Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage
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Treating Your Partner To A Happy Ending Massage: Tricks To Get Those Treats!

There are more or less 12 types of massages out there but when you’re with your partner, you wouldn’t want someone to go haaiyah on your back, now would you? Neither would you want to groan and moan like you’re being both drugged and dragged through a pebbled road – as good as that be for your body or as wonderfully it releases all that tension from your joints – a couple’s massage is a completely different league.

I’m not talking about a quick chair massage that you, at times, ought to give to your partner. Even though a massage to the shoulders of your partner to relieve them of those knots sounds really good, this won’t lead to some of the more sensuous activities. You can obviously book a professional couple’s massage and go for it…but where’s the fun in that? 

This article will give you tips and talk about how to pamper your partner in the luxury of your own home. And who knows, this might lead to the two of you having the best evening you’ve had in a while or to put it in other words – to a happy ending massage.

How To Get Started to Reach The Happy Ending Massage…

Okay, don’t call me sexist, but it’s way easier for women to make us men let loose and FAST. To cite from my very own personal experience, I came home from the office and I had no indication that my partner had anything planned. The lights were on and there she was wearing, well, nothing unusual so I couldn’t even have guessed she had any tricks up her sleeve. By tricks I mean good things, really, these tricks I love.

a cocktail to set the mood

Anyway, she starts talking and asks me about my day. I usually do not drink Margaritas but she’s sitting right in front of me, making one for me? Or making a drink for herself? I don’t know! All I know is that the crushed ice looks and sounds really good after a tiring day of work and if a drink was offered to me I’d take it, regardless of what it was. So I’ll pause this anecdote now just briefly to let you in on the first trick: learn how to make cocktails.

I’m not saying you have to learn how to make complex cocktails or play with the bottle like you’re a pro bartender – just make a little something to allure your partner into it – because hey, margarita can be really easy to whip up once you give a few tries to master it. When you prepare it right in front of them they’ll know you’re putting in the effort. Subconsciously, this works wonders and can get you the happy ending massage that you’re looking for! Now back to my story, so she gives me my margarita and I just take it. I’m going on and on about work and she is right there, replying, nodding, casually helping me loosen up my tie. 

How To Proceed…

This brings us to the second trick: start to make them get comfortable. Now, this would be sort of creepy if you do it to a stranger – just go and loosen up their tie or untuck their shirt or if you’re a man, help her (your partner) get rid of any tights or watches or even earrings that needs to go after a long day – however, this isn’t a stranger, this is your partner with whom you’ve already established a level of comfort and understanding.

At this point, I’m untucking my shirt and kicking off my shoes without even knowing it. If your partner is a woman, she’d be taking off her bra or letting her hair loose – those scrunchies that hold the long hair up? Yeah, after a point of time they start to bother the female sex. So there I am, all comfortable, drinking a margarita, talking to my partner when she’s invested in the conversation but also has successfully dimmed the lights, have come closer to me, and not until she was behind me, massaging my shoulders had I realized something was going on.

All I could do was stop dead while rambling about my day and say, “You’re so smooth. I hadn’t even realised when we got here.” The sweetheart that she is, she bends to look at me and says, “do you want me to stop?” and flashes me a smile. Did I want her to stop? Boy, I did not. And that was it – I was already in a great mood, ready to go greater – if you know what I mean – so yes, men are quite easy to please, and giving them a happy ending massage couldn’t even qualify as a massage. More like a gentle rub on the shoulders.

…And We’re Still Moving Forward: Incense Sticks, Candles Or Oils, What To Use?

See, having a massage every once in a while is important. None of us is getting any younger, your back needs those trained hands. You, on the other hand, don’t have to be a professional masseuse – just get the essentials right. Aromatherapy, out of those 12 types of massages I briefly mentioned, is a great option for couples. Get yourself some essential oils and focus on the back, shoulders, and head to begin your massage session.

use essential oils

Rose, Chamomile and Jasmine are the three essential oils I’d personally suggest if you have a romantic and sexy evening in your mind. Rose helps enhance your mood and smells divine. Chamomile also helps improve your mind but is also extremely relaxing. Jasmine, on the other hand, is directly connected to your libido. You can mix and match essential oils but I wouldn’t entirely recommend it. 

Essential oils have special functions – they are always diluted before use – and they interact with your body to produce calming effects and results. It’s sort of like crystals, but better because they smell fantastic! The trick here is to choose your essential oil wisely and if you’re keen on mixing, try some mildly scented candles to go with your massage session.

Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need incense sticks or even candles – these are the extras and the star of your show is the aromatherapy essential oil that you choose. Essential oils cannot be ingested but they’re completely safe to be used externally. Here’s a tip of how to pick one:

  • Choose a pure essential oil – dilute later.
  • Make sure it’s made of good quality aromatic plant based compounds – these natural chemicals get absorbed in your skin!
  • Pick an oil by a reputed brand you can trust.

How To Move Forward To My, Ahem, Happy Ending?

Now that you’re ready with the oils and the candles in hand it’s time to move forward. I’m assuming you and your partner are quite relaxed by now and both willing to move ahead to see where this evening will lead to. You can start my light massages – like the chair massage of the shoulder – and take their hand to lead them to a more comfortable sitting.

You can either use a bed or a sofa, even. Spread a sheet on it and ask your partner to strip down to the undies. Work on the shoulders and start to move down to the back. Because you don’t know how to properly apply pressure or you’re not an actual masseuse, I’m assuming, the trick is to be vocal. Ask your partner about the pressure – questions like, “should I go a bit harder?” or, “are you comfortable?” can go a long way.

This session can take a really sensuous turn if you’re gentle, or hard, ask them what they like. Gently massage the inner thighs, the neck, the ears and gradually remove those last bits of clothing to continue massaging the nipples or the balls – don’t go inside a woman’s body with essential oils – but a penis can take a little rub from the essential oils, a very small one. 

This is how you begin, and before you get completely hot and bothered in there, make sure they’re completely relaxed and willing to have a happy ending – you don’t want to ruin a perfect evening by being too eager. Give a massage of at least 15 minutes before moving on to gentler touches at soft, sensitive places, slightly hungry kisses and I’ll stop here because this article need not be NSFW.

How Can A Session Like This Benefit The Relationship?

I can’t believe I’m putting this section here because duh? But yeah, okay, I’ll list the reasons – happy ending massage sessions bring couples together. You could get really intimate with each other during one of these sessions. Just think about it, you don’t know anything about how to rub a knee the proper way to alleviate pain but you’re willing to go at it for 3 straight minutes with essential oils pouring all over your elbows because why? Because your partner is worth it.

Forget about thinking that you might be getting cramps, you went to all that effort to get scented candles. And forget not knowing about essential oils (you know what, read up on this article on aromatherapy massage, or maybe this on essential oils?) you sat and researched and picked an oil you thought was best – this will make you realize just how much you want to please your partner or help them relax a bit. 

And you know what, if you know they’re totally worth it, the last trick I’d ask you to pull is, throw in some flowers and a bar of good chocolate. No-one says no to some good chocolate.

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