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Electrical Play
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At times, I don’t follow my own advice. This week, for instance, I ignored it blatantly. I always keep telling everyone – in my articles and otherwise – to research extensively before doing anything to your body. This research must include reading articles, talking to people, and finding out the most you can about the area of interest. Whatever may this area be, either getting a tattoo or electrical play.

Well, needless to say, I woke up this Sunday morning with the urge to get inked. And off I went to the nearest tattoo parlor I could find. After 20, not so excruciating, minutes had passed I had a little black tattoo of my own. I won’t lie, getting a tattoo wasn’t all that painful. Maybe it was just that this body part isn’t supposed to hurt much when drilled on with a needle. Or maybe I just have thick skin.

Anyway, when the deed was done there came the realization that I know nothing about the aftercare of getting a tattoo. I didn’t know anything – what to apply, what to wear, how long to keep the tattooed part out of water or the sun, or what else? – talk about being a deer caught in the headlights. 

Before you shop…

So, if you’re considering electrical play and haven’t really bought one of those neon wands yet, this is the right time for you to read on and load up on knowledge to see what all this is about. Ever since this Sunday I’ve been reading up and researching. All this, and specifically the sound that the tattoo gun made, took me to electrical play. 

It might sound unusual to you, but even while I was sitting on that chair, getting inked, I thought of all those toys that have applications of electricity on the human body. Naturally, I meander a lot with my thoughts, even when I’m reading. It’s quite usual for me to be one moment looking at ‘what not to eat while your tattoo is healing’ to another moment looking at ‘how fun and exciting a violet wand can be’!

As spontaneous as my decision of getting a tattoo might have been, at the end of the day I am a kinkster and a sex enthusiast! So I shall cease talking about my impromptu tattoo and start telling you all I’ve learned about electrical play!

What Is It And Why Do People Indulge In Electrical Play?

Most articles I found online talked of instances where people would just point at an electric toy and ask what it was. This is also almost always followed by shocked expressions and a question – why would anyone want to use it? My friends have told me stories about how accidentally touching a faulty switch has turned them on instead of the light…so there could be reasons enough.

But before that, what is electrical play? Do we all hold forks and line up near the sockets in our underwear? Not exactly. Electrical play is a BDSM play where people use electricity to stimulate themself – often sexually but like any other BDSM play can also be non-sexual. There are no open wires involved either. But wands like the neon wand and the violet wand are very much part of this stimulation.

Basically, electrical play is using electricity to create different sensations in your body. This isn’t sheer electrocution or shock therapy but simply electrosex – when indulged in sexually. You will not fry your private bits while indulging in electrical play. Some information about the sex toys involved is provided in the next section.

Sexual or otherwise, electrical play is just playing with static electricity to create shock-like effects using the aforementioned neon or violet wands. Or, also causing involuntary muscle contractions in the human body using the electricity that’s already inside – TENS units come in handy for that to happen.

What are neon wands?

To begin with, neon wands can be intimidating to look at. When I first laid my eyes on one I marveled at how complicated it looked to me. But of course, with some basic information about these sex toys, they are extremely easy to operate. Neon wands can be perfect for beginners for this very reason. 

The neon wand comes with a power cord and usually also a complete set of other tools for static electrical play. This includes an electrode comb, an electrode probe, and an electrode mushroom and tongue tube.

As a kid, I’d rub my comb over and over a satin pillow and take it over to my head. Watching my hair stand up due to the static electricity used to thrill me to no extent! A neon wand is something similar, if not exciting. Only, remember to make sure you go from the lowest intensity to the higher ones before you plug in the wand. 

There’s usually a spin dial you can operate to choose the settings you prefer. A neon wand uses electricity to create ‘shocking’ sensations to pleasure you. Now, this is what I call a good use of static electricity! A neon wand is actually a good way to get yourself started on the electrical play.

What’s a violet wand?

Also using static electricity, this wand can go from tame to the extreme in no time at all! You can experience a wide range of sensations after plugging this device in. The base handle can be plugged into an outlet while the attachments – made of metal or glass – carry on providing you with wild sensations.

You can find yourself a good violet wand in any sex shop. You can also find older models of these sexually and electrically charged toys in curiosity or oddity shops. Yes, there’s a peculiar history about these wands. Apparently, they cured everything – from baldness to cancer. Although, their modern-day use is satisfactorily limited to being used for electrical play.

The range of the violet wand is a little more than the neon wand – many would say it’s the feeling of warm champagne bubbling on your skin. This is what makes it a great fit for both beginners and advanced users. Although the violet wand does not usually come with optional accessories as the neon wand does. You can learn more about them here.

TENS: What is it?

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) can actually provide you with an infinite palette of sensations! Although used for BDSM pain play, using them can also be painless if that’s what you prefer. TENS are also extremely easy to use – don’t let the thoughts of operating electrical machinery rattle you!

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS was originally invented to treat mentally ill patients in the 70s. Using it would usually alleviate any nerve or muscle pains. The design consists of a pair of electrode pads that you attach to your body and a power box to control the flow of electrical current.

How it works is that you place each pad a few inches apart on your body. Then you let the electricity flow from one pad to another. This flow of electricity is what supposedly alleviates any pain in that particular area of your body. Putting these pads on your genitals can feel more amazing than you can imagine. 

You obviously have different settings for speed and the like. And ah, you can attach these to any sex toy at all to enjoy double stimulation – both what the sex toy is for mixed with electric stimulation! You can know more about TENS units here!

Why are so many people into it?

I thought getting a tattoo would hurt. It didn’t. I mean, I could understand the needle was on my skin…and I could hear the sound of the tattoo gun buzzing. But before I could actually feel the pain – you know how people say it hurts a lot to get a tattoo? I’ve actually heard grown men say this – but before I could register that pain I’d grown up hearing about, it was over.

Electrical play is sort of similar. No wonder this whole getting a tattoo business reminded me of it. You think it’s something scary, and it probably is to some people, but because you want to experience it so badly you take a chance and go for it…only to realize that the whole experience wasn’t so bad after all. And once you start to like it, it soon becomes a part of your lifestyle!

What Happens To Your Body During Electrical Play?

The electric wand gives your skin a prickly tingly feeling, obviously. Your hair might stand up at times. And you might get little shocks without realizing that was to happen – that’s electricity for you! But it also makes you feel adventurous! Isn’t that what BDSM is all about? 

Static electricity can be direct at times though, like a sudden shot of electricity running through your body! If you remember what used to happen when you accidentally peed on a fence or maybe got a fork stuck in a toaster, this feeling can be quite similar. Except it won’t be sudden and you’d be controlling how much electricity passes through your body. 

This feeling can be quite exhilarating. The function of electrical play is to make your muscles spasm and at times involuntarily as well. The muscle contractions go in and out in pulsating waves… It’s exciting and doesn’t really hurt. It indeed is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Safety Precautions You Should Consider Taking

I would like to start off the safety precautions by saying that pregnant women should not be using either the neon wand or the violet wand. And don’t even think about TENS. The same goes for people with heart conditions or anyone with a pacemaker inside them. Electrical stimulation can mess with the settings of any other medical implants inside your body as well and you do not want that to happen.

Other things to consider are that no flammable liquids or gasses or flammable materials should be in the vicinity of electrical play gadgets. Also, do not use these gadgets anywhere near your face – and by face I mean the face and the eyes. 

One more thing to be wary of is metals. Metals really are extremely good conductors of electricity. So you’ve got to, and you must, remove all metals from your body. Go one step ahead and remove the electrical watches as well. All the jewelry, piercings, and other electrical devices should also be taken off while engaging in electrical play.

And most importantly, don’t ever mix electricity with water. Don’t engage in electrical play when you’re wet. Don’t use any electronic stimulator when it’s even slightly wet. And always use the gadgets externally, not internally, for the best ever experience!

Tips For Electrical Play!

Always, as a rule, start from the lowest settings and move up the speed. Some of the parts on your skin might be more sensitive than you can imagine, so be sure to check how you feel with the gadgets on a lower setting first. If you want to, mix and match the speed – high intensity on the stomach but a softer speed when it comes to the inner thighs. 

If the lowest setting feels too sensitive for your skin, use a thin piece of clothing as a buffer between the gadgets and your skin. This will allow you to experience electrical stimulation as well as enjoy the sensation. Make sure though, the fabric you’re using is thin and light!

Move around the gadgets throughout your body. The wands can be moved around every 10 or 15 seconds. The TENS can be repositioned after every stimulation. Do give the safety pamphlet a read when you get your hands on any one of the gadgets.

Electric Play is considered fairly safe, versatile and has made its way into many public BDSM parties as well. Just remember to take the safety precautions properly and keep the tips on your mind and you’re all set for those muscular throbbings… vibrations… and all that buzzing!

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