Nylon Fetish: Silky, Smooth, And A Sexual Dynamite

Nylon Fetish: Silky, Smooth, And A Sexual Dynamite
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I have mixed feelings about nylon. They marked the start of the synthetic age. And more or less, nylon is the reason behind why we are so dependent on plastic. I know that when nylon first came to be, it was hailed as a working woman’s symbol of independence and what not. But now, not many people are into this fabric… unless they have a nylon fetish.

Stockings are not really sexy anymore. They bind, they constrict and if we move along with what all the organic lovers are saying, it’s neither good for your skin nor the environment. But nylon fetish is a different thing altogether. That’s why even with my mixed feelings, this is something I think is worth exploring. 

Stockings, thin ropes, and other apparel might be the reason for arousal for many people…and you might be one of them. I like sexy lingerie just as much as the next person. But nylon fetish is more than just loving how your partner looks in a pair of black tights. Foreplay, when you’re clad in those skimpy clothes, can be invigorating. But most of us, including me, would like to take those clothes off at some point. 

When you have a nylon fetish, that apparel matters a lot…so it almost always stays on. You know on Amazon how there are some stockings that have a hole where the private areas go? Yup, that’s right, you’ve seen them. You must have wondered, why would someone want a hole there like that? Or you may have accepted that some people just like to be intimate with their clothes on.

Whatever may the reason be, the world of fetishes can be fascinating to know about! If you’re even remotely interested in the clothes more than the person when being intimate – be it fancy underwear, stockings, or any kind of accessory that arrests your attention – or if you’re interested in just knowing about this fetish, read on. 

What Is Nylon Fetish And What Can I Do With It?

It’s not really the fabric but what you wish to do with it. Multiple possibilities include tearing it apart with the teeth – hey, not everyone likes to keep those stockings. Appreciating it from a distance might just not be their style. Or how about not putting them on at all? They can be used for light edge play – choking during breath play, for instance. Keep in mind the safe words and gestures and we’re good to go. Or how about using nylon as a blindfold?

Nylon fetish is when you want to do all of these things. Nod, if just thinking about them or reading what’s written above makes you excited. That’s when you know, nylon edge play or not, you’re definitely a little bit into nylon play. Your sexual interest in nylon, as in how much nylon actually turns you on, is your nylon fetish.

And not just stockings and tights, even garters and fishnets might do the trick. Now, of course, no one usually comes to bed with a fishnet with them. But if you’ve realized you’re sexually aroused when nylon is in the picture, it can be arranged. Simply talk to your partner and see if you can use your imagination to introduce fishnets in your intimate sessions.

Just an idea for you!

Why I can think of something that includes both fishnets and stockings and possibly all things nylon – that’s what I’m here for. You lovebirds, two or more, I hardly judge, can get into some serious roleplay and pretend to be University students enacting a play about fishermen…and the ladies they like. Your bedroom becomes the stage and you actors. 

Dress up in nylon stockings and tights! Hang ropes all over the room and make your bed the ship where the fishermen – or the captain, your call – resides. Just pick out a net from the supermarket and spread it on the floor. If you want to be more imaginative, spread some blue sheets on the floor before you spread the fishnets. This will add an oceanic feel to the whole scene!

You can be as creative as you want with nylon – that’s one of the best things about it. And you always have the option to mix nylon fetish with any of the other plays pretty smoothly. Since you’re spreading sheets anyway, how about spicing it and taking it all up a notch with some food play? You can read about all the other fetishes here as well. See what interests you… it’s time to explore!

Some More Variations With Nylon

Nylon is sexy also because it’s versatile. After exploring all the ideas I’ve shared above, there are still plenty more you can play around with. Gagging, for instance, is both easy and relatively safer with a pair of nylon stockings. If you’re into BDSM, tying up your partner with nylon is also an option.

Make your submissive do all the work – they will pull your stockings up, or detach them from the garter to take them off. Besides the removal of nylons, there’s another kind of fetish called leg or body worshiping. It’s as straightforward as it sounds, you make your sub worship your legs or body. This goes pretty well when combined with a nylon fetish. This is because taking the nylon fabrics off of someone’s body to reveal it is like unwrapping a present. 

And no, by worshiping I don’t really mean the traditional worshiping – don’t go straight to Jesus. Although when his followers touched his feet or kissed his hands…okay, I’ll stop following this line of thought because it’s both eerie and sort of might just make the big guy above strike some thunder onto my back.

So, by worshiping I meant no sage or flowers – but if you’re into it, by all means, go for it. You unwrap your present, as intake all the pleasure you can in removing the nylon clothes from your dom, or even Sub’s, body. Then move on to kiss it, caress it or simply adore it like it was actually something to worship. Although, in this type of worshiping, it’s more love and less fear – no thunderbolts on your back. And even if you like the thunderbolts, a safe word or a safe gesture will be enough to stop it.

Is Nylon Special: Why Not Any Other Fabric?

Nylon comes with a variety of appeals. Apart from being both colorful and flesh-colored, it also has a luxurious feel about it. It also extends to provide different patterns and designs throughout the body of the fabric. Much of nylon can also be attached with lace – this only adds to the appeal of nylon.

Plus, the contrasting shades can actually please your eyes to the most extent. Imagine wearing beige tights on your dark skin. The contrast would be stark and you’d look like a piece of art. And, who doesn’t know how sexy black looks on someone’s skin? Why stop there? Are you a fan of the rainbow? Great, here comes the nylons. Or are you in the mood to become a unicorn? Alright, get those pink stockings out!

Moreover, not just the looks or the feel, but also the smell is attractive to people with a nylon fetish. It really is never just limited to wearing the apparel yourself or seeing it on someone else’s body – these are two separate spectrums of nylon fetish. The touch, feel, and smell… Everything about nylon feels great. 

The complete aesthetic of nylon is much more than just satisfying one of the senses. Different sensations add to the original appeal of nylon and make it stand apart from any other fabric. Touching the nylon with your tongue, putting it in your mouth, or even holding it – all of this has to do with sensations that completely pleasure and arouse you.

The constricting factor

Well, you might be thinking that your fancy fabrics like lace and polyester or even our most beloved regular fabric cotton has also a special appeal – mostly in the summers. But what comes with nylon, besides all the sense-pleasing factors, is the factor of construction. You see, nylon is really tight.

Imagine a man wearing a pair of tights. This doesn’t just feel great – let’s all accept that men have body hair and it’s not always pretty to look at – but also looks great. You see, these tight stockings would make a man feel silky and smooth and sleek. 

Besides, his private parts would just be snuggling wonderfully together in that tightness. For people who like this constriction, tights are a Godsend. The sense of emasculating constriction might also lead to humiliation. Some people like this kind of humiliation as well.

Gender Exploration With Nylon Fetish

This is a really fun side of this all. Have you seen that movie, The Danish Girl? It’s a great movie about one of the earliest cases of gender exploration by a trans character. The husband (well, not for long) and the wife (extremely supportive) both wear dresses and make each other up, then pose in front of a mirror as an activity they both love! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And it is based on a true story! 

Nylon fetish can often be due to these latent wishes. Because the items made out of nylon are usually undergarments, you can wear them with discretion. Nylon fetish allows you to experience gender euphoria without letting other people know about it if you’re not ready for anyone to find out yet. As a non-binary, trans, or anyone belonging to the LGBTQ community, you might have a unique standpoint about nylon fetish this way.

Start with an inexpensive pair of stockings to begin your exploration. A lot of us like stockings and love to see our partners in them. But like it’s been discussed, nylon fetish can be a gateway to some other things entirely. You can choose self-exploration for yourself. Or you can decide to reach out to other people with similar tastes to find yourself in a nylon-loving community!

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