Are Sex Robots The Future?

Are Sex Robots The Future?
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When I think of sex robots, I think of Gwendolyn. But even after how she enamored our dear Morty, she was a sex robot used only for unfair means of reproduction (robots and reproduction, talk about sex robots being the future, hah). So whenever I think of these robots – not Gwendolyn because you do not want to be in Morty’s position unless you’ve got a Rick – I think, will these robots replace humans altogether?

There have been movies like The Matrix which show how robots will someday dominate the human race. It’s not a very appealing concept to be honest unless you’re into the whole submission thing – I think even then you’d want some free will to move about. I know I can’t give up my after-dinner ice cream, doesn’t matter if my robot guard electrocuted me for it, I’d still be found dead near the fridge.

So, What’s The Deal?

Anyway, so are sex robots a good thing, then? Will they take charge in just bed or somehow distort our psyche so we stop making connections with human beings altogether? There have been both good and bad things said about sex robots. They’re in a grey area, utility-wise, but being the person I am – in the fear of being electrocuted and otherwise – I think they’re a bold invention worth looking into.

In this article, I’ll continue to talk about what sex robots are. I’ll talk about what you can do with them, where you can get them and how to use them to maintain a healthy balance between real and unreal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fantasy and forgetting the real world exists – sex robots or sex dolls and even sex toys at times give us immense pleasure by making us forget they’re designed and engineered for that very thing, and that’s a good thing – but I’m also a big fan of balance.

To Begin With, What Are Sex Robots?

We all know what sex dolls are – both the floaty- bloaty things and the realistic-looking maidens – but sex robots are going a step ahead. They’re being engineered, mostly the head, to mimic certain movements, programmed to talk and say a few things, and most importantly, these robots look highly realistic. What’s more, is that they can often be controlled via an app – it’s their standalone AI personality that makes this happen. 

They blink, they respond to stimuli and they’re more than just sex buddies – getting some major Stepford Wives, are we? But of course, we are familiar with men and women often developing a certain kind of relationship with their sex objects. Be it for a kind of emotional connection, like Lilly’s Marshpillow (this is an example of attachment as it can happen with or without sexual involvement), or be it just for sex. 

Emotional Connection

With time, we often get attached to these objects of our regular use that we feel somehow connected to. Sex robots are so much better than anything else for this very purpose. When I mentioned that they’re more than just sex buddies, I meant that it’s totally possible to form friendships with sex robots. As certain sex robots come with a function of pre-programmed conversations within them, when you’re talking to them, it’s like you’re talking to a real person who knows just what to say! 

Well, they’re called sex robots because they look so sexy and their primary function is to basically provide sexual pleasure, but they can be so much more than that. Sex robots are robots designed to look like human beings, they’re built in ways that look to mimic human organs – not just sexual organs, but also the rest of it. And they’re different from other sex dolls in the manner that they’re more autonomous. 

You talk to these sex robots and they store information about you in their system. Even though they have the body of a really well-made sex doll, it’s the head that differs from a sex robot. For now, it’s an ongoing experiment many of us are waiting eagerly for to be tried and tested. The very first sex robots will hit the market soon, and here’s a glimpse of what they might look like.

introducing first sex robots

Where Are These Sex Robots Now?

To give you a short answer, most of them are either in our dreams or in a lab somewhere. Let me elaborate on that a bit more. So, where can we find one of these hot products? Sex robots haven’t been mass-produced yet but I believe privately commissioning a fembot can help you get your hands on one of them!

You can also try and find websites (like Abyss Creations) where there are pre-orders being taken for sex robots, (they’re calling the robot Harmony), but these robots haven’t actually been delivered quite yet. There are distinctive reasons as to why anyone would want to own one of these artificial beauties. Many people are interested in them from an engineering perspective, many want to collect them as pieces of art. 

And then there are people who are looking for a companion in these sex robots so they have the habit of giving backstories, names, and defining personalities to these dolls. You can usually find sex robots, when they’re available for sale, in the homes of these people. And they have to be quite rich people because sex robots are expensive to manufacture and own. 

henry: the male robot for sex

There is a male version of a sex robot but it’s going to take quite a while for Henry, the male sex robot, to come at par with all the female models being manufactured out there. You can take a look at the statistics if you’re interested to know how many people would want to interact, sexual or otherwise, with a sex robot. You might as well be one of these people. This area of the sex industry is developing favorably.

Robot vs Human

In the survey above, people are usually picking a sex robot over a human because either they don’t have the self-confidence to approach a person; Or they want a no strings attached casual sexual encounter where they don’t even have to think about considering the other person’s feelings, let alone dealing with it. The sample size in the survey is quite small, but you and I can both get an idea from it. 

Sex robots are a niche on their own. With the advancement of technology and the type of sex toys that are available on the market, pleasure comes easy. There’s a question of if ever these sex robots will be mass produced like other sex dolls. There are long-distance relationship sexual apps as well, so chances are only a selective few will be able to own these sex robots.

Is Having A Sexual Encounter With A Sex Robot Safe?

Well, with sex dolls you know they’re made for just that. You know where everything goes and you know that she won’t bite. Not that I’m saying Harmony or Henry (the female and male sex robots, check out the links above!) will bite, but since they’re robots questions are sure to arise. Is it safe to do it with a sex robot? 

They’ve been called moving, talking, and moaning sex machines so, of course, it’s safe to get it on with them. But since they haven’t actually been released into the wild yet, there’s no way to confirm it. The anatomy of a sex robot is similar to that of a sex doll, so technically there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s going to be quite unreal, I can imagine it to be quite an experience, to have sex with a sex robot. 

She or he will moan at perfect times, will talk back, and give you a sense that you’re not with a sex doll but with someone else, rather something else. The physical aspect might be more or less safe, but with technological marvels such as Harmony and Henry, make sure you’re not risking your mental health by interacting with them.

Security and Privacy

Then there’s always an issue with security and privacy. Sexual and sensitive data, if breached, can lead to a user being in an extremely vulnerable position. Lack of tolerance for homosexuals can lead to severe harm as well. So the issue of safety – what we can or cannot reveal to a sex robot – is also something to think seriously about.

And hacking can lead to nonconsensual sexual assaults. When someone else is controlling the sex robot for you, your long-distance partner, for example, and someone else gains control over the robot’s actions…who is it that’s controlling what happens in the sexual encounter, then? So there are obviously a lot of questions that can be raised. And they need to be answered before someone decides to own a sex robot.

The Grey Area Regarding Sex Robots

Pleasure toys at times have the tendency to make us end up having unrealistic expectations. Because we’re having so much fun with a particular toy – And what are sex robots if not big sex toys for us to play with? – we forget that humans aren’t really that way. That’s where a really big problem with sex dolls and sex robots and any particular sex toy comes in. 

Virtual Sex Feels Real

Humans don’t have buttons, they don’t have endless energy or stamina either and they most definitely do not stay quiet during sexual encounters (or maybe some humans do), if anything, many times someone might end up saying the wrong thing. People who are all for damn good – totally mind-blowing but artificial pleasure, would say it’s a good thing that once you have a sex robot you don’t have to interact with humans altogether.

But ask yourself, do you really want to terminate all contact with the outside world? Are you sure you want to miss out on everything because you’ve got a sweet unreal thing back at home? I’d say you keep your sex robot, try it out when it comes out to the market, and sure, you have your own kind of relationship with it, but don’t forget your human friends as well!

Real vs Artificial

It’s a wonderful thing to find a partner who matches your ideology, settling for anyone who doesn’t make you happy or content with who you are should not be acceptable. That said, it’s very hard to actually find a person like that. And you and I both know finding something real takes hard work but is worth it. So instead of completely giving up on finding a person – with flesh and everything – why not have a robot but also go out and explore what’s out there?

Gone are the days when people frowned upon you when you told them about your fetishes. If anything, I know some people who actually commend the fact when someone talks openly about their fetishes and kinks. You want to hold someone, feel a body’s weight down or above you, and are willing to experience new sexual intrigues – these mostly are the reasons why someone gets a sex robot.

So take it from me, it’s more than alright to have a sex robot at home and you going out on dates and talking about it. There will be someone out there who shares your vibe! (Threesome with a sex doll alert.) Explain to your potential partners why you have a sex robot and how that is going to factor in your relationship once you start seriously dating this person. This way, you will be on the same page as your partner!

To Conclude…

Well, as I said, humans aren’t perfect in the matters of stamina, conversation or certain moves…but oftentimes that’s what we end up missing. Sex robots are going to be marvels of technology and architecture when they’re finally readily available for everyone to use.

Sex robots will most definitely change the dynamics of a human’s relationship with their sex toys but it’s up to us to make sure we don’t mix up the real with the artificial. 

Forming an unhealthy attachment to anything at all – be it a partner or a sex robot, isn’t encouraged. That said, sex robots are definitely something you should interact with, given a chance. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of these lovely ladies, and gentlemen too, (I hope).

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