Phalogenics Review

Phalogenics Review
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In this Phalogenics review, I will talk about the famous penis growth exercises program. I will cover all the aspects of how it works and whether or not I was able to reach real results.

When I first came across Phalogenics, I was very skeptical. First, I was surprised that it doesn’t require any tools, extenders, or pumps. Phalogenics is an exercise routine, designed for any man out there who wants to increase his penis length and girth wise.

As a bonus, it also promises increased stamina. This means that you could not only benefit from a bigger penis but could become a better lover. This leads to another great benefit – boosted self-confidence.

Since the Phalogenics traction program is designed to improve your overall penis health and doesn’t require any special tools or pumps – it could be perfectly compatible with Peyronie’s disease also known as the penis curvature. So, yes, you should indeed be capable of not only improving the length of your penis but the shape as well.

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Phalogenics Penis Exercises Pros

Naturally, such innovative penis exercises for growth program offers many benefits. Here I have listed for you the benefits of Phalogenics, experienced personally by me and reported by Phalogenics users from all over the world.

Increased Penis Length

Of course, increased penis length is what we’re all here for. The Phalogenics traction program promises that over time your penis can increase in size by 2 or 4 inches.

From reviews that I have collected and my personal experience, the results varied from no improvement at all to three extra inches. So, apparently, it did work for some men. However, the results that I experienced were semi-permanent. Yet, I didn’t finish the full penis enlargement program. Why? Didn’t seem worth my time and energy. Extenders definitely work better.

No Tools Required

The great thing about Phalogenics is that it doesn’t require any additional tools or pumps. This means that you get an exercise program and have full control over the process. You can control the movements as well as the strength you use.

Works for All Dick Sizes and Shapes

Since there are no tools involved, this program is universal and can work with all penis sizes and shapes. Being compatible with all penis shapes means this penis exercises for growth program should work for fixing Peyronie’s disease. So, this way you should be able to not only extend your penis but also straighten it. This way you get a double boost in confidence.

Backed by Scientific Research

According to their website, Phalogenics is not just some mumbo-jumbo. The method claims to have strong scientific evidence behind it. The website claims that the method is approved by many doctors around the world and backed by positive user reviews.

Compatible With Your Partner

Extending your penis can be a pleasurable journey along with the help of your partner. Since no tools are required, you are definitely not the only person that can do penis stretching. So, this penis exercise program can be a big turn-on in bed for you and your partner.

Complete Control

Not using any pumps or extenders, just your hands, means that you get full control over the whole experience. So this means you can get some serious pleasure from penis exercises.

Better Stamina

Following the penis exercises as the Phalogenics tell you so, could actually help you increase your stamina and make you a better lover. Having better stamina and lasting longer in bed is a huge boost in confidence for any dude out there.

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How Phalogenics Works?

At first, understanding the Phalogenics principles may seem complicated but I will try to explain them simply. The penis enlargement program works by stimulating corpora cavernosa.

phalogenics penis enlargement exercises

It’s a sponge-like tissue found in the penis. When the penis is stretched, corpora cavernosa absorbs blood and by doing so, creates more space.

After you stretch the penis, it goes through a healing process. After that, the capacity of corpora cavernosa to absorb blood slightly increases.

Repeating the process, step by step, the number of space increases and the amount of blood absorbed grows as well. This results in the penis becoming longer with time.

So, as you probably understood, for the method to work, it will require some time and patience.

In general, the research behind Phalogenics is based on biology and understanding how the human body actually works. In more scientific terms, this process is also known as penile micro-trauma therapy.

The light stretches that you apply to the penis lead to forced cell division of the penile cells. Naturally, the outcome of cell division is growth. So, you can expect your penis to become larger over time.

Since it’s based on human biology, the method works with any penis size. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or a large penis, you can still expect it to become bigger. However, quicker and more visible results are usually present in smaller penises cases.

Since there are no tools or pumps involved, Phalogenics is suitable for almost any man. So, if you have patience and want to extend your penis naturally, without any surgeries – Phalogenics could be the perfect solution for you.

Speeding Up The Process

However, if you decide to purchase Phalogenics, I would also recommend considering an additional penis extender. A penis extender could help you speed up the process.

Since the extenders also work in the same principle, you would get the best out of both worlds – manual and automatic.

Also, another great thing to mention about Phalogenics – the website promises you a 60-day money return guarantee, so you are completely protected as a buyer. However, the penis extender can do the same for you without manual labor and faster.

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What You Get in Package?

Back in the day, Phalogenics was a set of DVDs that included the required training videos along with tips and tricks. However, with the world becoming more modern, DVDs were replaced by online videos that you can download to your computer.

So, your Phalogenics digital package will include

  • The Platinum Phalogenics Video Series
  • Three Bonuses, including:
    • Release the Beast instructional book
    • The Magic Beanstalk instructional book
    • Porn Star Activation System instructional book
  • An instruction manual

Since the product is digital, you won’t get any lube, so you’ll have to take care of it yourself. However, Phalogenics provides excellent customer support, available 24/7.

I wrote to them quite a few times and the response time and quality ratio were simply excellent. So, if you’ll need any help or something will be not clear – remain calm, Phalogenics team will help you.

Another thing worth mentioning, not all complimentary videos remain free forever. Some of them are only free for a couple of weeks, so would recommend using them while they’re free. Otherwise, you will have to pay the subscription fee.

Also, as I mentioned before, you are free to cancel your subscription within 60 days, if the treatment doesn’t work for you. However, I highly doubt that you will do so. I experienced it first-hand, and it did work.

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Phalogenics Cons

Even though Phalogenics comes with numerous benefits, there are some downsides to it. So, just like with anything else in life – it’s not perfect. So, let’s look into the main drawbacks of this penis enlargement program.

Requires Discipline

Even though the program can bring you pleasure, it will require a lot of effort and discipline. At least several times a week, you will need to do your exercises for penis enlargement which take at least 20 to 30 minutes. However, good things come to those who work for it, right?

Requires Manual Action

Since there are no special tools involved, you will be doing a lot of manual work. The average exercise duration lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, so you will have to be patient and persistent. Be ready to get tired.

Results Vary

Just like with any other penis enlargement solution – results vary. This means that if a dude in a commercial enlarged his dick by 3 inches, that doesn’t mean that you will as well.

You may enlarge your penis by just a couple of inches, or surpass the reviews and increase the length by 4 or more inches. Also, it is possible to get no results at all.

Takes Time

I would like to tell you that you will get immediate results, however, I would be lying. Phalogenics takes quite some time. Even though you may notice the first results within the first couple of weeks or first month, you’ll have to exercise for at least a couple more to see the real growth.

Phalogenics Alternatives

In general, if I had to choose between Phalogenics and its alternatives – I would go for the alternatives. Not all alternatives, however. From my experience, penis extenders work better and faster.

Also, they don’t require any manual labor, only putting it on. As I mentioned before, I saw some, yet very little improvement and didn’t finish the program. You can read more about penis extenders here.

However, one alternative you should never take is magical pills for penis growth. They don’t work and never will. Accept it and stop giving money to scammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Phalogenics that you’re curious about but might be too shy to ask.

What is Phalogenics?

Phalogenics is an innovative penis enlargement exercise program. Without using any additional tools or pumps men around the world are able to increase their penis in length and girth.

Phalogenics also helps to improve the shape of the penis, which means it is perfectly compatible with Peyronie’s disease.

As an outcome, many men claim to have benefited from a longer and bigger penis, increased sexual stamina, and boosted self-confidence.

How Phalogenics works?

Phalogenics works based on traction. By stretching your penis in certain ways you can cause forced cell division which results in an enlarged penis. In more scientific terms, it is called penile micro-trauma therapy.

The same method is used by various penis extenders. The only difference is that penis extenders do the job for you, while Phalogenics requires you to do the job yourself.

Does Phalogenics work?

Based on my personal experience and reviews collected online, Phalogenics does work, at least a little. While there is no fixed length you can expect your penis to grow, men around the world have reported an increase of penis length that varies from 0.5 to 3 inches.

However, the website of Phalogenics claims that you can reach even for additional inches in penile growth. Yet, there are men that experienced no growth at all.

Do I need any skills or additional tools to use it?

No, you don’t need any additional skills or tools. However, if you don’t have lube at home, be sure to get some. The program comes with detailed videos and instructions, so even if it’s your first time with such types of exercises, you shouldn’t face any issues.

However, if you feel like you need help at any time, Phalogenics provides excellent customer support that will answer your questions fast and in detail.

How can I speed up the process?

Even though naturally extending your penis requires some time and effort, you could actually be able to speed up the process.

To do so, you can consider getting a penis extender. It works in the same manner as Phalogenics does. The only difference is that an extender does the job for you and with Phalogenics, you’ll need to put in some manual labor.

Where can I buy Phalogenics?

The only place you can get Phalogenics is on their official website. If you wish to order a Phalogenics exercise program – click here.

Are there any alternatives to Phalogenics?

Yes, there are some great alternatives to Phalogenics. They’re called penis extenders. Even though most of them come with a bigger price tag, they come with other benefits.

When using a penis extender, you get all the jobs done for you. You simply put on the device and it does the workout for you. If you use the Phalogenics exercise program, you will have to do all the work yourself.

Also, if you want the fastest results, you can consider using a combination of both. If you are curious to know more about penis extenders and see top solutions in the market, here are my top recommendations.

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did not work for me so when i said i want my money back and stop the pimping all drugs told me it was just the oppi .yoursite of how you was selling it .locked me people suck i should report this better buisness as scam truth hurts

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