RealDoll Sex Doll Review: The Most Realistic Sex Dolls?

RealDoll Sex Doll Review: The Most Realistic Sex Dolls?
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RealDoll is a pioneer in creating realistic sex dolls. The sex dolls that they create are nothing that you have seen before. They’re super realistic, fully customizable, and are powered by cutting-edge A.I. technology.

Buying a RealDoll sex doll is like getting a sex companion, so don’t confuse it with simple silicone torsos that you use and toss away once you’re done. These sex dolls are premium products – so, they’re definitely not for everyone.

Compared to other sex dolls, RealDolls may seem heavily priced and there is no doubt about it. They charge 3 to 5 times more than most sex doll manufacturing companies. So, let’s see in more detail what makes these sex dolls so unique and what is the reason behind such a huge price gap?

Before you decide to purchase your new sex doll according to a cheaper price, let’s just wait and check out this review of RealDoll.

Through this RealDoll review, you will easily find out whether investing in such a smart, realistic, and unique sex doll will be worth it or not. As I mentioned, these sex dolls are not for everyone. So, let’s begin. 

RealDolls are Insanely Realistic

Before we begin this RealDoll review, let’s give you some important information about RealDoll so that you have a comprehensive understanding of these sex dolls. Abyss Creations, the makers of RealDoll always strive to ensure their sex dolls emulate the feel of actual humans when you are having sex with them. 

So, the RealDoll they manufacture should not only look like a human being but also feel like one. Hence, even if you close your eyes and touch the doll, you should feel like touching a real human being. Now, other dolls will also serve your purpose of having sex.

But, it is hard to nullify the fact that you will be having sex with a lifeless doll. The reason for that is the build quality which Abyss Creations is always looking to improve. Thus, even if you have to dish out a good amount of money to get a RealDoll, the feel and the pleasure you will find will be inexplicable and should be worth the money you spend on your happiness. 

Comparison Between RealDoll Classic and RealDoll 2

We won’t be comparing RealDoll with any other sex doll from a different company because that is not worth it. A RealDoll is a premium sex doll and the price range is also very much higher. So, we should compare one version of the RealDoll with another. That is why we have picked RealDoll Classic and RealDoll 2 for our comparison.

The Price Factor

The first thing that will come to your mind when we start the comparison is the price. You will find a RealDoll Classic within $2,000 which is close to 3 times cheaper than RealDoll 2. So, you might be tempted to go for the RealDoll Classic version. 

But, hang on a minute; RealDoll 2 has a higher price range for some obvious reasons. If you compare the build quality and the feeling you will get by using RealDoll 2 with RealDoll Classic, you will easily understand why RealDoll 2 costs more. It is easy to say that RealDoll 2 is among the best sex dolls ever made. 

Lighter Silicone

Abyss Creations is using a lighter silicone material to create RealDoll 2 and that means the weight of the doll will be a minimum of 10 pounds less than the RealDoll Classic. So, you will have lesser struggles as far as the mobility of the doll goes. You can have sex in different poses with a RealDoll 2 model sex doll without spending more energy on positioning the doll. 


Also, RealDoll 2 comes with various inserts for the vagina and mouth. Thus, cleaning them will be much easier than the RealDoll Classic version. You can also use the doll according to the type of sex session you want to have. 

So, if you want to have a hot vagina to enter, you can just place the insert and apply lubricant to your penis and you will be ready for a steamy session. Apart from that, you will feel like owning many sex dolls after buying one because of the various inserts you can have with RealDoll 2. So, you will never get bored with RealDoll 2.


Now, if you think that the inserts are the only thing that you can change in RealDoll 2, then you are wrong. You can also change the face of RealDoll 2. It is something that will make you fall in love with your doll. At times, you might have to buy different dolls to get the experience of having sex with different women. It is the same for the RealDoll Classic version.

But, if you get a RealDoll 2, you will be able to change its face because of its Face X technology. So, without spending a large amount of money on a new doll, you will get the feeling of having sex with multiple women with a RealDoll 2. 


When you buy a regular sex doll, you will see that the skin is a bit glossier than an actual woman’s skin. It just reduces the realism in the doll. It is good that Abyss Creations have looked into this matter and found a solution for this. Yes, the skin of RealDoll Classic looks very natural but it also has the glossiness that tames the realism a little bit. But, RealDoll 2 doesn’t have that. You will feel like touching a real woman when you touch RealDoll 2. 

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What Will RealDollX Bring for the Users?

realdoll x

Just like RealDoll 2, RealDollX will be a more advanced sex doll build with AI technology. These dolls will move like real human beings. The best part of these dolls will be their ability to emulate human expressions. Yes, they will be able to have conversations with you. 

So, when you get a RealDollX, this doll will not only be your sex companion, but the doll will also be your companion when you want to have a conversation. You will be able to control the doll by using mobile apps. Also, they will moan and groan and make horny sounds when you have sex with them. Therefore, you will have a more realistic and wholesome experience of owning a sex doll. So, as you can see, the makers of RealDoll are truly taking sex doll manufacturing to a whole new level. 

Biggest Plus Points of RealDoll

Now, let’s have a look at the biggest positives of RealDoll that make Abyss Creations one of the best manufacturers in the sex doll industry;


One of the standout things about RealDoll is the customization options. You can customize almost everything in a sex doll that you buy from RealDoll according to your wishes. Whether it is the face, skin tone, areola color, pubic hair type, or body type, you will surely find your dream girl from RealDoll. 

Natural Face

You will be mesmerized to see the faces of RealDoll. They look so natural and beautiful that you could fall in love with a RealDoll. Well, when it comes to the face of the doll, you have more than 30 faces from which you will choose the one you like. So, it is a great thing from RealDoll. 

Feels Like Real Human Skin

You would want to feel like touching a real human skin when you are having sex with a sex doll. But, most sex dolls feel like touching silicone rather than human skin. Abyss Creations has made sure that their RealDoll will resemble human skin. And, they surely delivered what they promised. 

Removable Inserts

Most sex doll users want to have removable inserts in their dolls so that they can clean the doll easily and also customize their sex sessions. Well, when you get a RealDoll, you will be getting removable inserts which will be a huge plus point if you prefer that. 

Discreet Shipping

Many people fear that if they order a sex doll, their neighbors will know they are buying a sex doll and thus, they will perceive them as perverts. That is why RealDoll makes sure you get discreet shipping and nobody will know what you are buying. 

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The Only Negative Point of RealDoll: The Pricing

Yes, the pricing is probably the only negative point you can find in RealDoll. Well, if you perceive pricing as the negative point, only then it will be a concern for you. Look, not everyone can pay such a huge amount of money to buy a sex doll. But, if you look at it from the other perspective and what you are getting for the doll, you will not see pricing as a concern for RealDoll. 

The RealDoll Review in a Nutshell


  • Plenty of customization option
  • Real-looking face
  • Skin feels natural
  • Removable inserts
  • Decent customer service
  • Discreet delivery


  • High price range

The Final Verdict

Realdoll X

Finally, RealDoll is probably one of the best sex dolls that you can purchase right now. Yes, for RealDoll 2 and RealDollX, you will have to have a big amount. But, they are worth the money you spend. So, if you are looking to buy a sex doll that will last longer and give the real feeling of having sex with a woman in the truest sense, then RealDoll is what you should look to buy. 

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