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Riley Reid Fleshlight Review

This Riley Reid Fleshlight review is dedicated to horny men around the world who dream about having sex with their favorite porn star.

Ever since Fleshlight Girls started, they’ve become a massive hit. One after other, huge porn stars started collaborating with Fleshlight and gave us, horny dudes, a chance to know what it would feel like to fo it with them. Well, at least get something close to it.

Even though Riley Reid is one of the biggest stars on PornHub, she was kind enough to donate her vaginal and anal molds to bless us with Euphoria and Utopia.

Riley Reid
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When I say Euphoria and Utopia, it’s not only the feelings I have in mind. Euphoria and Utopia are the Riley Reid’s pocket pussy titles. Euphoria is what you get when you choose to have sex with her Fleshlight butt. Utopia is what you reach when you stick it in her Fleshlight vagina.

Since I’m a huge fan of Riley, of course, I ordered both, the Utopia and the Euphoria, and below listed how they both feel and the pros along with cons of each. So, let’s start from the front door and review Riley Reid’s Fleshlight vagina – Utopia.

Riley Reid Fleshlight – Utopia Review

Since Riley Reid is one of my favorite porn stars, I was very excited ever since I found out about this collaboration with Fleshlight. Once her majestic vagina was available to order online – I did it straight away.

Even though Fleshlight Girls are slightly more expensive than your regular Fleshlight pocket pussy, I didn’t mind paying extra – it’s a porn star pussy I’m getting after all. And not just any porn star – it’s Riley Reid!

Riley Reid lady sleeve

Utopia Pros

Well, listing the pros of Utopia is really exciting. Riley Reid Fleshlight, just like all of their products, is quality made and brought me a lot of pleasure. So, without any further ado, let’s see what you get from Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight pocket pussy:

It’s Tight

Everyone enjoys a nice, tight, and firm pussy. Riley Reid Fleshlight is exactly like that. The opening of the pocket pussy is pretty tight, so as excited as I was, I think I got even harder.

Utopia has a unique texture filled with small spikes, also, the further you go – the tighter it gets. So, if you want to come pretty close to knowing what fucking a tight porn star vagina feels like – Riley Reid Fleshlight is what you’re looking for.

Feels Real

Made from their patented SuperSkin material, the Fleshlight Utopia feels so real, it’s unbelievable. Having in mind that it’s a pocket pussy based on a porn star, makes the whole experience even more exciting.

I think the fantasy part adds a lot to this experience. Also, when you put it on and it feels real – it’s fireworks, hands down.

Intense Sensations

Since the Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia felt so tight, the sensations you get are pretty intense. Add the fantasy part to it and indeed, you do get Utopia out of it.

Tight around your penis, with ribs and nubs this pocket pussy will make it hard for you not to cum.

Getting Inside Your Favorite Porn Star

Well, this is the best part I guess. I doubt there’s a guy out there who didn’t dream about getting inside his favorite porn star at least once. Sure I’m one of this gang.

So, finally, you can see your fantasies and dreams go live by getting a Riley Reid Fleshlight and giving it to her and doing it goood. Stop fantasizing and simply get your pocket pussy.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

What’s great about nearly all Fleshlight products – they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain. Riley Reid Utopia is not an exception.

You can literally nut in it as much as you want, since cleaning it requires only a little effort.

However, keep in mind that you need to clean it after each nutting session. As you know, when it comes to sex toys – you need to keep them clean to avoid any bacteria, dirt, sweat, or anything else nasty on your penis.

Utopia Cons

Even though the experience with Riley Reid Utopia is incredible, there are some downsides to it. Well, for me this wasn’t the case, however, all dudes are different and all penises have different needs. So, here are a couple of issues that you may face with this Fleshlight.

Could Be a Little Too Tight

The opening of Riley Reid Utopia is already quite narrow and it gets tighter with every chamber, it could be a little too tight for guys with very wide penises. However, if you enjoy your dick getting a tight hug – you should enjoy Riley Reid as well.

Could Be Too Intense

The Utopia Fleshlight is tight, with no doubt. So, if you tend to cum too fast, it may seem a little too intense. In the beginning, at least. However, you can see it as a porn star stamina training unit. It could with time help you last longer in bed. So, maybe it’s a good thing?

How Utopia Feels?

Even though it was packed in a discreet box, once I unboxed the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight, I was anxious to try it. So, I got a quiet moment and let the action begin.

Like the responsible adult that I am, I grabbed myself some lube, searched for my favorite Riley Reid videos to enhance the experience, and allowed the party to begin.

Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia Texture

In terms of lube, I chose a water-based one, as it is compatible with any sex toy materials. So, I recommend you always have some, cause you never know which toy and when you’ll want to play with it.

Once my pleasure station was ready, I generously lubed up the Riley Reid Fleshlight and went downtown. Once I got my penis inside, I felt that it was getting tighter by the chamber. However, with each chamber and having a fantasy moment in mind – the pleasure increased.

What I really liked about it is how with every inch not only does the tightness increases but the sensations change, as the textures differ. The greatest pleasure in my opinion comes from the last inches, where the texture has multiple mini ribs that feel insane.

So, if you want a wild ride with your favorite porn star, Riley Reid Fleshlight surely surpassed my expectations.

Riley Reid Fleshlight – Euphoria Review

Now that we’ve covered what we find behind door number one, time to go in through the back door and see what Riley Reid Fleshlight Euphoria has to offer. If you thought that Utopia was incredible, you’re about to find out that there’s even more that you can get.

Riley Reid butt sleeve

Euphoria Pros

Just Like Utopia, Euphoria comes with numerous benefits, that even make it slightly better than Utopia. Here’s what I enjoyed about Euphoria and what you can expect to get from it:

Anal Experience

Probably the most exciting part about Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia is the fact that once you’re inside, it gets pretty realistic and exciting.


If I thought that Utopia was tight, this Euphoria can feel even tighter in some places. So, if you want something tight around your penis to pleasure you, Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia will not disappoint.

Fells Real

Utopia is also made from Fleshlight patented SuperSkin material. Even though the confusion between anal and oral exists, the Fleshlight Euphoria feels unbelievably real. Just like with Utopia, the fact that it’s a pocket pussy based on a porn star, naturally makes the experience even more exciting.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Just like other Fleshlight products – Euphoria is very easy to clean and maintain. So, you can enjoy it as much as you want – cleaning Euphoria requires only warm water and soap.

Still, you need to keep in mind that you have to clean it after each pleasure session. So, as you probably already know, you need to keep your sex toys clean in order to avoid any dirt, bacteria, sweat, or anything else nasty on your private parts that could cause infections.

Euphoria Cons

Similar to Utopia, getting Euphoria means facing similar issues as with Utopia. Even though I’ve mentioned them before, here are some more details about them:

Could Be a Little Too Tight For Wide Dicks

The opening of Riley Reid Euphoria is as narrow as 0.3 – 0.4 inches and gets tighter on the way, it could be a bit too tight for guys with wide penises, even tighter than Utopia feels.

How Euphoria Feels?

Just like with Utopia, I generously lubed up Euphoria and got myself ready for some action.

Actually, it surprised me once I got inside. Even though the opening was tight, what waited for me after was unbelievable.

Riley Reid Euphoria Texture

What surprised me was the texture of the sleeve. It had strong suction, felt tight and intense so very pleasant.

The three main sections of the sleeve are separated by wide ribs, so it gets tighter and more intense with each one.

Compared to Utopia, it felt tighter and more intense. So, naturally, I finished a lot faster.

Riley Reid
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The Verdict

While both Riley Reid Fleshlight options are very enjoyable, I would give a slight edge to Euphoria. I enjoyed the intensity.

However, if you feel like Euphoria could be too intense for you, go for Utopia – from what I experienced, it’s worth the money. So, you can order yours now here.

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