Spending Christmas Alone

Spending Christmas Alone
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    Spending Christmas alone is not uncommon. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic around, even more people will be spending the holidays alone.

    Many people agree that it’s the holiday season that actually makes you feel alone since you have the time to think about it.

    An old psychology trick that tells you to find something good in a negative state/memory/experience to twist the way feel and turn it into something positive might be the answer.

    Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s an example: let’s say your ex-girlfriend cheated on you and broke your heart. She’s no longer in your life and you still have negative feelings for her. However, try thinking about the good parts of your relationship: maybe she taught you how to bake a pie? Maybe she helped you overcome your shyness?

    There’s always something to be thankful for and only by finding the good you are able to let go, heal, and move on. Thank life for the good and especially the bad, since it makes you stronger.

    Spending Christmas alone doesn’t have to be a negative experience. You can have a great time alone but you have to want it and set your mind to it.

    This year I will be spending Christmas alone and I will make the best out of it. I am giving myself x gifts and I’m super excited about them. Most of these gifts are experiences that I’ll be doing at home. Feel free to copy!

    #1 Beer Yoga

    beer yoga

    Working out is always good for you. However, hitting the gym is not an option this year and doesn’t exactly scream holiday spirit.

    For half a year now I have wanted to try out beer yoga. What is beer yoga you wonder? It’s similar to regular yoga, yet you get a sip of beer every couple of moves you make.

    Beer yoga originated in 2013 in America and is becoming more popular each year.

    Classic beer yoga poses are pretty simple, so don’t worry if you’ve never practiced yoga before. Also, you can switch beer for any other drink of your choice.

    However, if you choose beer – don’t get too carried away with the drinking part because you could actually hurt yourself.

    Other than that, beer yoga is a great way to spend time and get some exercise without exhausting yourself.

    #2 Long Hot Bath / Shower

    take a hot bath

    Having a long shower makes you seriously refreshed. If you have a bathtub at home – even better.

    That’s why since I’m spending Christmas alone, I’ll be making most of my shower.

    Since I don’t have a bathtub and can’t watch a movie while relaxing, I’ll be using my sex toys to relax. A Fleshlight combined with the shower mount is the perfect combo for a hands-free orgasm.

    See, there are always things that you can do to improve your day. If you’re one of those that have a bathtub in their home – you can consider having a glass of Champagne while in the tub.

    #3 Watch Holiday Movies

    watch a movie

    Everyone has their favorite holiday movies that you can watch over and over no matter how old you are getting.

    Holiday movies have a special place in my heart and bring me back to times when I was little and would watch them at my parents’ home.

    Home Alone and Harry Potter movies are my ultimate holiday classics. So, when I combine them, I have more than enough to watch while spending Christmas alone.

    #4 Sex

    hands-free orgasm

    It’s not necessary to have a partner in order to have sex. Sex toys are a pretty good substitute. In the case of random hookups – sex toys are a million times better choice.

    They won’t give you a sexually transmitted disease and you won’t have an awkward morning after.

    So, gift yourself an orgasm (or three), relax and enjoy your holidays. After all, Christmas is all about giving, so maybe this year you should give yourself a treat?

    #5 Spoil Yourself with a Present

    get yourself a present

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small – gift yourself something you’ve wanted for a while.

    Also, take the time and wrap the gift for yourself and even sign a card. Of course, place it under your Christmas tree or in your Christmas sock several days before and wait for the special day.

    Spending Christmas alone doesn’t have to be sad, there are many ways you can turn it into a joyous occasion.

    #6 Dinner For 1

    dinner for one

    Have a nice dinner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re eating takeout or making the meal yourself – prep the table and prep it nicely.

    Don’t forget, this day is all about you and celebrating Christmas while embracing yourself.

    Get a desert, eat as much as you want – after all, a couple of cheat days won’t make you gain a lot. I know that it’s pretty difficult to stick to a regime on a daily basis.

    Be kind to yourself and order that pizza, or whatever you like. It’s Christmas after all!

    #7 Snacks in Bed

    snacks in bed

    Snacking in bed while watching a movie is my guilty pleasure. Sipping a beer along with food is another one.

    This Christmas I’m spending alone and I’m going to embrace all of that. This year I will allow myself to feel like a king and I will spend the day only the way I want to.

    #8 Dress Up

    dress up

    It doesn’t matter that you’re staying home, a clean shave and a more formal outfit than your underwear is a good choice for the holidays.

    When spending Christmas alone, focus on looking good to yourself. Simply by liking what you see in the mirror you can seriously cheer yourself up.

    #9 SPA


    I used to have pretty bad acne, so I had to learn to take care of my face skin when I was pretty young.

    I know that many guys are pretty skeptical when it comes to SPA stuff and face masks. However, I recommend you to try it and I’m pretty sure that many of you will change your mind.

    Having a face mask doesn’t make you less of a man and it’s not for girls only. They will make you look better and that makes you feel more confident, so in the end – you will simply be feeling better about yourself.

    So, if you’re spending Christmas alone – make the best out of it.

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