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Nikki Delano Fleshlight

Nikki Delano Fleshlight is the newest addition to the Fleshlight Girls squad.

She is well known in the porn industry and now, this petite hottie can be experienced in the comfort of your home.

The Nikki Delano Fleshlight series has two models: Fuego and Fantastica.

Nikki Delano
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Fuego has an orifice that looks exactly like Nikki’s vagina and a unique texture with 4 chambers.

Fantastica comes with an orifice that looks like Nikki Delano’s butt and has a ridgy texture that continues throughout the whole sleeve.

Let’s see which one of Nikki Delano Fleshlight sleeves will suit your needs better.

Nikki Delano Fleshlight Benefits

Nikki Delano is a Fleshlight Girl. Each Fleshlight comes with numerous benefits, so this one is not an exception. Let’s see what you can expect from the new Nikki Delano Fleshlights.

Unique Textures

You can choose from two unique sleeves. One is called Fuego and has an orifice that looks exactly like Nikki’s vagina.

The second sleeve is called Fantastica and has an orifice that looks exactly like Nikki’s butthole.

Each of the sleeves has a unique texture, so that means unique sensations for you.

Fantasy Element

Fleshlights are all about pleasure. So, just imagine how much more of that you can get when you add the fantasy element.

That’s exactly what you get when you use Fleshlights that are based on porn stars. Just imagine yourself on a quiet evening in a private place enjoying some Nikki Benz videos along with her Fleshlight.

Quality Materials

Fleshlight uses only high-quality hypoallergenic materials for their products.

That means that when you choose Fleshlight, you choose products that won’t cause skin irritations or unexpected allergies neither to you nor your partner.

Your private parts are in good hands with Fleshlight.

Safe Sex Practice

There are times in our lives when we feel super lonely and super horny. In some cases that leads to hookups with random strangers.

Such experiences can lead to you catching various sexually transmitted diseases that will cause you problems in your regular life and can even be deadly.

That’s why when you choose sex toys instead of random hookups – you’re doing yourself a pleasure and stay away from unwanted diseases.

Discreet Shipping

Discreet Shipping

Fleshlight respects and values its clients’ privacy. That’s why each and every order, no matter how big or small, will be billed and packed discreetly. Similar to the box that you see on the side.

This means that no one will be able to tell what you actually ordered without opening the box. So, your secrets are safe with Fleshlight.

How Nikki Delano Fleshlight Feels?

As always, I ordered both Fleshlights and tested them more than a couple of times. Here’s everything about my experience with Nikki Delano Fleshlights.

Nikki Delano Fuego Fleshlight

The first Nikki Delano Fleshlight is called Fuego. Fuego has an orifice that looks exactly like Nikki’s vagina.

nikki delano vaginal sleeve

The entrance of this Fleshlight is pretty wide, so if you are a bigger guy, you won’t be at risk of ripping the sleeve.

Once you enter the sleeve, you will be welcomed by a small bump/dot. Don’t rush to pass it. Take your time and massage the tip of your penis – feels incredible. It’s a very VERY great start.

When you move forward, you will reach a ribbed chamber. It’s a classic texture that you often find in Fleshlight sleeves. Nonetheless, it’s intense and feels super nice against the penis.

After that, you’ll get into a wider, yet textured room. Based on the angles the ribs are placed, this room feels very nice against the tip when twisting.

Ather that you will get into a vertically and horizontally ribbed chamber. It’s also a pretty regular texture, so, there’s a chance that you have already experienced it. It’s intense but not too much.

Overall, I would recommend this sleeve for beginners who don’t have an extremely sensitive penis and for more advanced users who are not looking for something too intense.

The Nikki Delano Fleshlight with Fuego sleeve is well-balanced and has its own charms that most guys will enjoy. Also, having a penis that is up to 4 inches long is perfectly enough to get the best out of this Fleshlight.

Nikki Delano Fantastica Fleshlight

The second Nikki Delano Fleshlight is called Fantastica. The Fantastica Fleshlight has an orifice that looks exactly like Nikki’s butt.

nikki delano anal sleeve

The entrance of this sleeve has a similar width as the other Nikki Delano Fleshlight, so it’s big enough for wider penises.

As you can see from the image above, the sleeve has a texture that remains the same throughout the whole Fleshlight. Yet, sometimes it gets wider / narrower.

So, to get the full experience of the Fantastica sleeve, having a penis that is between 4 and 5 inches is perfectly enough.

In general, it resembles some other anal sleeves, however, the texture is different and the experience is different.

I liked the Fuego sleeve better, as it has more chambers and is more intense. If you’re an advanced user, you may find this sleeve a bit boring. However, if you’re new to Fleshlights – I’m sure that you will love it.

Nikki Delano Fleshlight Alternatives

As great as Nikki Delano Fleshlight sleeves are. There may be a chance that you are looking for something slightly different.

If you are looking for more intense Fleshlight – check out what Maitland Ward has to offer.

However, if you’re looking for a perfect balance – Janice Griffith is the one.

If you want to see top sleeves for 9 different types of users – here’s your guide to the best Fleshlight sleeves.

Fleshlight Care Tips

Even though Fleshlights are considered the luxury items of the sex toys world, they’re not that high-maintenance.

There are only a couple of simple rules that you need to memorize. Follow them each time in order to ensure the longevity of the Nikki Delano Fleshlight sleeves.

First – hygiene is not a choice, it’s a must. You must wash your sex toys after each use. If you don’t, they will become a perfect place for various nasty bacteria to live and grow. I’m sure you don’t want that later transferred to your private parts.

To wash the Fleshlight sleeve, you will need to follow specific instructions. Yet, they are super easy. You can learn how to properly clean your Fleshlight here.

Second – lube is a must. Lube helps reduce the friction that appears when two dry objects are rubbed one against the other. In this case, friction can cause two bad things. First, it can irritate the skin of your private parts and we all know how sensitive it is. Second, it can ruin your sex toy, for example, rip the sleeve.

What’s In The Package?

Once you open your Nikki Delano Fleshlight package, here is a full list of items that you will find inside:

  • Brand new Fuego / Fantastica texture sleeve (depends on order)
  • Unique Nikki Delano Fleshlight with Lady / Butt orifice (depends on order)
  • Luxurious Fleshlight case that comes with an extended protective cover
  • Detailed instructions for proper use and care

As I mentioned before if you order directly from Fleshlight you are guaranteed to get an original item. Currently, there are more than enough scammy websites with fake items.

Also, if choose the official Fleshlight store, you will be billed in a discreet manner and your ordered items will arrive in plain carton boxes.

No one will know what’s inside without opening the package. You can visit the official Fleshlight website by clicking the button below.

Additional Items

As great as Nikki Delano Fleshlight sleeves feel on their own, there are several items that you can use to upgrade your experience and use for proper Fleshlight care.

If you are one of those guys that enjoy long and hot showers, I’m sure that you will enjoy them even more after this great Fleshlight upgrade. With the shower mount, you will get as many hands-free orgasms as you want.

If you wish to make your Fleshlight feel super realistic, you need to warm it up to human body temperature. The sleeve warmer is the easiest way to achieve that.

Fleshwash and Powder are great for cleaning and ensuring your sleeve remains good as new for a long period of time. Also, the whole cleaning process becomes super convenient.

Fleshlube could be considered more like an essential than an experience upgrade. Lube is a must with a Fleshlight in order to reduce friction. Otherwise, your experience with Nikki won’t be that much of a pleasure and you won’t be able to put your penis in properly.

Overall Verdict

Overall, Nikki Delano Fleshlight sleeves are well balanced and will suit the needs of both: new and more advanced users.

Nikki Delano
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The Fuego sleeve has a vaginal orifice and a unique texture of four chambers. However, the best of it lies in the first two. It’s perfect for beginners and guys who don’t want their penis overstimulated.

The Fantastica sleeve has a texture that doesn’t change much throughout the whole length of the sleeve. It has a slightly twisted texture and is of mild intensity which is what most guys are looking for.

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