RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink And The Most Terrifying Fetishes

RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink And The Most Terrifying Fetishes
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RACK involves some of the most terrifying fetishes that many people may have never considered to even exist.

Warning: if you are a sensitive person to such type of content, better not continue further with this article. I would also like to acknowledge that this article is for informational and educational purposes. We are strictly against any kind of violence and discussing these topics means no endorsement of any kind.

First and foremost, before I begin writing anything in this article, I should tell you that reading about this is going to be extremely interesting. And my reasons for saying that are very much valid. The very minute I put up RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) on Google search, came to the most terrifying fetishes one could think of.

Did you know that pedophilia and hebephilia are actually considered fetishes under RACK? Something like this can lead to lifelong trauma. Now, of course, it’s not okay to even remotely go near children, or minors, with sexual intentions but pedophilia exists. It’s a shame that it does but it needs to be talked about.

Not talking about it is never the answer, which brings me to writing this article. I’m going to talk extensively about what RACK is, what goes on inside the minds of people who consensually put themselves and others (in some cases) at risk and why some of them could be wrong, and often illegal, to practice. RACK could be extremely thrilling, but any interest in these fetishes is not to be taken lightly. You need to sit and assess the what, how and whys of this interest.

I vehemently believe that no one came out of their mother’s womb thinking they’re going to do something bad or be someone evil. Believe it or not, even Kevin from “We Need To Talk About Kevin” had his reasons to turn out to be a psychopath later. Circumstances, mental conditions, someone’s abilities to do or not do something, and their environment are the basic factors that decide how a person will turn out to be.

The purpose of this article isn’t to berate anyone, individual or otherwise. I’m not trying to justify anyone’s actions either. It’s an informative write-up about unusual, rather risky, fetishes. It only hopes to bring into light the numerous things that happen around us due to the inner workings of someone’s mind. And through logic, reason, and a good heart, I believe people who understand some fetishes really are off-limits, will seek or accept the help they might need.

What Is RACK In A Broader Sense?

Usually, adventurous people – Basically the entire BDSM community and maybe some more – are into extreme experiences, even in bed. From what I’ve gathered, these extreme kinks or fetishes are what turn them not. You and I might need some kisses on the mouth and a little rub in a very sensitive spot but that won’t do it for everyone. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t do it for you as well!

So anyhow, RACK is when you look at all the edgy kinks and fetishes and decide you want the mother of them all. The participants must make sure that they’re fully aware of the risks before engaging in this, or any fetish, for the matter. The opposite of RACK is SSC or Safe, Sane, and Consensual kinks. Don’t you ever forget that taking consent is important everywhere.

When I say RACK, I’m talking about getting beaten so much that you end up in the hospital. It’s like uttering the safe word is something that they’d never do. And all the while all this pain gives them nothing but a sense of satisfaction and at times, euphoria. It could be you – since you are here, out of curiosity or otherwise.

I’m also talking about wanting to cut off your own penis. Yes, that happens. Or getting aroused looking at a dead body (necrophilia). I saw this movie once, The Neon Demon, and to just look at what was happening on that screen would absolutely terrify some people. There’s no shame in accepting if RACK turns you on. The trick is to realize when it goes from a fetish to a threat to everyone around you.

Why Do People Engage In RACK?

There are people who engage in RACK because they believe that one person’s ‘safe’ is another person’s risk. Quite honestly, the philosophy behind this practice is simply that they’re doing what they think is okay. When you look at safe – when I say safe, I also mean hardcore BDSM – practices, you know that you won’t get hurt. 

Where the safe practice is concerned, there are the safe words and safe gestures, there is the trust that you have in your partner(s) and most importantly, there’s respect for boundaries. RACK sort of throws every caution to the wind. People who engage in fetishes that can seriously cause suffering cannot be trusted. 

All sex should be consensual and safe. If you enjoy pain, you should also consider the pain threshold. If any accidents happen, aftercare and proper treatment should follow. And, if your definition of RACK is actually something that won’t seriously hurt you or your partner, that’s well and good – hit that butt until it’s red. But RACK in its terrifying sense is at best, to be avoided.

RACK And Why It Could Be Terrifying

To give you a clear idea of what RACK is, I’ll talk about a few of the fetishes that can be considered to be in this category. If you want to read about some more of them, then you can always look at this article. It talks about the 22 most terrifying fetishes a human mind can think of to engage in.

Fetish for disfigurement or permanent injury: 

disfigured lego toy

It’s one thing to take consent and break someone’s jaw. It’s an entirely different thing to explain to your parole officer why you thought doing that was alright. Many people either get turned on by the idea of disfiguring someone else or by the idea of being permanently injured in some way or the other by their partners.

This is RACK, for sure, and even with solid aftercare – running to the hospital immediately, even possibly naked, after you see blood – there’s a really good chance you’ll end up in trouble. And by trouble I mean jail. Also, I don’t know if I should be saying this because it’s obvious but I’ll just say it anyway: this often results in death. And beating someone to death because it gets you off is never okay. Neither was it ever okay and nor will it ever be.

The fetish of wanting to rip your dick off or desire for amputation:

It’s similar to wanting to cut your legs off – unusual, but there are people who want to do it. A very common cause for wanting to rip your dick off is perceiving sex as a sin and being shameful about it. Because hey, if I take the dick away there will be nothing to commit the sin with. It’s even got a name, it’s called ederacinism.

Now is when I tell you there’s a thin line between practicing fetishes for pleasure and doing something at an impulse on the verge of possible insanity. Even the desire for wanting to chop off limbs, feet, or other appendages, it’s actually a medical condition called apotemnophilia. Doctors are known to help. These conditions are complex and most definitely need medical attention.


I love Hannibal Lecter but I hate what he did. Vore or Vorarephilia (the desire to either be consumed or consume other people) is very real. And it’s been here since Robinson Crusoe “rescued” my man Friday. Eating other people’s body parts turns some people on. Getting eaten might be appealing to some. It has a lot to do with plays of power, and uncanny rituals but mostly having a mind that society will say is not fit.

Saying things like “we eat chickens and pigs so why not human beings?” will not get you sympathy here, my dude. Just look at what happened to Issei Sagawa or Armin Meiwes. Or instead, watch what episode of Simpson where they showed a bit about cannibalism and eat yourself. Easy.

The Fetish For Dangerous People:

We all might have loved that boy in school who smoked cigarettes and wore a leather jacket. If he had a car and was a bit of a goth, then the sex appeal would just touch the roof. Some of us wanted to be near him. Some of us wanted to be him. The problem is when that same boy starts to arbitrarily hurt the school’s hamster or kicks someone’s puppy.

There’s a fetish for wanting to be with the adult version of that teenager. When dangerous or toxic people turn you on – let’s say rapists, murderers, psychopaths, or abusers – it is an extreme case of masochism. Even worse is when you’re the adult who would practice bestiality or animal cruelty (it’s called the crush fetish) just for the thrill of it. 

It’s not fun. It’s not even consensual because animals can’t speak. And it’s not okay, at all. Period. Even crushing ants under a rock or drowning a kitten as a child or a teenager is not okay. If you’re a parent, make sure your kid isn’t doing it.

Can We Alleviate The Risks?

What’s RACK without the risks, what are you, scared? That was sarcasm, you should be scared. Not because you might end up going to prison but because you’ll end up causing irreparable damage. I am easygoing with a really open mind but at the end of the day we’re humans, and inhumanity does not suit us.

If you’ve decided to do something that you think is inescapable for you, try to understand why it is so. Like I said I’m easygoing, so empathy comes free with it. I can understand if your life feels dull and some kind of RACK fetish is the only thing that you think will give you joy. And hey, you’re human you deserve joy, I get it, but as a sensible human use your senses to compare and contrast. 

Is it alright if you commit murder because that sparks joy? You tell me. I’m hoping you said no, it’s not okay. So, now that you understand it’s not, take the next step. Find out other sources of joy. Find out why you are the way you are. It’s hard work but it’s doable. 

Seek therapy, try using controlling measures to stop yourself from throwing someone, or yourself, off the stairs (climacophilia) and have an ice cream every once in a while. That’s how you alleviate the risks – by living a life where you don’t have to hurt other people to feel alive.

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