Wax Play Is For Everyone!

Wax Play Is For Everyone!
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Whether you’re a person who considers vanilla to be the only flavor in the bedroom or someone who always looks for the next adventure, wax play is for you. It’s always a good thing when it starts to get a little hot in the bedroom. With wax play, that happens quite literally…And guess what, you can get yourself vanilla-scented candles as well.

I’ve had the good fortune and pleasure to be a part of a wax play session myself. Although the session I witnessed wasn’t sexual. That’s what is fun about BDSM plays – they can be both sexual and non-sexual. Wax play, because there’s a little pain involved here, can be practiced solely between a Dom and a sub as a part of their power dynamics.

Many people get aroused by pouring hot wax on their bodies. Many people do it for aesthetic reasons – this was my case, as my partner then wanted me to look at the intricate patterns wax can make on someone’s body. And many people participate in wax play because they love the amalgamation of pain and pleasure!

This article will cover all the aspects related to wax play, be it sexual or otherwise. You’ll find out what it is, how to safely indulge in it, and some fun ways to practice it as well! Because wax play involves fire, it’s often also considered an edge play. But it can be practiced by everyone quite safely if you only pay some attention to what you’re doing. 

What Is Wax Play And Will I Enjoy It?

Wax play is basically pouring hot wax over yourself or your partner’s body. Now, why would someone be interested in it? The reasons are various, as already mentioned above. But what makes wax play most intriguing – and most sought after edge play – is how easy it is to practice it.

Believe it when I say that wax play comes naturally to many people. Many of my friends have confessed that as a child they have put a finger or two in the hot molten wax on the rim of a candle whenever they’ve spotted one burning. Wax play comes inherently to many people. And it’s both interesting and arousing to play with the same melted wax as an adult.

Moreover, it’s also the most convenient of all BDSM plays. All you need is a good candle and you’re all set to go. If you try it once, chances are you’ll end up enjoying it more than you think was possible. It’s always fun to try something thrilling in the bedroom! And if you’re looking to be a little naughty, wax play is where you should begin.

Choosing The Candle

candle wax

It’s important you choose your candle wisely because the type of wax used to make the candles matter a lot. Pick body-safe candles for wax play. Always read the ingredients that have gone into making the wax. And be sure to check for allergies. Besides, what you need to avoid are candles made of beeswax. These candles burn really hot and have a chance to burn the skin.

  • A good thing would be to focus on the candles that are made from Shea butter or soy. These candles are specifically made for the body. You can also pick a candle made of paraffin if your tolerance for pain is a little higher than most. Soy candles are the best options for people with sensitive skin as they’re made from soybeans and don’t irritate the skin much.
  • As a beginner, you can ditch actual wax candles altogether and choose to play with massage oil candles. The difference is that massage oil candles melt to give you a consistent fluid as a remnant. The fluid doesn’t harden like in the case of wax candles. This way, you get to engage only in a kind of wax play. 

With massage oil candles, you feel the hot liquid pouring over your body but don’t have to deal with any accidental burns. Using massage oil candles can lead to a happy ending massage as well! This is because there’s just no mess to clean up after the play. You don’t get the grainier, harder feel of the wax but it’s a more sensual kind of wax play.

Some Tips To Practice Wax Play

Now that you know you’re interested in wax play, and have pretty much ordered all the candles you think are suitable for you…how about some tips on what to do with them? Sure, buying the candles, lighting them up, and pouring the wax on your body seems simple enough. 

But let me tell you how you can make the most of your wax play session! Even some great candles (like these) can end up giving you burns if you don’t know the right way to engage in wax play. So, let’s look at some things to remember!

Lit candles and glass containers don’t go well together.

If you’re using a candle that’s inside a glass container, make sure you blow the flame so the candle isn’t lit during your wax play session. If the flame is lit, chances are your candle will be much hotter than necessary to hold. You could end up dropping it or seriously burning yourself. 

Moreover, the glass might just break with excess heat and nobody wants that. Let the candle burn to melt the wax, and when you’re ready to drip wax all over your body, simply blow the candle out.

Open wounds are no-go areas.

Although body-safe wax is safe everywhere on the skin, open wounds and the openings in your body are restricted areas…even for body-safe wax. Make sure to cover your wounds before engaging in wax play. 

Also, prep your body with oil before you start your wax play session. Oiling your body helps make the removal of cold and dried wax later easier.

Testing the candle is important

Even though your excitement is ample but don’t lose sight of the necessities in the rush. Be it wax or bleach or hair removal creams, you must always try it out on a small section of your body first before letting your arms, face, or the entire length of skin have it all. You must test out the wax on your arm or your palm first, and then the inner thighs to see if your skin is fine. 

Sensitive skin might need sensitive candles! Try something like this particular candle. And always go from less sensitive areas to more sensitive ones. Your tolerance for pain might be much more or even less than your partner’s. You’ll find out the differences by testing out the candles first.

Learning to use the candle well

When you’re pouring hot wax on your body, what you have to pay attention to besides the type of wax is the height you’re pouring the wax from. It’s ideal to keep the candle at least 6 inches away from your body. This helps avoid burns during wax play.

If you want a hotter (quite literally) experience, bring the candle closer. If you want to take things slow – this might be your first time doing it – take the candle away from your body. Increasing the distance helps cool down the wax before contact.

Also, you must go really slow. Trying to empty out the contents on your skin too fast can result in a lot of hot molten wax falling on one particular part of your body. Or chunks of hot wax might fall on your body as well – this can happen at any height. Both of these will result in serious burns and should be avoided by going slow.

Safety Precautions To Consider

safety precautions

Even though you’re not exactly coming in contact with fire, you are dealing with it. Therefore, you need to keep some safety guidelines in mind. 

  • Keeping a fire extinguisher at hand is advised. God forbid if a lit candle fell on the bed sheet or the tablecloth or even if your hair catches fire by mistake, that fire extinguisher would be extremely handy. Make sure your lingerie, bedsheets and curtains – basically anything flammable at all – are tucked safely away from any kind of flame.
  • Other than that, you must keep a lukewarm cloth – a cloth soaked in hot or lukewarm water – near you. This will help in case of burns due to the hot wax. Remember that you should not use cold water on burns because that sends your system to shock. Use this cloth or simply use some warm water in case of accidental burns.
  • A first aid kid is also required, in case of emergencies. Burn and fire preventive precautions would also include having access to ample amounts of water during wax play. Keep a bottle of water handy or the bathtub filled…up to you, really.

Additional safety precautions to consider before engaging in wax play would be making sure the clean-up process is smooth. The receiver (sub or the bottom) would be lying down on the bed or the floor or sitting on a chair. Make sure that the surface is covered with towels or plastic to prevent any mess that could be hard to clean up later.

Learn The Basics Of Wax Play Aftercare

During wax play, the aftercare can be a little interesting as well. Apart from the hugs, cuddles, and making sure both of you have drank enough water, peeling the wax off of each other’s or your sub’s or bottom’s body is also part of aftercare. Now, you could either do it gently. After the wax has cooled off, you can pull it slowly and not too hard. Or, you could do just the opposite.

If it’s requested of you to be fast and hard while pulling the wax off, that’s a preference you must respect as well. The pain one receives during the peeling of this cold wax then becomes part of wax play. In this case, what you have to do is keep some lotion handy. Also, use a cold cloth (cloth soaked in cold water) on the skin to soothe it before applying either some ointment or some lotion to further make sure the skin isn’t damaged.

Keep a loofah handy to scrub out wax or a butter knife to scrape it off as wax can be pretty stubborn to remove once it’s hard. If you have body hair, it’s advised to shave before engaging in any kind of wax play. Oh, and make sure you don’t clean up in the bathroom, for you don’t want your drains to be clogged. Just dispose of the wax by throwing it in the dustbin.

To Conclude…

It can be thrilling to experience something new with your partner. You unlock new levels of intimacy by experiencing something new with them. And engaging in each other’s kinks make you trust each other more. Wax play is the perfect mixture of risk and thrill!

You can go ahead and add other BDSM elements to wax play to make it more fun! Even introduce sex toys if you want. And don’t be afraid to make shapes and patterns with the wax…because isn’t that what playing all about? Use a paintbrush, or simply your fingers!

If you follow the tips, and the safety precautions, and take proper aftercare, wax play could be something extremely enjoyable for the both (or more?) of you!

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