Food Play And What You Can Do With It

Food Play And What You Can Do With It
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My friends and I had once decided to open up an Instagram page about food blogging. We fairly go to many places to eat. But this venture never began, let alone become a success, because of a really bad plate of mutton dumplings. What I’m trying to say is, food is important. It decides not only your mood but also how excited you can be about something.

Food play is something everyone can indulge in. The food doesn’t necessarily have to be passion fruit or peaches though. If a pizza makes your lover jump with joy, so be it. But what exactly is food play? Food, obviously, is involved and so is turning on…so, how does it work? Food play might take ‘food lover’ to a different level – but wait, it’s not just it.

My love for food was always a great one. It didn’t take me much time to cook up a perfect dinner and impress someone. But is getting some good food on the table food play? At times, watching Hannibal setting up the table made me want to…well, appreciate the art and joy of cooking. 

Not that I’m anywhere near Hannibal – and thank God for it – food play is less about what the food is and more about what you do with it…be it peaches or a pizza. But then again, there are certain kinds of food items. A pizza might give you foodgasms but bringing it into the bedroom won’t add that erotic factor you’re looking for.

I’m all for cherries and wine, really, so maybe have a pizza – or a taco – and read up on food play a bit. If you’re a food lover and a sex lover, it can’t get better than this. Let’s spice, sweeten, and food up our sex lives! (Wow, that’s something I’d never really thought I’d ever say.)

The Fundamentals Of Food Play

Food doesn’t necessarily have to urgently turn you on. A good, pink, and plump strawberry doesn’t have to get you all worked up. But pair it with chocolate and add some champagne and maybe a strawberry won’t just be that fruit you pop in your mouth during breakfast.

Food play is all about introducing such food items in your bedroom that first and foremost elevate your senses – I’m talking eyes, smell, skin – you should be able to smell the food. The sight of it should be appealing. And your skin would relish its touch. Food play can help with arousal in the bedroom. Why else do you think there’s always some chocolate under pillows in the honeymoon suite?

The smell, taste, and texture are what matter the most. I sure did include pizza and tacos as you might be thinking if you can make eating the toppings off of a pizza one after the other sexy enough…or slathering the sauce over the taco hot enough… would that be food play? 

Your favorite food items sure are appealing but touch is an important part of food play as well. The food is ideally something that won’t irritate the skin. So this is where we leave all thoughts of junk food behind and think about fruits…and maybe ice cream. 

Some Food Items To Consider When Food Play Is On Your Mind

Choose the food item that you want to play with wisely. Chances are it’s going to get inside places you never thought was possible. I’ve already mentioned strawberries, champagne, ice cream, and chocolate…but what else?

Well, don’t forget the whipped cream! 

whipped cream

There’s something yummy about licking the stuff off of your partner’s body. There’s this thing some people like to do – they like to lick the people they are into. I’m not kidding, while kissing there will be more tongue. While oral sex, there will be more…well, tongue. 

Whipped cream broadens that horizon and will help your partner lick away at you all they want. Using whipped cream to introduce food play as foreplay into your sex life is actually a pretty wonderful thing to do.

Candy bracelets and necklaces are all the rage now. 

I tried one of them. I mean, my partner got a candy necklace and we sort of ate it together. Imagine this, you’re together and your partner, or you, are wearing something edible. You can nibble at it, eat it, smell it and even bite with these bracelets and necklaces. It’s the whole package, really.

There’s just this one tiny thing to consider with these candy necklaces and bracelets – the issue of hygiene. Do not wear, eat or use the candy and then store it for reuse. You see, the candy would be all over your body, touching almost every part – or whenever you wear it – and bacterias love growing on anything they can get their microscopic bodies on. Storing the candy for reuse can be unhealthy.

Cherries and Frozen Grapes can also be used for food play

Cherries mix well with grapes in terms of taste. And other than that, the cold grapes can be used for light temperature play. The shocks of something frozen rolling on your body is tantalizing and arousing.

But again, there’s the issue of hygiene. You must not rub or insert anything, including these sensual food items, inside your genitals that aren’t sterilized. Crushed fruit can carry bacteria and so can frozen food that has been rolling around the body like it was a common playground


honey and food play

Honey is sticky but works just as fine as whipped cream, if not better. It’s the texture, actually. Honey is exotic and the stickiness adds to the urgency to lick it off from someone’s body. And let’s not forget the sensual image of honey dripping on someone’s skin only to be spread and licked clean.

Also, what about a game? I came across it while looking up food play and searching up food items to play with. What happens in the game is, one partner dabs a little bit of honey on their body to begin with. The other partner has to have their eyes closed while this happens. 

What’s fun is this other partner now has to search for the ‘sweet spot’ in their partner’s body with honey smeared on it. And they keep their eyes closed till they find it! And oh, make sure you buy a proper and standard bottle of honey and test it for allergies before going around playing with it.


Popsicles are something that can be considered for light temperature play…only don’t get any funny ideas. They melt, and then they’re sticky. Both temperature play and sensual licking can be established with popsicles. But do not insert it into your sensitive parts – that stick is colder than you think. And you don’t want unnecessary shocks, my friend.

It’s a good idea to use a towel or a washcloth to spare your sheets the stickiness while using a popsicle. Or take the fun of food play to the bathtub… whatever works to make you more hungry for your partner!

Well, there’s also always bananas

banana play

Bananas both look great and can be used for a different kind of fantasy during food play. As bananas look like a penis you could role-play and pretend it was one. Ah, but don’t go about inserting it into your body, a banana might look like a phallus but is neither that flexible nor that smooth. Other than that, they’re also good for health and are known to prevent cramps. 

An article, albeit jokingly, talked about using shrimp and bacon! Dipping it in sauce and tilting your head back to lick it and eat it, can apparently be sexy. I guess I wasn’t too far off thinking that eating pizza in bed could be okay during food play. Well, to each, most certainly, it’s own. The end result is to most definitely have both sex and food that’s sensual and nourishing!

Some Preparation That You Must Take

Food play is more than just a trip to the grocery shop, and you and I both know it. You’re bound to worry about the sheets that might stain. And to consider the places you’d want to do it for it to be most convenient. Then there’s always allergies to think about…some preparation most absolutely needs to go into it!

Adding the factor of edible ingredients in your sex life firstly consists of you choosing the proper food. You can start with something that doesn’t stain (strawberries?). After you like it and know you’re into it, then move on to something that’s a bit messy, (chocolate syrup?). 

I’ll provide some tips and ideas for food play in the next section but the bottom line is, you can start with one food item to see if it suits your tastes. Then, you can move on to more exciting food items or even mix two edibles. Chocolate-coated strawberries are what I’m asking you to aim for. Or maybe frozen grapes with whipped cream…the choice is yours.

Another thing to keep in mind is not just yours but your partner’s preferences, besides allergies, that is. Many people do not like honey. You don’t want them making a face and saying ‘ew ew ew ew’ while you’re trying to lick some off of their ears. If you don’t quite know of these preferences, talk it out. A conversation about it might lead to a great evening of sensual food play!

One thing that you must do is clean yourself – both before and after your food play session. It’s ideal to take a bath both after and before. Clean yourself and don’t apply any non-edible body lotions and oils before food play. And after you’re done rolling in food or licking it off, take a damp towel to remove any stickiness and apply some moisturizer on your skin!

Time For Those Ideas And Tips!

Some people are visibly turned on by food covering their partner’s body parts. Remember how Samantha from Sex And The City wanted to surprise John? Well, Nyotaimori is a Japanese practice where people can place food on a naked body. The body itself serves as a plate – think body shots, but with food! 

Then there’s always being covered in food. If you’re not worried about getting a bit messy, this is what you can do. Take chocolate sauce, honey, or whipped cream – anything you like that’s a bit runny – and cover each other up completely with it. You can also throw this on a clean floor, possibly the kitchen floor, and roll about. This is food play at its extremely best.

You might also want to indulge in creating some art. Using food to paint each other – using mostly the fluid edibles – can be considered. There’s something sensual about touching and licking food while naked. Eating food with your hands might also have similar effects. Use your hands to stroke, rub and make lines on your own or your partner’s body. 

You can also try some temperature play with frozen berries or ice cubes. Take an ice cube and run it over your partner’s lips, neck, breasts, and genitals…the chilling sensation that remains can turn you on and keep you on your toes. Again, you can either do this to your partner, to each other or just to yourself.

Both indulging in body painting and temperature food play is something you can do with a partner or solo. Take an ice cube and see how it feels on your body…and if you like it. Or dip your fingers in some chocolate milk and run it over your hands before licking it off. If this is something that excites you after you do it, chances are you’ll like food play. 

This is a good way to start small! If you’re reading this article, are interested, and you’re not afraid of a little mess, food play can absolutely be your thing! Take the necessary preparations, you can see that they’re not really much, and this play is considerably safe! Food play is an interesting play to bring some spice into your sex life…quite literally.

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