Blow-Up Dolls: Why Should I Care About What They Are?

Blow-Up Dolls: Why Should I Care About What They Are?
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What do you do when you have a headache? Does chamomile tea come to your mind? Yes…a nice cup of tea and some deep breaths might help get that ache out of your head. Or what about some sleep? A nice nap might do the trick as well. What do you do, do you pop in an over-the-counter tablet and hope the headache goes away while you sit down to read with a cup of tea before a good long nap? It all sounds really good and I wish my headache went away as wonderfully as some other people’s headaches do but it doesn’t. When I get a headache, forget to rest, I sit down and search for random trivia about blow-up dolls.

I’m not even kidding, really, a friend of mine got married and I was invited to the bachelor party. And because I am a dildo/blow-up doll/basically anything adult enthusiast I paid less attention to how much I was drinking and more attention to how on earth have I gone without writing an article on blow-up dolls? So, to answer the question I asked in the title of this article, you should care about blow-up dolls because they’re quite interesting. And to just add one more piece of information, yes, I am quite hungover at the moment and I did look up at random blow-up doll trivia instead of just closing my eyes and going to sleep.

Where Did These Dolls Come From?

Well, my intuition tells me that rumor or not, Adolf Hitler did not invent blow-up dolls. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this article out. (What you’re reading right now, the product of my insomnia-ridden hungover brain, is filled with so much random blow-up doll trivia you’re gonna love it.)

So, if I was to talk about the history of blow-up dolls, what should I say? Who invented blow-up dolls? If you’ve read some other of my articles you’d know that I have a habit of inventing origin stories – I totally mention which stories are true and which stories were cooked up in my insomniac brain, so my articles might be quirky but they’re absolutely legit.

The cooked up story for the origin of blow-up dolls would be, a lonely person decided to invent a friend…oh no wait, someone with a God complex decided to create something resembling a human…or maybe blow-up dolls were actually just created to tease to-be brides or grooms on the night before their wedding. I’m just throwing ideas here but whatever may the reason be, blow-up dolls are all the rage now. 

Now, the original inventor is unknown (so Hitler might as well just take the credit) but there is some actual historical evidence behind blow-up dolls. The 17th-century Dutch sailors used a doll made of cloth – to be precise, rags – to relieve and reduce sexual tension that accumulated during long sea trips. Many say this was the origin of blow-up dolls or sex dolls. I’ve come across similar stories on how sex toys like dildos were also invented by sailors going on voyages…so you see, this concept of inventing ways to bring a bit of pleasure in your life is way older than you and I could think.

The first written record of a blow-up doll appeared in Iwan Bloch’s book, “The Sexual Life of Our Time”, published in 1908. And after the sixties, there were tons of advertisements about blow-up dolls which started to appear in magazines. They totally made it possible for you to select diverse dolls with different hair colors and styles to suit the customer’s desires! And since it began, we’ve only moved forward.

So, What do People Actually do With These Blow-Up Dolls?

We obviously have our fun at bachelor or bachelorette parties with these dolls – someone had once mentioned how dragging a plastic doll around was disrespectful to sexual assault victims but I agree to disagree here because not everyone thinks the same way. And also because blow-up dolls are not all women – as the speaker talked of a young intoxicated man holding a plastic woman’s body, I’d like to point out that there’s our John right here. 

I accept that women may find not much use in a male blow-up doll and that there are much more sales of female blow-up dolls than the other way around, but I’d still say that it all comes down to what kind of a person you are. I went to my friend’s bachelor party and we made fun of how it was his last day as a free man, so he gets to spend his evening with this beautiful woman – the doll that we named Lola – because we honestly didn’t want to get him a stripper, lest the bride finds out and skins us all alive. But I understand how not everyone would not have the same reasons to use a blow-up doll – some people go a bit out of control when some don’t – therefore using a blow-up doll sure does fall under a grey area.

I respect women and would never think of them as an object. I am not advocating blow-up dolls as just objects of sexual desire in this article, but also as something that evolved over generations. Blow-up dolls are something that has remained from time immemorial and not everyone uses them in a derogatory way – I’ve known people who have developed connections with blow-up dolls stronger than they have with actual people. We could call them ‘deviants’ but they’re here and their feelings are very much valid.

There’s not one but 15 facts about blow-up dolls that have been listed here in this article – the only catch is these 15 things are mentioned as disturbing but I think it’s just the way some people are. According to the famous Morticia Addams, “What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly” and I solely believe in that. Just look at this article about how blow-up dolls can help end prison violence and tell me, does this not make even a little bit of sense to you?

Some Quirky Options to Consider When it Comes to Blow-Up Dolls!

If we put Realdoll aside, we still have some quirky but great options to choose from. Now I know many people use blow-up dolls for many different purposes – some people even spend tons of money on it (just check out any doll on the website Realdoll if you want to know how much!) but in this list that I’ve compiled for you, we have some simpler, more fun options to consider!

Inflatable Judy Doll

blow up doll woman

Judy is probably the most famous inflatable doll there is! Be it bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, Halloween, or simply a prank that you want to carry out – Judy is right here for you. Judy can be dressed up, she’s flexible that way. The size of the doll is life-like and it is made from the flesh like vinyl. Judy has no moving parts but is extremely easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth to clean Judy when you’re done!

Inflatable Hunk Doll

blow up man

Say hello to Hunk! Yes, this doll is tiny…only 15 inches but it’s so much fun to present this doll to the bride-to-be! Just check out the reviews if you don’t believe me. This novelty item is a must-have for anyone who has the right amount of spice mixed with sugar.

Apart from blow-up dolls, when I was searching for options, I also came across something called Grow A Boyfriend and Grow A Girlfriend! Apparently, these novelty toys are fun party props or gag gifts that need to be dropped in water and they grow six times their size (up to 12 inches)! It does take 72 hours to grow up to that size though and they shrink back when removed from water…It’s bizarre what is possible in today’s world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about blow-up dolls that people often ask. If you have a question to ask – leave a comment below.

Where can I get a blow-up doll?

Blow-up dolls are available online or in any one of the sex toy shops. It largely depends on what kind of blow-up doll you’re looking for and why you need it. You can check out the options provided in this article or browse offline for something that suits you.

Who uses blow-up dolls?

There are many different kinds of people who use blow-up dolls. Just looking at these stock images will give you an idea of what people do with blow-up dolls. You’d be surprised to find that it’s not just all about sex. Yes, blow-up dolls and sex dolls are traditionally used for having sex but many people use them for parties and even decoration. 

Some might develop feelings for these blow-up dolls, converse with them and even marry them (go and check out that article that talks about 15 bizarre, and not at all disturbing to everyone, facts about blow-up dolls now!!)…But hey, who am I to judge? I’m the kind of person who writes articles to get rid of headaches in the middle of the night. I’m all for anything that makes you happy, as long as you’re not hurting anyone or even yourself.

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