How To Stay Harder Longer?

How To Stay Harder Longer?
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I’ve started writing this article three times in a row now. And each time I’ve stopped, stretched myself, and yawned because apparently, I’m a cat now. Well, that aside, this is an extremely dull season. The festivities are all over. And exactly when you wanted that break to last just a bit longer, it’s gone. Speaking of length, are you looking for tips that’ll help you learn how to stay harder longer? 

I might not have answers to why I want to go to sleep all the time, but I’ve got these tips. A simple Google search putting that title in the search bar would take you to so many results. Well then, what’s so special about this article of mine? Well firstly, this guide will also talk about stamina training with sex toys and penis rings, among other things.

And secondly, I understand you’re looking to keep an erection for a longer period of time not because you just simply need to. You don’t necessarily need to have erectile dysfunction (ED) to want to have a harder erection. Sometimes, a man is just curious about how things are – even when his penis is concerned. 

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

I saw so many search results that talked about getting an erection faster and keeping it longer…this isn’t a competition people. Take your time with the foreplay and get your erection when your body is aroused and ready. Trust me, this is so much better than artificially trying to conjure up an erection.

Also, some results talked about how to prevent ED before moving on to sharing tips and titbits. Well, as I said before, not everyone who wants a harder erection is dealing with some kind of problem. Just because you had trouble getting an erection once, or lost an erection twice doesn’t mean your penis is broken now.

And when I’m putting my two cents now, I’m not even taking age into consideration here. As you grow older the reasons for why your penis isn’t always behaving the way you want it to become manifolds, but not when you’re at your prime.

Some Basic Methods To Stay Harder Longer

There’s just so much pressure on a man – in his prime or otherwise – at times that the penis tends to get a bit temperamental. That’s why it’s a good habit to try and look articles like these up, even when you’re not facing any problems. It keeps you informed about your body. And tells you what to do if, at certain times, your body doesn’t cooperate.

So, take your time with your erection if you must. Worry not if you’re losing it every once in a while. But follow one of these methods – or all – and your erections will be healthy, strong and of course, will stay longer.

A Penis Ring To Maintain Erections

A penis ring, more colloquially called a cock ring, can help maintain an erection pretty well. You must already know how a man gets his erection. Just to recap, all the blood in your body flows to the nether regions and fills the spongy tissue inside your penis. This stored blood is the reason for your erections. 

A penis ring prevents that stored blood from flowing out. This helps maintain the erection for a longer period of time. Also, do you know what venous leakage is? This is when the blood has no trouble flowing into the penis – here’s your erection – but it has trouble staying inside the penis. 

During a venous leakage, you constantly get an erection and lose it simultaneously. A penis ring can help with this as well. Just slip on the penis ring when you’re starting to get aroused and let it take care of the rest.

There are actually multiple options to choose from when it comes to penis rings. Besides the regular solid penis rings, there are adjustable rings or ties, vibrating cock rings, and penis rings even made of stainless steel! Be sure to check for the size – the ring must be snug but not too tight – when you consider buying a penis ring and you’re set!

Exercise Your Kegels for a Stronger Erection

There are at least two articles on this website itself that explain how necessary Kegels are – both to your sexual and general well-being. Exercising Kegels is like providing rehabilitation to your pelvic floor muscles. The erectile nerves in the penis get just the right amount of stretch with Kegels. If you follow what I’m saying, this erectile nerve has a lot to do with your erections.

But be aware that you don’t see the results right away with Kegels. Incorporate doing a few sets every day – just work it in your daily routine – and you’ll see the results appear gradually. Check out our other articles to know more about the correct techniques of exercising your Kegels!

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Didn’t I say right at the beginning, that reading up articles such as this is always a good idea? Along with improving your penis health, almost always these articles talk about improving your overall health because it’s all connected. After all, the penis is a part of you. Along with a healthy brain, a healthy penis also resides in a healthy body.

Erections work with the help of the blood in your body and how this blood is flowing around. So firstly, what you need is proper exercise. Some walking or jogging ought to do it…and then maybe you can move on to some weight training. Getting your cardio done helps get that lifeblood to circulate throughout your body right after being nicely pumped out of your heart. And ah, the good old heart. Your heart not only needs daily exercise but a balanced diet to go with it.

There are some specific food items that are beneficial both for your heart and your penis. Don’t be too surprised, both these organs love swimming in blood. It’s only natural they shared a common love for the same kind of food. Anyway, this diet is called the Mediterranean diet. And it includes all the good fats containing items like nuts and olive oil along with red wine. Other than this, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains also make up a balanced diet.

Let’s Move On To The More Advanced Stamina Training Sex Toys

fleshlight stu banner

You must have heard about the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)? If you haven’t, there’s a brilliant toy in town everyone wants to play with. You can read a review of the Fleshlight STU I made to learn all about my experience with it. There are some other counterparts in the market to this particularly sex toy, but talking about one of them should give you an idea about what these toys are like.

So technically, these sex toys are Fleshlights. A fleshlight is something that mimics a female vagina – with a protruding vulva and everything – and it comes in a cylindrical container. It’s called a pocket pussy, however, it all started from the brand Fleshlight, I think because the whole package looks like it could have been a flashlight if not for the whole protruding vagina part. It’s also complete with a cap and everything – just like a flashlight.

Anyway, so what’s so special about a Fleshlight STU? This particular sex toy helps train you to enhance your sexual stamina. Here’s how it does it: this Fleshlight can completely feel like the insides of a woman. So this means, you get to practice improving your stamina, as if you’re with a woman, while you’re using this Fleshlight. All you need to do is thrust your penis into this Fleshlight and its intense texture will take care of the rest. At first, it may be difficult not to ejaculate within minutes but with some training, it will answer the question of how to stay harder longer.

Most of the reviews written by other men online talk about the same: how this Fleshlight has made the users orgasm in under a minute or two. Then through gradual practice, they’ve learned to control their orgasms. This Fleshlight, therefore, helps you maintain your erections for a longer period of time by delaying your orgasms. You use the Fleshlight STU and with time, learn how to delay orgasms!

Some Other Things To Consider

You might find this interesting to note that coffee might help to get better erections. Although, I wouldn’t recommend downing more than 2 cups a day – at most 3, including your cup of morning coffee. It might help with erections but wouldn’t do much for a healthy amount of beauty sleep for you. Also, cigarettes, on the other hand, are a strict no-no.

Getting plenty of sleep is also important. Did you know your night boners aren’t just for fun? Your body sends the rich oxygenated blood to your penis during these erections – and this process is incomplete if you aren’t getting enough sleep. A good night’s sleep helps recharge and nourish your penis and keep it healthy!


At times, even thrusting hard into your partner’s pubic bone can damage your penis. The point is, you can never be too careful when it comes to a man’s penis. As I keep saying, the whole system is delicate. A lot of us start worrying after one bad night. Thinking it’s early signs of losing a great erection forever is not what you should do.

What you should do is eat healthy, exercise, wear a penis ring when needed…and if in the mood for some fun, buy yourself a Fleshlight and start training to build your stamina!

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