Butt Plugs And All You Need To Know About These Bad Boys

Butt Plugs And All You Need To Know About These Bad Boys
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There has been this burning question in some of our minds on at least one occasion or the other: if I’m a beginner, should I get an anal dildo or several butt plugs? Both a butt plug and an anal dildo are used for sexual stimulation of the anal cavity. Ah, but many people tend to choose the anal dildo for themselves over any other sex toy for the butt. This is because dildos can double up as both an anal dildo and a dildo to be used in the vagina as well…so then why do we need a butt plug at all? 

The answer is, we need a butt plug because there are some things that a butt plug does and an anal dildo can’t compete with it. Contrary to countless opinions, any sex toy that could be used in the butt isn’t just similar to the next one. When you go about choosing a sex toy for anal stimulation, you don’t just check the size and the price. If you’ve been doing just that, this article is a must-read for you. A lot of factors go into choosing your sex toy other than the size or price.

This article will specifically talk about butt plugs. Check out our articles on anal dildos and also anal beads if you’re interested in them. This way, after you’ve informed yourself of most of the types of sex toys there are for your butt, you can get the best possible anal experience yourself!

What Are Butt Plugs And How Are They Any Different From The Rest Of All?

Firstly, butt plugs are smaller in size than an anal dildo. And secondly, butt plugs come with a wider base… this is for good reason, but hold on a minute, we’re getting there. Before we move too far ahead, I’m going to assume you know nothing about butt plugs or what they are and start with the basics.

So, Jon Snow of anal sex (sorry), a butt plug is typically a rather small sex toy that can be inserted into the rectum. We do this, obviously, for sexual pleasure. Remember how I said above that butt plugs do certain things that anal dildos can’t? Well, here it is – you can leave a butt plug inside you because of how it’s made for as long as you want to. Can’t do that with an anal dildo.

Some anal dildos might come with a handle but they’re not very discreet. And there’s always a chance they’ll be uncomfortable when you walk or sit down. Butt plugs are specially designed to be discreetly inside you without causing you any trouble. Additionally, butt plugs are extremely smooth and cause no damage to your rectum. Although, this doesn’t mean you can go easy on the lube. We should absolutely use lube like it was given for free with the sex toys.

How Did Te Amazing Butt Plugs Came To Be?

Storytime: The History Of Butt Plugs (insert triumphant music here)! And some really interesting stories sure have been found centered among butt plugs. This article, for example, talks about how it was believed that anal penetration could cure insanity.

And you know what, I have my own theory about this whole curing business. I think this Dr. Young (read the article above, I beg you) was a really smart person who loved all things anal. Now, since he loved anal sex but knew people might have frowned if they found out how much…he just said these primitive butt plugs would cure anything and everything. Wonderful marketing strategy, wouldn’t you say?

People could just buy these sex toys and if asked about it, say they have insomnia or something. Really, Dr. Young was just doing everyone a favor – I mean, just look at those sizes! 

And these anal dilators are not even the very first butt plugs. They used ginger for figging in ancient times! It was then used for punishment but erotic pleasures sure did find their way there as well. And so little by little, evolved the raw ginger into the modern butt plug.

Some Butt Plugs You Could Look At Or Get For Yourself

Point one to consider when you’re buying a butt plug is the size mentioned in the description is of the diameter and not the length of the butt plug. The length is usually just a few inches. Their shapes are commonly round which narrows down towards the handle – this shape prevents the butt plug from either sliding in too deep or slipping out of your rectum. Moreover, the muscles in your sphincter will help hold it in place.

So now, let’s look at some butt plugs. Even if you’re not planning to buy one right away, it’s always advised to look at some options and see what’s out there!

doc johnson butt pluggs
  • Doc Johnson Trainer Set: This is the perfect silicone made trainer butt plug set for beginners! With three sizes – 3, 4 and 5 inches – you can always start with a smaller size. The handle is also quite gripping and there will be no problem with discretion. This butt plug is something that is recommended to both beginners and people who have had some experience but wouldn’t mind a smaller size every once in a while.
tango butt plug
  • Tango Butt Plug: This is a premium butt plug from Tango! They are determined to bring all the limelight to butt plugs – which they rightly deserve. It is sleek, and of a more advanced size than that of the novice beginner. Although, with some lube, it might just be of the perfect size! This will make a great addition to your anal sex toy collection!
  • njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Butt Plug: This butt plug is for the more advanced users. It’s not only of a bigger diameter (about 4 inches) but is made of stainless steel! It gives you a real hard and smooth feel in your rectum – this sex toy will satisfy all your hard cravings. It’s smooth, really easy to clean and comes in a deluxe box. You can also add some temperature play into the picture…now that surely would be true luxury! 
unbound shimmy plug
  • Shimmy Vibrating Plug: This one vibrates…shall I say more? It has 5 vibrating patterns and 5 speeds with being USB rechargeable. On top of that, it’s also waterproof! Oh, and you can also use this butt plug as a clitoris stimulator!

But keep in mind not the mix and match. This means, remember to never put any sex toy in the vagina after it has been in the anus. There’s just too much bacteria in your rectum that you don’t want in your vagina, just trust me on this.

There are some great options out there, but this option is just for fun! I mean, I just had to include it.

Safety Tips

You might want to consider covering the butt plug with a condom. This will help clean it if you’re a beginner… because let’s face it, there will be some feces involved. Other than that, it’s more hygiene to cover any anal sex toy with condoms. 

Also, never share your sex toys with anyone else – even if you’ve cleaned them thoroughly. This helps prevent STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and keep you and your partner(s) safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Butt Plugs

Have any questions about butt plugs? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer them!

How long can I leave a butt plug inside me?

Ideally, not more than two or at the most, three hours. A butt plug, if left too long in your rectum, can cause tears in the sphincter muscles. Rectal failure – meaning troubles with removing the ahem, waste, from your body or even bleeding – can also occur. And most importantly, leaving a butt plug in your body for too long can lead to detachment of the handle. This leads to the sucking up of the butt plug as the rectal muscles might contract. Ultimately, this will lead to colon obstruction.

What if a butt plug (or any sex toy) gets stuck inside my rectum?

Well, to begin with… What were you thinking when you shoved up that sleek and handle-less object up your ass? Things that get stuck, or might do so or even slightly have a chance of doing so, most absolutely have to be removed by a medical professional. My advice is, don’t use them. But if you have, in fact, used them, and if they’re stuck, do yourself a favor and don’t dive in with a pair of pinchers or whatever you think will do the job and get that object out. Medical extraction is strictly advised to retrieve the stuck object.

Your rectum is extremely sensitive and must be dealt with delicately. If not done so, there can be permanent damage to the sensitive nerve endings down there. This is why we use lube generously and choose our anal sex toys wisely. These days my back hurts all the time. But does that stop me from writing these articles for you? No, it doesn’t. So, you know what you should do? You should listen to me and load up on that bottle of lube…and when your butt is concerned, stay away from forceps of any kind.

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