Learn How To Make Her Squirt 

Learn How To Make Her Squirt 
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The How to make her squirt’ guide that you’ve been waiting for.

You must have seen those reels on Instagram, or even those videos on YouTube, where one partner brings out a brand new sex toy to try on their female partner and the results are…she squirts. Now it’s funny because the partner always ends up saying something along the lines of, “baby I didn’t know you could squirt!” and the female replies, “I didn’t know I could do that either!”

You see those videos aren’t scripted. Squirting really is something that’s both interesting and mysterious. So, what is it actually? Can females squirt intentionally? Is it something that can be learned? A lot of males, females, and technically anyone who’s interested in a vagina wonders what squirting really is like. 

“How to make her squirt?” or “how can I squirt?” is a VERY popular search on Google and other search engines. So, this composition attempts to answer all of these questions numerous people have raised! Here you’ll learn what it is if it can be done with the practice for pleasure and most importantly, how can you make squirting a regular thing with your partner!

What Is Squirting And Is It Natural?

There’s lore around squirting and it’ll only be cleared up by discussing and talking openly about it. Squirting is extremely natural. In fact, it’s a female body’s response to extreme pleasure. You might at times think it’s not even real. Some believe that it probably doesn’t happen to everyone’s body. But let’s move all the speculations aside and learn more about it. 

There’s a good deal of mystery about it but I’ve found out quite a bit about it. Apparently, there’s a female prostate responsible for squirting. Ejaculating out of the urethral sponge aka the CUV (clitourethrovaginal) complex is what is commonly called squirting. Needless to say, we’ve got to hit this really sweet spot for that to happen.

What’s baffling is that this discharge isn’t always in sync with when a female body orgasms. While most people dismiss squirting as ‘it’s nothing but pee’, some who have experienced it will never deny that the feeling of squirting – that sweet release – is very much different from peeing. Well okay, maybe a little bit of pee comes out. 

And if you’re taking porn as your reference, that’s mostly just pee or fake cum or just water. But squirting is actually when a few drops, or even more, of a viscous liquid comes out of the female body. Females have actually seen it on their underwear when they’ve ejaculated after the sexual encounter is over. 

It’s very much natural to squirt minutes or even hours after you’ve been sexually active. This is because this kind of waterwork isn’t in conjunction with your regular orgasm – don’t believe what you see in porn videos. But yes, there are times when you can actually squirt while you’re having an orgasm. For example, when you’re using a brand new sex toy for the first time. As I said, those videos aren’t scripted!

Why Do Some People Squirt And Some Don’t?

Well, as I’ve mentioned above, squirting is quite natural and it happens to most women in its own time. It’s shy that way. When I broke squirting down like this and asked my female friends if they’ve ever experienced a discharge from their vagina several minutes after they’ve had sex or masturbated, most of them said yes! So technically, they were squirting without even knowing it.

A female orgasm itself is so mysterious. When you add female discharge to it, you can’t expect a straight answer. It’s hard for some women to orgasm while some know exactly what they want in bed and their body likes it so in response they give them the release while they’re at it. A lot of times a woman can get wet by just thinking about something while other times she might be getting a head but it just won’t do anything for her.

What I’m trying to say is, that it’s hard to tell if everyone squirts or if everyone does, when they do so. Squirting, or female release, is much more than the expulsion of build-up liquid in the urethral sponge (the female prostate, that is). The female release comes from a mixture of arousal, proper penetration, and mindful relaxation after attaining an orgasm. It is kind of like when after ejaculating men feel tired but serene…but women, when they feel tired but serene, they ejaculate.

So This Means Everyone Can Squirt…

Well, no. Everyone can squirt because everyone has the correct organs and glands but not everyone knows how to do it. For multiple women, it happens quite naturally but for some, they never consciously squirt. And the discharge that comes out of a woman’s body after sex or even during sex, aside from squirting can just be vaginal discharge or simply the cum or the natural lubrication.

squirting water gun

Just because there are so many ambiguities, it’s not hard to assume when people say squirting they really just mean peeing while having sex. Although having sex with a full bladder has its own pleasures, and that sweet release is different – and even welcome to some with that kind of a fetish – squirting and peeing isn’t the same. Unless you’re a porn star, then the lines all blur, because you and I both know that stuff on the porn videos, is mostly fake.

Finding some tangible evidence that a woman has orgasmed, like the release of cum in men, is a dream for some men. So many women want to learn how to squirt as well. To make their partners happy, if not for anything else. But you see, visualizing a fountain gushing outside your vagina is just not going to do it. It’s not something you have control over – I’ve already established that you do not have control over it.

The most you can do is relax, have some good sex and let your inhibitions go. Ask for what you want. Touch yourself if need be or use your favorite sex toy while you’re connecting sexually with your partner! Who knows, maybe you letting go will make your body let go of that fluid that’s been building up inside your nether regions.

Before we move on to men, here are some tips for women to learn how to squirt:

It’s good to try and learn how to squirt solo

Instead of a partner being with you, you should learn what your body likes on your own first. Relax by picking a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Think of something that arouses you and maybe bring your favorite sex toy along for the ride. This is the very first step on your way to learn how to squirt – you must learn how to relax, get in the mood and get wet.

Arouse your mind

In order for you to gush – or rather that fluid inside you to gush out – you’ve got to hit some internal spots. Now, it’s not all physical. There’s a difference between having sex when there are five other things running through your mind and having sex when your whole heart and mind are into it. 

Do you remember masturbating as a teenager? Some of us were taught things like touching yourself is shameful or masturbation is unhealthy or only certain kinds of girls or women do it…believe it or not, these things shape our attitude towards sex. A sex-positive attitude comes from accepting that pleasuring yourself is extremely natural. 

That said, if you were a healthy teenager then you probably remember getting horny in the middle of an afternoon and masturbating like it was all you needed to make your day. You’ve got to recreate that urgency in order to reach the proper state of mind for squirting. Think of Samantha from Sex And the City, that’s the kind of energy I’m talking about.

  • Let me just tell you that feeling good is what it’s all about. A solid vibrator will most definitely get the job done. But if you constantly keep worrying about squirting, even Zeus can’t help you (here’s when I look around for a thunderbolt and hope the Gods have a sense of humor). 

When you’ve let go of all the inhibitions, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience as a whole and you’ll know when you’re approaching an orgasm. The trick is to bear down on your pelvic floor muscles right at that time. Forget if some pee comes out and forget if you feel like you might expunge something out…because that’s the whole idea! You’ve got to let go and bear down and hope what comes out is a sweet release.

How To Make Your Partner Squirt?

Once a friend of mine wondered aloud if squirting is just something porn stars do after they’ve some cream left after getting (or giving) a cream pie (if you know what I mean). What they mean is maybe it doesn’t really come out of the female body. That’s something to think about…it’s what prompted me to research a bit more about it. 

water looks like squirt

I’ve always known squirting is an actual thing because a few lucky friends of mine have actually witnessed it themselves. And they were using protection (condoms are our best friends when it comes to sex, yes) so there’s no way the cum released from a male penis had anything to do with squirting. How then, can someone make a woman squirt?

If you’re a woman and you’ve read the above sections you know what you have to do. But as a man, let me throw some light on how to make your partner squirt. 

  • First and foremost, even before you dive in to find that mysterious G-spot, you’ve gotta make sure your partner is in the right frame of mind. You have to make them comfortable, take their consent and most importantly, they should want to be with you. Finding each other hot and being turned on really helps with the whole getting wet, reaching orgasm, and squirting phenomenon.

You can make someone squirt just through your fingers, let alone the tongue, a penis, or a sex toy. If a lady is touched in the right places, the mysterious doors inside her body open. And I’m not just talking in riddles. Female ejaculation occurs when the sponge-like female prostate expels the liquid stored up inside it. Hitting the right spot counts as everything where squirting is concerned.

Find that sweet spot

Finding the pleasure spot can be tricky for many men. So here’s my guide to it. First, you should get the labia out of your way. Many women find it excruciatingly hot when you gently move the labia apart and go digging inside. Stimulate the clitoris till you see your fingers starting to get wet. Now it’s time to go inside and look for that sweet spot.

It’s usually an inch or two inside, towards the stomach – not the other way. So what you have to basically do is bend your fingers a bit and caress the vaginal walls gently. Then if your partner wants it faster, or harder, listen to her. But if I was to give you my advice, I’d say always go slow first. Locate the pleasure spot that way and then you can get creative with it.

The entire vagina, including the outside of it, needs continuous stimulation. Because you and I have human after all, I’d really suggest you take the help of a sex toy. Maybe a vibrator can provide some clitoral stimulation while you’re busy with penetration. Or maybe you’ve penetrated your partner but the clitoris needs some company…working together with a sex toy can be both pleasurable and practical.

To Conclude…

It happens to some people, to some it doesn’t, but trying for it is always fun. Don’t they say it’s all about the journey? Use squirting as an excuse to buy yourself that sex toy you’ve been eyeing for a while. Or try out that new sex position you find interesting. Relax to get in the mood, have some great sex and you might just experience yourself squirting as naturally as anything else. 

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