock

Finally, through this RealCock review, you have a good idea about the models of RealCock 2 and their pricing. So, if you want to spend big on your self-pleasure toys, RealCock 2 is probably the one that will give you good value for your money, and thus, you can surely go for it. 

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