Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, And How To Practice This Kink Safely!

Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, And How To Practice This Kink Safely!
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There’s the sudden wish to walk around the house naked and then there’s the tendency to flash unsuspecting strangers. Both of them can qualify as exhibitionism, but only one of them is harmless. It’s wise to know how to express your fetishes in a healthy way – it keeps you out of trouble and prevents possible trauma to yourself and others.

I mean to talk about safely practiced and consensual exhibitionism and voyeurism, among other things. This article will help you not only differentiate between exhibitionism as an acceptable kink and exhibitionism as a mental disorder. Also, talk about voyeurism and its relation to everything related to this.

If you’re interested in knowing how to practice expressionism safely, you should read on. Gaining some information will not only help you know your fetish better but also make your exploration of it safer!

It’s Time To Understand Exhibitionism Better!

Before we delve any deeper into this, stop for a minute and wonder about this: have you ever wanted to just walk out of the bathroom naked after a shower? Even when you had the towel or the bathrobe with you, have you ever wanted to not use it at all to cover yourself? 

If the thoughts of your body glistening with water and someone watching it excites you… Well, you might be a little bit of an exhibitionist yourself. Now, hold your horses, I know that walking around naked in your own house when no one else is around and walking naked outside your private space are two different things. But, it’s what you’re feeling that counts. 

Be it for a second or for hours, be it in front of one person or hundreds of people. How does showing off your body make you feel? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to get out of the house and flash your neighbors on a whim because you like it. Doing so is an illegal offense. 

Although many people, unfortunately, have a hang for it they have gone to jail, often repeatedly, because of it.  That’s where the matter of safely practicing this kink comes in. Remember that you cannot compromise someone else because you’re doing something that makes you happy. Even a mad man who runs amok naked is happy, but he isn’t sane.

What does being an exhibitionist feel like?

We’ve heard this story a million times and even watched it happen in the sitcoms every once in a while: a person, male or female, gets accidentally locked out, but naked. Or they don’t have the towel with them when coming out of the bathroom when there’s a guest in the living room…And almost all the times we’ve seen this character reeling with embarrassment when faced with a situation like this.

‘What if someone sees me? I need something to cover myself! I need to get out of this situation fast.’ – These are usually what goes through this compromised character’s mind. But the fetish that we’re to discuss today won’t let you feel any of these things. If anything, instead of being embarrassed, any person with exhibitionism will be excited to be locked out of the house naked, and also possibly elated.

Although, take note that not everyone who has enjoyed being naked is an exhibitionist. The need of an audience – the voyeur – is of utmost significance to this kink. I’ll try and give you an example, remember that episode from FRIENDS when Rachel just took off her clothes when she was alone in her apartment? 

Well, she was curious to find out what it would feel like to walk about completely naked…and so can you be! Curiosity might prompt you to try out exhibitionism for yourself – yay for your braless and pantyless evening. But indulging in it every once in a while does not mean you’re seriously interested in this fetish. 

Exhibitionism is when firstly, you’re elated to be naked. Or most importantly when your genitals are on display. And secondly, when there’s one or a number of voyeurs present in your vicinity – and they have consented to be present near you. I’ll devote an entire section to the role of voyeurism related to this fetish, but first, let’s talk about consent.

The Not-So-Sexy Side Of Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism, if not practiced safely, is considered a mental disorder. And after you’re done reading this section, you’ll know this is done so with perfectly good reason. Exhibitionistic disorder compels you to flash your genitals in front of strangers – and this could be disturbing on a very serious level. I personally would not like to see someone’s dingus (do people still use this word?) right in front of my face when I’m walking around the block to get my morning coffee.

People with this disorder get excited when flashing themselves. When you have a consenting partner, being naked in front of them makes the both of you sexually excited. It could give you a sense of joy. And also a rush of certain kind of pride in your body – it’s confident and it’s sexy. 

But when you do the same to strangers or any unconsenting person, it might give you a kick and a rush of endorphins…but might traumatize the other person. That’s why expressionism is not at all encouraged without a consenting partner. And I should mention it once again, flashing your genitals in public is illegal. You will most absolutely end up in jail for this. 

And not just flashing, it’s also borderline disgusting when people masturbate in public disregarding if they’re making someone else uncomfortable. Some adventurous couples, or maybe a lone brazen person might engage in sexual activities in public – and I’m all for sex in public for the sake of experiment once in a blue moon – but the trouble is when you make it into a habit.

To speak keeping the psyche of these extreme, out of control and marginally criminal exhibitionists, often times, the strong desire to be observed by other people during sexual activities (say stroking, masturbation, or public sex) distresses themselves as well. These urges and fantasies and mostly their unfulfillment can render these people to a state where they are so distressed that they’re unable to function.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Exhibitionistic Disorder

Not every exhibitionist suffers from this disorder hence a proper diagnosis is necessary to determine who does. Self-control is a real thing, you know? So if you’re fully able to not crassly surprise people on their way to the subway, you probably don’t have this disorder. 

But then again, if you really want to put on a public sexual show – but you’re stopping yourself, (good for you, mate, great show of self-restraint there) – and this prohibition is making you mentally suffer, maybe you should seek medical help. It’s a real thing, this urge. It starts with little whims where you maybe show a bit more skin than you usually do…but it can just simply get out of hand.

When you start to realize you have a problem, that’s when you should see a doctor. Being unable to concentrate on anything else except your exhibitionism can be troublesome. That’s the reason some people flash in public. Maybe due to similar reasons they also self-pleasure in public. Regardless, it can be distressing for a lot of people including you.

Diagnosis can happen in prison or the police custody itself. Treatment would include psychotherapy for paraphilias or paraphilic disorders, support groups, and antidepressants along with a warning. But if you don’t acknowledge the problem yourself, you’re bound for trouble again.

But, as many offenders are aware of their need to shock, surprise and at times, impress the ‘audience’, acknowledging the disorder might not be enough. Other treatments then include using drugs to lower testosterone levels. Drastic measures like blood tests and other regulatory measures are taken as well, but only after receiving the consent of the offender. To obtain that, psychotherapy is the first and foremost step.

How Common Is Exhibitionism?

This kink is more common than you think. People who love being the center of attention will be able to understand the thrill of appreciation. Exhibitionism is nothing but putting on display those parts of your body that are usually covered. The mental disorders aside, couples can engage in this by masturbating in front of their partners as well. And this is something that’s considered both sexy and healthy!

Going from the private to the public with exhibitionism is pretty common as well. Videotaping yourself or your partner, with consent, is exhibitionism. Taking part in an orgy or going to a party in a sex club where your clothes might come off by the end of the night and watching is encouraged. If you look forward to spending your time like this, there’s a high chance you’re not afraid to embrace the exhibitionist side of you!

Most porn stars could also be exhibitionists without even knowing it! Some women, men, and other artists who take part in nude art or nude photography are also exhibitionists. There have always been indicators as to if someone is interested in showcasing their body – random nudes aside, if you have a knack for finding the beauty in your body, don’t be afraid to channel it in the proper way.

You do not have to necessarily identify as an exhibitionist, even if you like to be appreciated for your body and wouldn’t mind letting people have a look at it. You can show off yourself – body and soul – through art without a second thought. And this is one of the purest representations of exhibitionism that there can be.

Voyeurism And Its Relationship To This

Technically, a voyeur is someone who enjoys looking at other people naked. The peeping Tom who looks at people while they’re getting dressed, having sex, or is simply naked is extremely creepy. But a voyeur, in the sense of this kink, is someone who is a consensual audience to an exhibitionist.

It’s a symbiotic relationship, really. An exhibitionist cannot simply showcase themself to an audience without consent. Similarly, a voyeur who observes people without their knowledge is creepy and possibly trespassing their limits. But put these two together and we have synergy. Both the individuals or groups will simply thrive off of each other’s pleasures!

This relationship goes hand in hand smoothly. Why? Well, because both these people get excited, elated, and sexually charged when present in the same room. And most importantly, they’ve both consented to be there so no one gets a rude shock. If an exhibitionist is a see-ee, the voyeur is the perfect see-er.

Corporate Exhibitionism/Voyeurism In The Bedroom

Okay, so I’m assuming that you and your partner have already seen each other naked. I can also imagine that you may have masturbated in front of each other as well. Although I’ve encountered couples who do not like to do so, it’s fairly common for partners to pleasure themselves and each other when together. So, how to know if you’re interested in this particular fetish or simply being a couple?

Even though it would be magic if a voyeur got together with an exhibitionist, it’s completely possible for either of them to be with people who are not familiar with this fetish. Once you realize what makes you excited, the key is to communicate and let your partner know as well. 

For instance, try with a simple statement like, “I like to see you naked and pleasuring yourself” or “Will it be okay if I slept naked tonight? I feel like embracing my body and leaving it uncovered tonight.” This will help you begin a discussion and bring forth your wishes in front of a consenting partner.


Videotape yourself and watch it if there’s no voyeur in the vicinity. Or if you like watching people, ask your partner to be more free sexually in front of you. Do small things, like sending nudes to your partner when they’re working. Or walking out of the room naked when they aren’t expecting it – and this way, you’ll be both safe and elated!

It’s important to come to terms with your fetishes. If you need help, ask for it. But if you want to engage in the kinks you like, take baby steps and practice them safely. 

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