How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently?

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently?
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Tired of not being able to get it up? Keep asking yourself how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently to get rid of it once and for all? Well, you’re not the only one. Many men struggle with Erectile Dysfunction on a daily basis and there’s no shame in having troubles. Even healthy men occasionally can’t get it up. Here’s a story I would like to share with you.

There was this girl I liked. We went on a trip together once and somehow, ended up in bed. Boy was I lucky that night. So there she was, the cutest girl I ever met, totally into me – I still don’t know how that happened – and I was all ready… pleased and all ready to please, except, my body wouldn’t cooperate. It just wouldn’t. Erectile dysfunction is a pain in the rear but in situations such as these, it’s unbearable.

I might not have let this little glitch stop me from having a great night – because hey, sex is a lot more than just penetration – but the episode made me wonder…do I actually have erectile dysfunction? Now, I of course knew that there was nothing wrong down there. This lack of cooperation hadn’t happened before. But as a man who keeps reading and researching topics on sexual health and wellbeing, I knew this wasn’t a good sign.

The whole thing made me wonder, was I on the verge of becoming someone with erectile dysfunction? Once I got home, I found out what exactly causes ED (let’s just call it ED from now on) through some research. And apparently, ED is caused by factors both physical and mental. So for me, it must have been the pressure. Or, I found an article where condoms can actually cause your penis to go flaccid…hmm, interesting.

So of course, I just had to write this article. The problem with men is they don’t talk to each other. Really, not everyone has a group of friends like mine who begin regular conversations with sentences like, “so my dick won’t get up the other day”, or “I think I have ED”, even how to cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally and permanently “. I lucked out in that area. My momentary problems with ED were discussed and now I know what to do in situations similar to these. Read on then, all my knowledge is yours to have.

What Exactly Is Erectile Dysfunction?

To know how to cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally and permanently, we first need to figure out what kind of ED you’ve got. So, sit down and think why is it that your performance was a bit unfavorable for you that one time. 

Before moving forward, just a quick recap for you: ED is when you have trouble getting an erection. This doesn’t necessarily mean that when you have ED you don’t get an erection at all. You get erections but they either don’t last long or you get regular erections just fine except that one, or few, times when your body decides ‘not today.’

At times, you start experiencing ED due to various factors – this is what this article will deal with – and how to cure them. Medically diagnosed ED is severe. This is when you can’t get erections at all and need prescribed pills or therapy. 

It’s important to remember that you should never take over-the-counter or non-prescribed pills for ED. Some pills claim to enhance your performance but can have harmful ingredients. Taking these may cause serious side effects. Once you’ve decided why you’re facing the problem of ED or to what extent you need help, it’ll be easier to prevent it.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

This is where things start to get interesting. You’d think the male sexual system was quite easy to understand – arousal, erection, and ejaculation – simple, right? Wrong. This whole male reproductive (or sexual, based on the need of the hour) system is quite intricately delicate. One process is linked to another and the whole thing goes back to the big brother above. No, not God, your brain.

Your brain regulates how much hormone will be secreted. Your brain decides when it’s time for the erection – it guides all that blood to your nether regions so that you can have your fantastic erection. And your brain decides whether you’ll have an orgasm. There have been times when you’re all ready to give it to her, or him, but there’s no juice. This is followed by or happens after you lose your erection. Chances are, there is some psychological issue that’s stopping you from attaining the Big O.

Well, of course, your body plays an important part in all of this as well. There could be a problem in your nerves, muscles, or blood vessels as well. This is why we don’t self-diagnose. If you think your ED is severe and prolonged, it’s time to visit a medical professional. ED also affects your sexual desire and stamina. Read on to find out how you can check your ED and in due time.

The Physical Causes Behind ED

It could honestly be anything – starting from tobacco use to Parkinson’s disease. But more or less, ED goes back to the kind of lifestyle you lead. High cholesterol and obesity have an impact on your body and your overall performance. Alcoholism is another issue that affects a man’s sexual desire and performance. Moreover, lack of sleep could be another reason why you’re just not feeling it in bed.

Besides your lifestyle, comorbidity could be a reason why you’re unable to perform the way you’d like to. Diabetes and heart diseases top the list. Atherosclerosis or the clogging of the artery walls of your heart due to build-up will definitely make you pant more than you want to – and not in a good way. These conditions can be cured or managed with professional help only.

At times you might not be aware of your comorbidity. Add this to the reasons why you shouldn’t be putting any unprescribed medicine in your body. Some unregulated ingredient in any one of those male enhancement pills might just do you over. I’m not kidding, always visit a doctor before you decide to administer any kind of pills in your body. 

One more physical factor contributing to ED is Peyronie’s disease. This condition is when your penis has an unnatural curve and causes pain, irritation, and a natural tendency to just want to yank it off. Sorry, that last one is only when you get frustrated. Peyronie’s disease isn’t when there’s a simple, completely natural curve to your penis but a drastic U-shaped apparition.

High blood pressure, certain surgeries, low testosterone levels in your body – all of these are physical causes of ED. Enlarged prostate or treatment for prostate cancer or any subsequent treatments also might dampen your sex life for a bit. But none of these physical conditions are permanent. These are manageable with diet or lifestyle changes and a little help from your doctors.

The Mental or Psychological Causes Behind ED

It’s no secret that when the body is unhappy, the mind certainly will be. So, there’s a chance that the answer to how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently could be as simple as ‘reduce stress’. Let’s say you have any one of the above-mentioned physical factors causing ED, your brain automatically will refuse to accept it’s temporary. We, humans, have a weird tendency to always assume the worst. That’s why I have been mentioning over and over that all you need is some help and you’ll be good to go again in no time.

Now, besides the physical factors, there are also some psychological factors that need to be taken into consideration. I knew someone who could go on for an abnormally long period of time without an orgasm. It sounds like he had hit the jackpot but trust me, it isn’t that – it’s like when you take a long hike but at the top, clouds bar your view. And this happened every single time he had sex with someone he was randomly hooking up with. 

We actually sat down to talk about it and apparently, every single time he got intimate with someone he knew or liked, he would orgasm in a perfectly good time span. Our brains are complicated that way. Cyclical or clinical depression can also lead to the lowering of your libido. Anxiety (including performance anxiety – this happened to your good man here) and day-to-day stress can make your junior want to just not rise to the occasion.

your mind effects your erections

Another mental aspect is how your relationship is with your partner. Are you two talking enough? Are the communication lines open? Do you actually want to have sex or are you doing it just for the sake of it? It’s time you sat down and thought about this. If you’re experiencing temporary ED, as I said, chances are your mind is just not into it. 

Low self-esteem or embarrassment due to anything at all – you have qualms about how big you are or how good you are – can all add up to give you ED. And once you fall prey to this pattern, losing your erection becomes a second habit. The pressure of, at times, getting your partner pregnant can be huge. This could be affecting you and your performance immensely. 

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured Naturally?

Since ED can be caused both by physical and psychological problems, it’s important to uncover the exact problem for proper treatment or prevention. The cause behind your ED actually defines whether it can actually be cured naturally. The physical causes can be prevented or cured with medication and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The only cure to prevent ED when you have psychological issues is to first identify it. And then you can move ahead to talk it out with yourself or your partner. The last step would be to ask for help and accept it. Once the root cause has been taken care of and is gone, so will your ED.

When you start experiencing ED on a regular basis, be sure to visit a doctor. There might be some underlying cause you’re unaware of. Your ED might also be the result of both physical and psychological issues. In that case, identify the problem and move ahead to solve it. 

So, the answer to how to cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally and permanently strongly depends on the cause behind it. So, if you manage to discover the problem that’s causing it, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get rid of it for good.

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