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Sleeve Length
8.7 in
22 cm
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3.5 cm
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Kiiroo Classic
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FeelSkyler Lo: Best So Far?

For the last couple of weeks, I was going on regular dates with Skyler Lo, well with FeelSkyler stroker to be more precise (special thanks to Kiiroo for the given opportunity).

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If you’re not familiar Skyler, let me give you a short intro. Skyler Lo has over 450k loyal Instagram followers and several constantly growing follower bases on more NSFW platforms. She’s known for her impressive curves, and passion for motorsports. Also, did I mention she’s super hot?

This gorgeous performer is the newest FeelStar and, in my humble opinion, might be one of the most successful ones.

FeelSkyler Benefits

If you’ve never owned a FeelStars stroker, take a look at this list of benefits that come with these male masturbators.

Body-Safe Materials

The sex toy market still has very few regulations. This means that a lot of unsafe toys made from toxic materials are circulating in the market. That’s why the responsibility of getting a non-toxic toy is actually in the hands of the consumer.

Kiiroo uses only body-safe materials that won’t cause any harm to you. The sleeves are made from high-quality TPE that feels similar to actual human skin.

Skyler Fantasy

When a sex toy is based on an actual human being, the whole experience is just that much more exciting and you can finally fulfill your fantasies of being with her.

Pro tip: put the sleeve into a sealable plastic container and put that container into a bowl full of warm water (around 104-108 F / 40-42 C). After a few minutes, the sleeve will warm up to a temperature that’s similar to the one of the human body. This significantly enhances the experience.

Also, don’t use microwaves, fans, or other tools that can raise the temperature of the sleeve significantly. This way you risk ruining the sleeve before you actually use it, or you could accidentally burn your skin. So, be mindful of your actions and don’t hurt yourself.

The Upgrades For Realistic Experience

The FeelSkyler stroker is compatible with Kiiroo KEON. If you’re not familiar with this device, it’s an automatic masturbator that supports VR and can work in sync with video content, so your Skyler Lo fantasy can become even more real. Not only that, the collection of FeelStars is constantly growing, therefore, you can always get additional strokers and create a completely new experience with KEON.

Discreet Packages

Bought or gifted, Kiiroo items always arrive in discreet packages that have no large brand logos that scream ‘attention, there is a sex toy inside’. The boxes are very basic and don’t attract any unwanted attention.

How She Feels?

skyler lo feelskyler texture

The FeelSkyler Lo stroker has an orifice that was sculpted to look exactly like Skyler’s luscious vaginal lips and a unique sleeve with 6 unique textures for you to enjoy.

Even though the textures in the sleeve change quickly, it is not difficult to differentiate them, especially if you start slowly. The textures are pronounced and exciting.

Since the stroker has a twisting cap on its bottom, you can control the intensity of the suction and go from very intense to a low intensity which is great if you wish to focus on the textures.

What I particularly liked about this sleeve is that it’s constructed in a very smart manner where all the small chambers and textures that change quickly are placed at the beginning of the sleeve, while the last third of the sleeve is not that diversified (texture-wise).

This means that there is no need to have a super long penis in order to experience Skyler Lo to the fullest. This is one of those rare strokers where one size can actually fit all (most, at least).

I can easily recommend FeelSkyler to anyone who is looking for their first masturbator, as well as those who already have some experience, yet are constantly looking for something new.

Skyler + KEON

If you’re familiar with my reviews, you already know what I’m going to say. Yes, FeelSkyler + KEON is better and more fun. The stroker helps unify all textures into one exciting symphony of pleasure.

You can go for simple strokes, draw a pattern on your smartphone (yes, you can do that with KEON), or go for interactive pleasure. Whichever you choose, it can’t go wrong, since Skyler Lo is THAT good, just like this automatic stroker.

Alternatives to FeelSkyler

While the FeelSkyler stroker is one of the best they’ve come up with so far, it does not necessarily mean that it is for everyone. If you feel like Skyler Lo stroker is not for you, you can consider several alternatives:

feelstars atlernatives

The FeelLauren Phillips and FeelVictoria June strokers are among my favorites and have a high user rating. Both have a great variety of unique textures and sensations.

However, if you wish to have a completely personalized solution, use the TechySex Comparison tool, enter your measurements to see expected penetration, and check out the heatmap of those sleeves to find the most/least intense areas of the sleeve.

What Comes With Skyler Lo Stroker?

In general, you have three options to choose from when you order the FeelSkyler Lo stroker:

  • Order only the stroker
  • Get a combo package of FeelSkyler + KEON + lube
  • Get a combo package of FeelSkyler stroker + KEON + lube + Original FeelStroker

When opting in for a combo deal, you will be saving at least 10% of what you would pay when buying those items separately. By using the links on our website, or the discount code TECHYSEX, you will be getting an additional 10% discount for those items, even if buying the stroker only.

First Stroker? Here’s What You Need To Know!

While a FeelStars Stroker is not a complicated device itself – there are several things you need to know:

  1. Never use the stroker without lube
  2. Hygiene is super important

If you don’t use lube with your stroker, you may end up breaking the sleeve or actually hurting yourself. As you probably remember from physics lessons – when two dry objects rub against each other, a lot of friction occurs. This friction can result in accidentally breaking the sleeve or hurting the sensitive skin of the penis. So, for your own sake, don’t ever consider ‘going in dry’.

After each use, you need to take the sleeve out of its case, clean and rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry before actually assembling it back together.

Internet is full of horror stories where people end up with actual mold inside their masturbators or stories of people who regret not cleaning properly and ending up with a nasty infection. So, don’t become another horror story on the internet. Cleaning takes a lot less time than curing an infection.

Final Words

The FeelSkyler Lo Stroker is the newest release from Kiiroo and I’m pretty sure it will be among the most successful ones. If you’re not familiar with this gorgeous lady – it’s time to take her (stroker) on an introduction date.

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Skyler Lo

Skyler Lo

Los Angeles, CA, USA
March 24, 1994 (30 y.o.)
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