Golden Showers And Piss Play

Golden Showers And Piss Play
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Are you here because of an actual interest in golden showers or is it just because of Donald Trump? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Trump apparently has a thing for it. Now, he has vehemently denied having any interest such as this. And the BuzzFeed article that allegedly claimed he had hired prostitutes to perform a golden shower piss play show for him in a hotel was unverified.

But Trump is the main reason why many of us now know what a golden shower is. I’ll stop talking about Trump now except to just tell you, that no, I’m not writing this because of him. I’ve had this interest in research and writing about piss play ever since my date went to the bathroom and left the door open.

Why I Am Writing This Article…

My date didn’t particularly say anything about liking piss play or being into golden showers… but aren’t you supposed to close the bathroom door when you’re peeing in front of your date? I mean, it would have been understandable if she was a constant partner. Peeing in front of your partner is another level of comfort. But I didn’t really know this woman much.

Being the person that I am, I simply asked her why she left the bathroom door open. I was also wondering if I made it a bit awkward by mentioning it. But my date and I were into each other pretty well so I simply told her that I was only curious. Because you know, peeing in front of someone you’re remotely interested in is a part of piss play.

She said she didn’t particularly like peeing in front of people she dates…but she thinks it’s alright to do so. And that was what made me want to know all about piss play – what is it, how to go about it, and are there people who are into piss play and do not know it?

If you’re reading this you probably have an interest in piss play…or maybe you’re just curious to know what it is. Reading this article will serve all purposes – you’ll both know about piss play and learn how to practice it safely! Let’s dive into it, then.

What Is A Golden Shower?

Honestly, there was a time, a long time ago, when someone had mentioned golden showers and I thought it involved both gold and showers. I didn’t really know how that was possible so I Googled it. There was no gold involved…but definitely a different kind of shower.

I don’t really get it though, pee isn’t always yellow. You drink proper water and exercise regularly, your pee will be clear. But I guess calling it ‘clear shower’ instead of ‘golden shower’ would just take away the appeal from it. But maybe, ‘silver shower’ could have worked…

Anyway, so what is it? A myriad of things, really…and all involving pee. You could pee in front of your partner, significant other, or a date. Or you could watch them do it. Or you could pee on them – everything goes. And hey, don’t be disgusted by it – there are methods to practice this fetish safely. Keep an open mind while you read this article. 

Why Do People Do It?

Most possibly, there’s a power play involved. Ever since we were little, we were told pee is bad. Pee is dirty and we must clean ourselves after peeing. Well, it’s sort of true. Pee is, after all, body waste. Now, then where is this attraction pee coming from and how can it be explained?

Piss play due to interest in domination and subjugation:

The power play in this, mostly BDSM, fetish involves a dominant peeing on their submissive. Or maybe a dominant watching the submissive pee. There are no particular rules for who will pee or who will watch or if there will be peeing on someone’s body involved. The rules are almost always subjective.

The psychology of the person decides the rules and how much pee will be involved. So since it’s something dirty and degrading, submissives will want to be in contact with it. To be humiliated, to be put down, and to be told to even drink some pee – submissive is all into it…and they actually really like it.

The dominant also may be more into piss play than the submissive. In their own twisted logic, they might be the one who wants to touch the submissive’s pee. Or drink it or even let it flow through their body. Watching someone pee is literally just the beginning of piss play. There’s so much more that could be done with this fetish.

Piss Play due to an intense sense of thrill towards it:

There’s also another angle to piss play. See it like this – pee is something dirty and needs to be avoided – so there’s a taboo around it. Therefore, with the taboo also comes a sort of excitement of engaging with it. People who are into piss play could also be doing it out of the adventure. 

How would it feel to see something – a liquid we’re supposed to avoid – dripping down the body? It would feel like doing something forbidden. Or just watching the pee flowing on the floor… it’s not supposed to be there. And we have consciously put it there. 

Pee is supposed to be contained within a toilet seat, but it’s out there, free and flowing… rushing out of the body without any confinements…and people who are into golden showers have made this shower happen. There is a sort of thrill to the notion of piss play if you’re seriously into it.

How Do I Know I Am Into Piss Play?

doll looks like peeing

It’s sort of a mystery, to know what you like or what you don’t – especially if you haven’t tried those things yet. If you’ve made this far into this article, chances are your curiosity is legit. Now, are you only a traveler moving ahead looking at the shops for pleasure or are you actually going to buy something?

I’ve been shopping a lot lately – probably mid-life crisis. I’m not sure though as I haven’t bought a horse or a Ferrari yet – so you’ll have to pardon my shopping metaphor. What I meant was, are you reading about piss play merely because this is a wonderfully written article that interests you (hehe)?

Or is it because you think you might find this fetish more than interesting? So interesting that you might want to try it out. How to know for sure? There are signs, actually. I’ve seen kids, babies – no, take your minds as far away as you can from pedophilia. I’m not even remotely talking about or hinting at that – what I’m saying is I’ve seen these signs, even in kids.

Try and look for these signs:

There are some kids who puke or piss or shit and then touch it. I’ve seen teenage boys who um, wash their hands in their piss. I’m not kidding, there are people who find pee fascinating without knowing, at their age, that there’s a whole thing about it. Maybe growing up you were someone like that. And maybe now you’re an informed adult who can actually do something about it. 

So, all you’ve got to do is look for those signs. Do you look at your pee when you sit on the toilet seat? You might know it’s dirty but you’re not afraid to touch it. Some even find it disgusting, but also are aware that it’s only body waste that, if touched, can be washed off using soap and water. 

Knowing it’s dirty or, not really but maybe, disgusting but still being pulled towards it could be a sign. The humiliation factor of a power-play involving piss would require you to find human pee appalling. This only adds to you really enjoying being humiliated by touching, drinking, or simply watching it fall out of a human body and spread in places that it’s not supposed to be spreading in.

A word of caution to you or anyone you know who is into piss play is – do not ever involve animals. When we say golden shower we mean human pee. Animals can’t speak, and you don’t know when they’ll pee. So involving animals in piss play is not okay. Consent is important and bestiality is a real thing. Piss Play should not involve any sort of gagging, forcefully making animals drink water or any pipes, at all – end of the story.

Risks And Precautions Related To Piss Play

First and foremost, as much as you like it, don’t make a habit out of drinking pee. It’s body waste, after all. There are some harmful elements in your pee and they will make you sick eventually. Even taking some piss in your mouth and spitting it out has its repercussions.

And then, there’s the issue of cleanliness. Make sure if you’re engaging in pee play outside the bathroom, you sterile the sheets by washing them with disinfectants later. Pee can leave stains so using the clean but old bed sheet is always a good idea. Deciding where to perform this kinky fetish is an extremely important part of it all. 

Moreover, clean yourself before and after you’ve been subjected to your fair share of ‘water sports’. Exchanging body fluids always comes with its own risks. If you’re keen on combining piss play with intercourse, make sure you use protection. Try not to get pee inside your vagina – I know it could be hard but don’t lose your sense of protection in the heat of the moment.

The final aspect to consider would be rehydration. Talk to your partner, make a plan on what you’d like to do, and stick to it! A little bit of planning and effective communication can make piss play really enjoyable!

Trying Out Piss Play With Your Partner

After you’re sufficiently done with the basics, piss play can be quite innovative. In case you’re wondering, the basics would be telling your partner you’re into piss play. Then breaking the ground with little things – like watching your partner pee or peeing in front of them, for instance. And then maybe peeing on the floor – just for you and your partner to be comfortable with pee lying around.

Then gradually moving forward with your golden shower sessions becoming more and more intense is the ideal thing to do. Touching and taking a pee in your mouth is quite advanced. You can try some of these ideas while both you and your partner are moving towards a fine level of comfort with piss play.

Some things to try with your partner or solo:

Now, you and I both know that release feels good. By release, I mean both sexual and quite literally, releasing of the pee from your body. Try this – drink lots of fluid and then engage in some sexy foreplay before introducing piss play. And by sexy I mean do what you usually do. Kiss, make out, maybe dirty talk.

Dirty talk is a fine way to keep telling your partner how much you’re enjoying your time with them. Or how much you appreciate them being on this extreme level of comfort with you. So, both of you have full bladders – hold your pee for as much time as you can – and you need a release…what do you do? Instead of running to the bathroom, you pee. 

You could be holding each other, you could be on top of each other, or bottom or whatever it is that you’ve discussed – make sure you discuss terms before actually doing something. Winging it will only lead to shocking, and often unwanted surprises. So you pee outside the bathroom, with each other. And the release would feel absolutely amazing.

Pee is also quite warm. So it’s completely possible to be creative and try out some temperature play with it. Peeing in the shower while you’re both, or you’re solo, are standing under cold water can be a fine sensation. Whatever you decide to do, keep consent in mind and have fun with it!

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