Cuckolding: Are You Into It?

Cuckolding: Are You Into It?
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You know how some people say rain is conducive to writing? Well, it has been raining incessantly since yesterday. So I figured this would be a great time to write about something I like. And by something I like I mean kinks. Something extremely interesting has come onto my radar lately. And it has everything to do with cuckolding…but wait, there’s a story here.

My good friend – who shall not be named because I don’t want to get sued, among other things – had recently started going out with this amazing girl – amazing, according to him, I’ve never met her. So, as they weren’t exclusive this girl, and my friend both, were going out on dates with other people also.

While my friend had engaged in some light kissing with other women…and maybe oral sex (yeah, men, I know right?). This girl though went out on a weekend trip with another dude and had sex with him, thrice, I’ve been told. Let me tell you, women in today’s world are as equal as men, if not more. Okay, sorry for that light jab, but the woman had sex with someone else, people.

Now, because they weren’t dating exclusively all of this is pretty cool…but then came the dreams. My friend had dreams, on two consecutive nights, of this girl being with someone else. What was amusing was in the dream, he was in the room, tied to a chair, watching them having sex. He woke up with a boner on both nights.

Talking Changed…

Now, all my friends have replaced coffee table conversation about books and movies with dildos and vibrators that help you see God – we’re very sexually open that way. And the question that was posed this particular week was, is cuckolding a fetish one should embrace without any qualms? It feels like human nature to react harshly when your partner is being intimate with someone else. So, why do some people enjoy it?

This article, apart from discussing what cuckolding really is, will talk about why someone is into it. Also, how do you breach this subject with your partner? And most importantly, it will also touch a bit on the topics of stag and vixen couples. Do you know what a stag or a vixen is? No? Good, you need to read this article then.

What Is Cuckolding And Why Is It A Taboo?

Cuckolding in the literal sense is quite easy to understand. A cuckold, or a cuck, is whose wife, referred to as the cuckoldress, goes around sleeping with other men. Traditionally, a cuck has no knowledge of the adultery of his wife or partner. This term also, in fact, isn’t new and has been around for ages. Only now, there’s a new meaning attached to it.

The contemporary cuckold not only knows his wife is sleeping with other men, but enjoys it. The cuck also does not necessarily have to be a man – gender fluidity can take the floor here. Now, the cuck encourages his partner to be with as many people as possible because they like it. 

If you find it disbelieving, you wouldn’t be the first one. I myself would not have considered this to be a fetish I could explore and research on, if not for my friend’s dreams. He was turned on by the very idea of being in the room while his partner, sort of, was intimate with someone else. So this fetish exists…and it’s very much real.

Is cuckolding acceptable or a taboo one should avoid?

I do not consider cheating acceptable, just like many other people, and that’s why cuckolding might still be considered taboo. I mean, how do you know you’ll love it when you see your partner having sex with someone else? Also, what does it mean for the two of you? Did you always love it or did you also have a dream as my friend did? 

Any unusual fetish or kink will always come with a set of questions like these attached to it. Moreover, I might be able to empathize and see someone’s reasons behind why they cheated but I agree that being a cuckold in the traditional sense is not fun. Maybe this is why people are not more open about saying out loud either if they’re into this fetish.

Just imagine finding yourself a partner and telling them you’d love it if they get it on with the mailman…or the gardener…or… ignore my suggestions but you know what I mean. But cuckolding as a fetish is so completely different from being a cuck in the literal sense. The very idea of their partner being with someone else turns a cuck on! So, finding a partner, getting comfortable with them, and exploring this fetish together – this is actually exciting for people who are really into it.

So, is it a taboo for me?

Because I’m willing to give everything a chance – and no, I’m not saying I’ll ask my partner to have sex with someone else, I’m just not that into this fetish – I’ll still empathize and agree that humans have different kinds of fetishes. I know for a fact I’m not into cuckolding, but that doesn’t mean I’ll consider it taboo. Anything that excites you, you’re allowed to accept and incorporate into your life – just make sure there’s no feelings hurt and no bodies are harmed.

And cuckolding has come out and about as quite a popular fetish among many people now…so why not just accept how amusing it can be?

Why Do People Enjoy This Fetish?

Now that you know what cuckolding is and you’re willing to accept that this fetish very much exists…you might be wondering, why do people like it? What is it about cuckolding that you and I don’t get but these people do? I’m sorry, let me not assume that you’re as clueless as I am – you might be someone who knows they’re into cuckolding as a fetish and want more information on it. 

So, for the purpose of this article, I’ll elaborate on why someone would enjoy cuckolding. Humiliation is something that comes with being a cuckold – this fetish for those people who instead of running from it, embrace that humiliation. Degradation and humiliation of the partner who is being made a cuckold plays an important part in why they like it so much.

From a psychological standpoint, the ridicule that a person feels which stems from watching their partner be with someone else plays a central role in this fetish. The cuckoldress, obviously, is in a sexually dominant position here. So, the powerplay dynamic of this whole situation is what makes it so enticing for some people.

How To Begin Exploring Cuckolding?

You don’t have to jump directly into the hot zones of this. What I mean is, you don’t necessarily have to watch your partner have sex to decide if you’re into cuckolding as a fetish. Truth be told, a lot of us imagine our significant others getting it on with other people. But that doesn’t mean we’d all love to be cucks.

We might not know what our reaction to cuckolding would be. You think you’d hate it but maybe you won’t and vice versa. So, what you have to do is slowly dip your feet into this fetish before diving in deep. First, let your partner talk about being intimate with someone other than you. This other person could be real or imaginary. Listen to this encounter narrated by your partner vividly and see how you feel about it.

After this, you either will feel possessive and want to punch this real/imaginary person your partner was with or you would be excited… thinking, what is next? So let’s say you liked what you heard so move on to the next phase. Let your partner flirt with someone. Or maybe exchange flirty or dirty texts. Your partner could read these texts to you and you could know more about what’s your take on this whole cuckolding business.

When you like the humiliation, followed by excitement and anticipation about what else your partner can do… it’s time they are with someone else. You could either be present in the room or not, it depends entirely on you. But slowly and gradually, after going through every phase of cuckolding, you’ll know where you stand and what you’re comfortable with.

How to convince my partner to engage with me in the cuckolding fetish?

It was already mentioned briefly above, the implications that come with cuckolding. The taboo that circles around it can be shared by a lot of people…your partner might just be one of them. So, how do you know you’ll not be misunderstood if you expressed a wish to partake in this fetish? 

The first thing to do is make sure you are into this fetish. For that, take a moment to think of any of the above-mentioned acts that excite you or if you want to try them out. If the answer is yes, it’s time to talk to your partner about it. If you have a long-time partner, it’s relatively easier to breach this subject – or any subject at all, really. After talking things through, the two of you can then move from one phase of cuckolding to another.

If you have a relatively newer partner and you’re sure you want to be a cuckold, drop hints. Try telling them what excites you. Encourage them in their fetishes and in turn talk about yours. They’ll either understand what you want and you’ll start exploring this together…or you’ll move on to something, or someone, you’re both right for.

What Is A Stag And Vixen Couple?

The basics are mostly the same, you know? A stag is a male whose wife, referred to as the hotwife, is a vixen and becomes intimate with her bull. A bull is a single male who has sex with the hotwife or the vixen while the stag watches them. It all sounds a bit familiar, but it isn’t, really.

I’ll elaborate on the differences in the next section. But if you’re interested to know some stories of a hotwife firsthand, you can check out this blog!

How is being a stag or vixen couple different from cuckolding?

There is a tiny difference between a stag and a vixen couple and the cuckolding fetish. You see, where cuckolding is concerned, the factors of humiliation, ridicule, and power play come into question. But where a stag and a vixen couple is concerned, there is no hint of humiliation.

A stag also likes it when his wife or partner is intimate with another male – note that in both cases, the single male who is having sex with the wife or the partner is referred to as a bull – but there is no element of humiliation. A stag and a vixen couple don’t bring in a bull in their bed to feel the thrill of ridicule. Rather they do it to feel closer to each other. 

Another distinction between cuckolding and a stag and vixen couple is a stag is allowed to join his wife and the bull. There is a ritual of reclaiming where the stag penetrates the vixen to claim her back from the bull. While a cuck only gets to watch his wife engage with her bull. But a cuck doesn’t want to join in anyway – these two fetishes are completely different this way.

Am I Into Cuckolding?

Our kinks and fetishes don’t really follow a linear path. One moment you want something and the next moment you realize you haven’t got it all figured out. If the prospect of your partner being with someone else interests you, talk to them and see if engaging a bull in your relationship will enhance you sexually.

You can always stop engaging in a fetish if you want to take a break to think things through. You can also enjoy both humiliation and the ritual of reclaiming. As I said, do what you think is best for you and your partner. 

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