Fleshlight Discount Codes and Deals

Fleshlight Discount Codes and Deals
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Buying a sex toy is always exciting. However, getting a good deal and saving money simply lifts up the whole experience. Currently, there are numerous websites full fake Fleshlight discount codes.

That’s why I decided to make this list of available Fleshlight deals that are actually real and will help you save money.

I update this Fleshlight discount and other sex toy deal selection on a weekly basis, so, you won’t face any expired promotions.

Fleshlight Discount Options

While currently there are no official Fleshlight discount codes, there are several great deals that will help you save money and get quality pocket pussies for a lower price.

Fleshlight Combo Packs

Fleshlight deal - STU combo

Fleshlight combo packs are a great way to save up to 33 percent. Sometimes even more. This Fleshlight discount option offers you various promotions, including lube packs, travel packs, popular sleeves and even interactive Fleshlight combos.

Shop Combo Packs

3 Sleeves for Price of 2

3 sleeves for 2 fleshlight discount

Currently, you can get the most popular Fleshlight textures for a lower price. Simply choose your favorite three sleeves from the available models and only pay for two.

Shop Sleeves

Flishlight Girls Combo Packs

Fleshlight Discount - Girls Combo

You can save up to 35 percent if you choose to buy a Fleshlight Girl Lady Fleshlight along with lube and cleaning supplies. This way you pay even less than you would if you bought only the Fleshlight, without the cleaning kit.

Shop Fleshlight Girls Packs

Fleshlight Girls – !HIDDEN DEAL!

This Fleshlight discount is hidden from the main deal section. However, you can have multiple Fleshlight Girls with a generous discount. However, the key to that is buying in bulk.

Since having only one case is enough, you only need to get additional sleeves. Here’s what this Fleshlight deal offers:

  • 2 – 3 Fleshlight Girls sleeves – 5% OFF
  • 4 – 5 Fleshlight Girls sleeves – 7.5% OFF
  • 6 – 7 Fleshlight Girls sleeves – 10 % OFF
  • 8 -9 Fleshlight Girls sleeves – 12.5% OFF
  • 10+ Fleshlight Girls sleeves – 15% OFF

Shop Multiple Fleshlight Girls Sleeves

Fleshjack Boys Combo Packs

Fleshjack Boys combo deal

With this Fleshjack discount option, you can save up to 35 percent. A regular combo includes a dildo and a Fleshjack sleeve of selected Fleshjack boy, along with a pack of Fleshlube.

Shop Fleshjack Boys Packs

Fleshjack Boys Multiple Sleeves Discount

This Fleshlight discount is available on the official Fleshjack website. Similar to the Fleshlight Girls deal, you can have multiple Fleshjack sleeves for a lower price when buying in bulk.

Here’s what you can get:

  • 2 – 3 Fleshjack Boys sleeves – 5% OFF
  • 4 – 5 Fleshjack Boys sleeves – 7.5% OFF
  • 6 – 7 Fleshjack Boys sleeves – 10 % OFF
  • 8 -9 Fleshjack Boys sleeves – 12.5% OFF
  • 10+ Fleshjack Boys sleeves – 15% OFF

As you can see, the more sleeves you buy – the better the discount.

Shop Multiple Fleshjack Boys Sleeves

Fleshlight Discount on Amazon

While many choose to shop via Amazon, I recommend being careful. Amazon is full of scammers and this is the ONLY official Fleshlight store on Amazon. You can find the link even on the official Fleshlight website, at the bottom of the page.

They have a couple of discounted items, however, better deals are offered on the official website.

Of course, there are various resellers, yet, not all of them offer original products. Make sure you check the reviews before you actually order something. If a Fleshlight discount seems to be too good to be true – most likely it’s fake.

Discreet Shipping

If it’s the discreetness of shopping you’re worried about – Fleshlight offers only discreet billing and shipping for all of your purchases. Your items will be shipped in plain carton boxes and your billing statement will include payment for ILF (Interactive Life Forms), it’s the parental company of Fleshlight.

Other Sex Toy Stores Fleshlight Deals

Since people who read this website come from different parts of the world, there are not that many of trustworthy sex toy stores that I could recommend as Fleshlight resellers.

I am sure that there are trustworthy resellers in your country, however, most of them probably don’t operate internationally.

However, LoveHoney is an international sex toy store that is available in most countries. In most cases, you can benefit from a deal or two on their website. However, their Fleshlight selection isn’t very big. Yet, they have some pretty cool Fleshlights.

Visit LoveHoney

Best Time to Get Fleshlight Deals

Just like any other online store, Fleshlight offers various annual discount options. Here are some of the main holidays and dates to keep in mind. They basically guarantee you Fleshlight discounts or free additional items.

January – New Years Fleshlight Discount

New Year – new sex toys. The beginning of the year is usually celebrated with some pretty generous Fleshlight discounts and deals.

February – Valentine’s Day

There’s no better day to celebrate sex love than Valentine’s day. Surprise your lover, give a gift to yourself – maybe both? Great Fleshlight deals will be waiting for you.

March – April – Easter Special

Another great holiday, another reason to give yourself a gift. Even though the holiday isn’t about sex toys, their manufacturers don’t forget to celebrate it with some intriguing promotions.

Masturbation May

That’s a traditional holiday month to celebrate your sexuality and explore it. Masturbation May is always celebrated with Fleshlight discount items and various promos.

June – Father’s Day

Even if you’re not yet a dad – someday you might be. So, celebrate Father’s day with annual Fleshlight deals.

July – Summer Fleshlight Discount Time

Just like all stores are having summer sales, sex stores are not an exception. Around July, most sex stores start their promotions, so it’s a great time to look for special deals.

August – September – Back to School

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going back to school, work, or University – getting back from vacation can be stressful. Having a Fleshlight can help you blow off some steam and keep your mind clear. Good thing – to celebrate this, Fleshlight gives some quick promos.

October – Halloween

If you’re after some fantasy pocket pussies – Halloween can be the perfect timing to get your Fleshlight. Who knows, maybe this year they will surprise you with something freaky?

November – Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

November is a synonym of insane sales. Black Friday, Cyber Monday – it’s that time of year when the biggest discounts become available. So, use this weekend to get a discount on Fleshlight, or maybe a few? After all, you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, thank yourself with a Fleshlight.

December – Christmas Fleshlight Discount and Deal

As it is said – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is all about giving. So, give your partner or yourself a Christmas gift of pleasure.

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