Why Is My Flaccid Size So Small?

Why Is My Flaccid Size So Small?
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I have this fantasy that turns into a nightmare when I think about it too much. It goes like this, I’m sitting in an ice-cream parlour, the one where they have little stools to sit on over the counter, like a bar – yeah, it’s sort of specific, but just roll with it – and there’s this cute girl I’m staring at a bit. In my fantasy, she has green hair and is wearing a maroon skirt with a tee that has ‘Artist’ written on it – again, I know, quite specific – and she’s eating mango ice cream, one scoop on a cone. And she comes up to me and asks, why is a flaccid penis so small?

You see now why I said this fantasy turns into a nightmare, don’t you? There are so many things that a cute girl can say when she’s coming up to talk to me…but my mind is stuck on why is my flaccid penis size so small. This is what happens when you’re obsessed with something – you think about it all the time regardless of if it’s worth so much thought.

Why Is The Penis Size A Matter To Be Discussed?

The size of the penis has been one of the major issues of concern leading to insecurities among men. And ah, if the size of the erect penis wasn’t enough, now I also have to think about the size of my penis when it’s flaccid. If I don’t, imaginary women of my dreams come and ask me questions about it. I know, women will seldom come up to you, let alone in ice-cream parlours, and ask about your flaccid penis size or how big or small it is but it’s an issue we men often worry about.

Questions like, ‘How small is my flaccid penis?’ Or ‘Am I of a proper size?’, ‘why is my flaccid size so small’ always crosses the mind of men. These insecurities stem from many things and it is important to have a clear idea about where you stand. There are so many articles on the internet and/or in magazines these days about the size of a penis, and how the average size might not be as huge as you think…it was only fair I wrote up an article that talks about why the flaccid penis size is smaller than an erect one.

This article also addresses issues like how a large penis can cause discomfort in everyday life, or how it’s totally normal that a flaccid penis is smaller than an erect one and how different types of penises exist so there’s nothing like a ‘normal’ type. Information about yourself and your body, after all, comes in handy when you’re trying to avoid overthinking certain issues.

The Different Penis Types

different penis sizes

Since we’re all trying to be informed here, let me start with the types of flaccid penises. Keep in mind that there are different types of penises regardless of them being flaccid or erect but for this particular case, there are two types this article will discuss. Yes, it’s a whole thing, and also yes, you’re either a shower or a grower. Let’s get into the details of these two types of penises, shall we? 

A ‘grower’ is someone whose penis grows longer and even wider when erect and is a bit smaller than that when flaccid. When it comes to penises, that’s usually the case but not in the case of scientific terms (more on that later). And then there are ‘showers’ whose penises are the same length as when they are hard (erect) or soft (flaccid). Some questions might arise here, like ‘how long is the penis of showers?’ or ‘how does this actually work to have a penis of the same length while being erect or flaccid?’. So of course, these questions are answered in the next section.

The Science Behind Showers And Growers

The first thing to clear out is that showers do grow large actually, but just a tad bit. To be scientifically precise, this study published in the IJIR (Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research) in 2018 found that there’s an average change in size from flaccid to erect penises, be it of a shower or a grower, of about 4 centimetres (1.5 inches). 274 participants were a part of this study and 205 of them were showers. (Pretty wild, how did that happen?). Only 73 participants grew more than 4 centimetres and were deemed, growers. So you see, a growth of 4 centimetres was the threshold one needed to cross to be called a grower.

Read: In the study mentioned above, growers experienced an average 2.1-inch (5.3 centimetres) change in length, and the showers had about a 1.2-inch (about 3 centimetres) change in length.

What Determines If I’m A Shower Or A Grower?

There are a number of factors that determine whether you’re a shower or a grower. To mention some of it, tissue elasticity and collagen (a protein that sort of acts as a glue to hold all things in your body: bones, skin, muscles, tendons, or ligaments, together) plays a vital role in it. Genetics determine the amount of collagen in your body and its distribution. And mostly half of the tissue in your penis is collagen. 

Penile tissue includes the outer layers of skin, the inner layers of fibrous tissue and the ligaments that attach the penis to the body. Your genes determine how elastic these tissues are or their capacity to stretch and grow to contribute to how your penis looks: whether you’re a shower or a grower. 

Other than these two factors there’s also your overall health. Heart diseases and diabetes affect your erection and so does anything that affects the flow of blood to your penis as blood flow is actually a key component to the erection process.

Everyday Discomforts That Come With A Large Flaccid Penis

discomfort with large penis

Apart from the fact that some might treat you like a circus attraction, there’s always the chance that you might rupture a cyst or something like that inside your partner’s body when having intercourse with a woman. I mean okay, you might end up having some good sex or get a lot of action but keep in mind that not everyone wants to be a stud or let’s say, a porn star – you can’t really use your penis to any other advantage other than sex. 

And even if we let the extreme go, having a large flaccid penis can cause many everyday discomforts. Riding a bike could turn into a nightmare because of how painful it might be to go on a long ride. And what about condom sizes? If you don’t fall into the average size category, it might be harder to get yourself the protection you need. And even if you manage to find the right size, what if it slips or what if it breaks?

Let’s face it, and excuse my frankness but your penis was supposed to be for reproduction only, that’s how nature designed it. Yes, we’ve found ways to find pleasure even when reproduction isn’t the primary goal…but you don’t have to go around worrying about how big or small it is as long as it’s healthy.


It’s important to realise that any insecurities that stem from penis size largely have to do with the societal idea of how long a penis should be. It’s just like how women are supposed to be a certain height or weight or have a certain body type. There are many forms and shapes and all of them are normal.

Understand that a flaccid penis is supposed to be smaller than an erect penis, be it 3 centimetres smaller or 6 centimetres. Also, a large penis comes with a lot of baggage of its own (remember Adam from Sex Education?). Love the way you are and you’ll be comfortably accepting of your body in no time at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about flaccid penis size answered. If you have any extra to add – leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them.

What is a stretched penis?

A stretched penis is when a penis is a bit longer than when it is flaccid (default state), but it is different from an erect penis in the way that it isn’t hard, but merely elongated. This does not happen because a man is erect or sexually aroused but is a natural phenomenon, regardless of whether you’re a shower or a grower.

How do I know if I’m a grower or a shower?

Well, there’s always the 4 centimetres cut off you need to cross to be considered a grower. Other than that, if you don’t want to measure with a tape you can just check if your penis is drastically longer when erect than when it was flaccid to determine whether you’re a grower or a shower. And just to add my two pieces here, it’s completely normal to have a flaccid penis that’s smaller than when it is erect. It doesn’t matter what category you fall in as long as you’re healthy.

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