Find Out How to Make Your Own Cum!

Find Out How to Make Your Own Cum!
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You might be tempted to think or ask, why fake semen? That is something that the male human body simply makes! Well, I was curious myself but apparently, it’s a much-researched question on the internet. There are many people out there who are wondering how to make fake cum. 

And if you think about it, there’s a good reason for this search. Really, how many men out there has a fantasy of drowning the women or their partners in their cum? Well, a lot of men might have this fantasy. And even if we leave the men behind, how about women? Women don’t produce semen, they’ve got to get it from someplace else if they want to play with it.

Here’s where this article helps you. This is the ultimate guide on how to make your fake semen, for whatever reasons necessary. But, sexy reasons aside – not that wanting more semen to recreate a scene from your fantasy is not a valid reason – there are many other, even possibly medical reasons to want to make fake cum. I’m hoping to explore all the aspects of this amusing process one by one. Well, let’s dive in then.

Why Would You Need Fake Semen?

Why a woman would want more semen in her sexual encounters with men or any other partner is a different matter altogether. She might just be in the mood for something nasty! And be it, men or women, using it, it might just be one of those sex toys that come with a cum tube. But the point is, it’s natural for some people to want more semen. 

There are reasons as well, like when a male body naturally stops producing a healthy amount of semen. Or when men with ED (Erectile Dysfunction) want to make sure their lady gets a taste of sloppy pleasures…regardless of if this pleasure is coming from a squirting dildo.

Then, you’ve got to get some from other sources. Now, you (I’m assuming you do) and I both know that not much cum comes out of a man’s body even in the first place. I mean, you could try and follow all the tips out there to produce more cum naturally. But those tips will only take you so far.

Don’t get me wrong, they work for many men, but these tips are not really known to work fast. And even after following all the tips to produce more cum, the maximum amount of it will cover a woman’s stomach altogether…there will be no drowning of anyone in it. So, it’s completely natural to want to find ways to make something that resembles semen. 

Any other source to get a great amount of semen needs to be artificial. A person can seldom go about carrying a cup and asking men to ‘donate’ their sperm. Lunacy as it may seem to many, this could also be some kind of fetish, for sure. But there’s always a concern of safety with body fluids. Making your own artificial sperm is really the only way to go.

What is the Cum Fetish?

There are all of those reasons, and then there’s the cum fetish. It’s one thing to try out making some fake cum to have fun for a day or two. And it’s an entirely different thing to want to make fake cum because it gives you some kind of satisfaction on an entirely different level. A lot of people simply love to see cum, touch it, or feel it, regardless of if they’re having sex or not.

Cum fetish is being turned on by cum. And this requires wanting to come in contact with massive amounts of cum. It’s already established that shooting that much cum is beyond human (or beyond any pornstar either). When people have sex, they lead up to the release. 

Ejaculation is the moment when you finish with some cum either coming out of you or your partner. When you have a cum fetish, the cum comes first. Touching, feeling, or even at times just looking at semen turns on that particular individual with cum fetish. At times, they crave to see the semen first before engaging in any kind of sexual encounter.

The Dilemma

So, do you get the dilemma? You can’t have natural cum without sex but you can’t have sex naturally without getting hands-on with some cum in this particular case. Fake cum was made for these dilemmas. You could be someone who likes the feel of cum inside you, and lots of it. You could be someone who thinks a lot of cum around you is like a medal for you. As in, you’ve deserved this because you’ve done a good job of pleasing your partner.

Or you could simply be someone who’s into the power play dynamics of cum play. A lot of cum inside you or on you means you’re submissive and you like it. Someone else is drowning you in their body fluids, it gets on your body and it gets on your mouth…think about it, do you like that? Well, there you have it, now you know what cum fetish is and why someone would want lots and lots of fake cum.

What Exactly Is Fake Semen?

Fake semen is typically a liquid mixture of a few things that looks and feels like the semen that is ejaculated from the male body. At times, even the texture of the fake cum is exactly like real cum. But it depends on you how runny you want the fake semen to be. Mostly if you’re using it for a cum tube or plan to squirt it out of a syringe, it needs to be a little runny.

It’s an artificial substance that is designed to replicate the look, the feel, and even the taste of real human male cum as well. It’s all in the ingredients you put in. If not for domestic purposes, fake cum is mostly used in the porn industry. Most cum-fetish videos or creampie compilations use fake cum to shoot (pardon my pun) the desired effects.

Usage and Popularity

Fake cum is quite popular in Japanese porn. They don’t make a fuss about making it seem too real either. At times, you can even see the mixing bowl out there that was used to prepare this fake cum. And to put my two words into it, fake cum is almost always a little more opaque than real cum – just a tad bit though, so that it doesn’t give away the fakeness.

Ejaculating dildos and handy syringes always make it to a porn set. Don’t I keep telling you that porn isn’t real? Well, they almost always use fake cum. But fake cum isn’t just for the professionals, you can make your own fake cum and play around or get nasty with it as much as you like…and guess what, fake cum is much easier to clean than real cum.

Fake cum can be used as lube as well. Since it’s naturally made by you (or at times store-bought, but more on that later) and safe to use internally, when you’re out of lube just pour some of the fake cum you’ve got on your internal organs and go crazy! There’s no risk of unwanted pregnancies with it so use as much as you want! Also, as I mentioned, you can find yourself already manufactured packets of fake cum or make it yourself in your own kitchen. 

Is pre-made packaged cum for you?

The packaged fake cum is easier to obtain and use because they’re readily available. One of the issues with them is the date of expiration and your chances of being allergic to something that’s inside it. The trick is to always check the ingredients. You may have heard this before – that the front of the pack may be all shiny and everything but the real thing is on the back – and it’s true.

Another problem with fake cum is its consistency. I’ve already mentioned above that fake cum, especially which is pre-made is more or less a bit denser than real cum. This is what messes up the consistency. When you’re making your own cum (on the kitchen table, not inside your body) you can just simply decide the texture of the fake cum.

Moreover, you cannot taste every packaged cum that’s available in the market. Not every pre-made fake cum is edible. So swallowing is out of the question with these market-bought packs of fake cum. However, these artificial fake cums are tested and are body-safe so you can use it internally, as lube or otherwise…just don’t put them in your mouth.

Learn How to Make Fake Cum Yourself!

Now, all of that brings us to make some of that fake cum. So now let’s look at one recipe to make it…or three. Remember that these ingredients are readily available in the supermarket, if not in your kitchen. They’re fairly easy to follow. And the cum you make is edible, although make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Take an allergy test: Rub a little amount of the ingredient on your body, preferably on your arm. Wait for an hour to see if you have an allergic reaction. In some cases, it’s okay if you want to wait for 24 hours. Make sure you’re with a friend or your partner when you’re taking the allergy test. If all the ingredients feel safe in your body, it’s time to cook them up!

Recipe #1

fake cum recipe results

Scoop up some eggs, sour cream, and cornstarch, not necessarily in that order though. For almost 1 cup of fake cum, you need 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of sour cream, and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. You can also add some salt to refine the taste later.

What you need to do is mix the cornstarch with a cup of water until the water starts to become cloudy. That’s when you put it on flame, medium heat, and stir to continue mixing well. Let it simmer till it thickens to become jizz-like consistent. When it turns white, take it off the flame and cool it for about 20 minutes. 

That’s just the first step though. After it’s cold – you can also refrigerate the mixture to speed up the cooling process – add the egg white to this mixture and continue stirring. Remember to not use the yolk, we don’t want the semen to have any yellow dots floating in it. 

Now it’s time to add the sour cream to complete your homemade spunk. It will be white, sour, and just a tad bit bitter – just like real spunk. Although, the taste might be something you can’t stomach. But then again, not everybody is a fan of natural spunk either. Watch this YouTube video for a complete tutorial + tasting of this homemade cum.

Recipe #2

how to make fake cum from yoghurt

This recipe is much simpler than the last one and with no heating up involved. The list of ingredients as well is much shorter. All you need is yogurt and water. You can take your pick of either sweetened or unsweetened yogurt. Mix them up till you work up a consistency that works for you and play pretend cum with this mixture as long as you want.

I know, this recipe seems like a joke after the last one but firstly this is easier, secondly it tastes much better, and lastly it is both body-safe and edible! That means it can go inside you, anywhere at all, no questions asked. Just make sure to clean up well after. Although, I wouldn’t use this mixture as lube because it won’t help reduce fiction that much.

Test out mixing yogurt and water together to see what consistency you like best. Usually, four parts of yogurt with one part of water do a good job of creating something that looks very much like real cum. You can most absolutely make your own adjustments as you see fit. But the taste, of course, will be of thin and runny yogurt, not cum. 

Eggs and cornstarch can at times give you infections, so don’t add them to this mixture. Follow the recipe – don’t go about experimenting with ingredients of one recipe with another. Don’t go about heating stuff when you’re not supposed to either. And always, make sure that whatever you’re using, clean up well after. 

Recipe #3

fake semen

Let’s end with this one, shall we? We’ve already deviated from human cum a bit looking for its substitutes. After yogurt, because of course, you might not like the taste of it…or you might be lactose intolerant…this recipe calls forth icing sugar and coconut oil as ingredients.

Take some water and icing sugar and go crazy. Add as much icing sugar as you want to a cup of water to get that cloudy consistency. This mixture will be runny, of course, so it won’t really resemble human male cum. But it’s amazing if you want to use it for squirting dildos or inside a cum tube – so basically, it does the job, more or less.

Adding the coconut oil to this mixture could be tricky. It depends on how the climate is where you live. Coconut oil is usually solid in cold climates and needs to be heated up before use. You’ll have to slightly heat up a heaped tablespoon of coconut oil to melt it before use. After it’s completely liquified – and this takes about a minute or two of gentle heating – mix it with the cloudy mixture of icing sugar and water. 

Let it cool…

The entire mixture will cool down soon, and you must keep stirring periodically till it does. Also, it’s only natural that the coconut oil will make white lumps in the mixture while it’s cooling down. You’ll be able to see them floating on the surface once you’re done preparing this homemade cum. They’re not very hard so it shouldn’t bother you when you’re using the mixture.

When the coconut oil is already warm, given you live in warmer climates, all you need to do is pour it directly into the mixture of icing sugar and water. You can also heat it up a bit, based on your preferences. Coconut water basically acts as a lubricant – therefore it’s an important ingredient. You just can’t go about pouring sugar water all over your body. I mean you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it doesn’t serve the purpose of homemade cum without the coconut oil in it.

To Conclude…

Remember I said that there are also artificially made cum packets available in the market? Well, if you think making homemade cum is just too much of an ordeal, grab the packs. I mean yes, what looks like real cum (recipe #1) looks horrible and what tastes pretty darn good isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. But those cum packets available in the market also have their own pros and cons.

It all comes down to you then, read up on this a bit more and decide what suits you best before putting that apron on!

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