The Entirety Of Foot Fetish Packed In One Article For You

The Entirety Of Foot Fetish Packed In One Article For You
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I’ve been writing way too many articles about fetishes these days so it’s easier for me to understand it. But even if I was someone new to the world of kinks, foot fetish wouldn’t be something I’d be entirely surprised with.

Just like any other fetish that includes being attracted to certain objects or body parts – like being turned on by certain kinds of clothes or looking at human genitalia – this fetish exists and is very much real. Only in this case, the objects and body parts are fairly non-sexual.

We all know that a foot fetish is when someone is attracted to a foot or someone’s feet. But is that just it? We’ve all seen that episode of Sex and The City when Charlotte encounters that particular shoe salesman. She simply tries the shoes on and gets them for free. 

And this is because the salesman was just so happy to see those new pairs of shoes on her feet…to touch her feet and maybe massage it a bit. That would be some of our dreams come true, I’d say, getting pretty shoes after only wearing them once. But was this representation correct? Would foot fetish be something so serious that you could give away $400 shoes just like that?

There’s a reason for it, just like everything else. To understand fully what foot fetish is and where it comes from, we’ll have to understand the science and the psychology behind it. Moreover, how to practice it or include your partner in your kinks is also an art to be honed over time.

This article aims to be your go-to when you have a feet fetish on your mind. With the history, the particulars of it, and the world of foot fetish in its entirety explained in the next sections, read on to find out all you can about this most common kink!

What Is Foot Fetishism?

What exactly is foot fetishism? And what does one mean by being attracted to a foot? Someone’s feet are, mostly, a non-sexual body part of a person. Then, how is this fetish so common? Let’s talk about the kind of attraction that there is in this fetish to know more. 

Foot fetish, foot partialism or podophilia is not really being attracted to just the feet. There is a myriad of other allures related to it. The point of pronounced sexual interest can be for the shape of the feet or the soles of the feet or even the toes.

And not just looking at it – although one could adorn the feet with jewelry like toe rings or anklets – touching the feet for massaging it or washing it also comes within the peripheries of foot fetishism. The state of dress of the feet – the nail paint or the type of shoes someone is wearing also matters. 

Also, the fetish most related to foot partialism is odor fetishism or olfactophilia. It extends to the odor of the foot or the smell of the shoes or the socks one is wearing. Other than this, sensory interactions like tickling, licking, and rubbing the hands or even genitals on a foot are indulging in a foot fetish.

Why are people attracted to feet?

I might not be aroused by smelly socks, but maybe you are. Some people find it most erotic to get a glimpse of some wonderfully formed feet. This fetish has been around for quite some time and we’ve had enough time to accept that it’s very much valid. So now, let’s try to understand why this happens.

Freud, a long time ago, suggested that feet might look like a penis to some. He further talked about how childhood issues may be adding to this condition. That way, for some, feet can be a penis substitute. Also, it might have been unruly in those times to look directly at a penis.

People were attracted to and derived pleasure by looking at the foot of a person because genitals were ‘bad’ and non-sexual body parts ‘good’. It was okay to look at the feet but not at the sexual organs hence more and more people may have eroticized the feet. But times have changed now, so this theory more or less does not really stand.

Besides the quirky psychology, there could actually be some scientific evidence behind a foot fetish. There’s this map, called the cortical homunculus, where we can see that the part of the brain that registers the touch from human genitals is adjacent to the part that registers sensory signals from feet and toes.

The map is fairly simple, therefore can be disputed. But there can be an actual possibility of a crosslink between neurons and electrical signals here. If that were to happen, quite naturally, it would result in an erotic engagement between toes or feet and arousal. 

There might as well be a possible link between the toes and the feet to the genitalia. Neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran has actually talked about this accidental link that explains the prevalence of foot fetish in a person. And even if we leave all of this behind, we should never forget about the nerve endings. 

Our feet have several nerve endings that end up giving us different sensations – tingling, tickling, and even greater more intense sensations might be waiting for us…at our feet.

What is foot fetishism disorder?

In some fetishes, especially exhibitionism and voyeurism, there is a good chance the fetish can turn into a disorder. When a person is obsessed with a certain fetish, body part – in this case, the foot – or any other object and it hinders them, it turns into a disorder.

Fetishism disorders result in sexual urges, sexually arousing fantasies, and behaviors that cause distress in both social and personal environments. These tendencies can also be a cause of disturbances in workplaces. 

Typically, a foot fetish disorder would result in a singular obsession with feet. This can lead to the ignorance or abandonment of other sexual organs. A partner also may not be completely agreeable to a foot fetish disorder and this would lead to discord.

Fetishism disorders can be regulated with medical attention – just like any other disorder. Along with therapy and some prescribed pills, this can be controlled to a large extent. Moreover, the safe practice of kinks is a great way to both satisfy yourself and not let the fetish turn into a disorder.

Incorporating Foot Fetish Into A Relationship

First and foremost, you need to be safe and have consented to incorporate any fetish into a relationship. Be open about what you want. Also, ask your partner if they’re okay to explore the fetish with you. It can happen both ways – either you have brought this discussion up or your partner has – in both cases, be sure to hear the whole thing out.

Adventurous people are almost always ready to try things out at least once. And foot fetish is something that’s quite easily possible to adopt in the bedroom. So why have any qualms about it at all? It’s understandable that not everyone would have a positive reaction to kinks. Being vanilla is not a problem but listen and ask questions…try to understand the needs of your partner.

Make sure you’re prepared at the right time. You’ve spent a significant time with your partner and for sure have an idea of their likes and dislikes. So you’ll know when is the right time to broach this subject.

Chances are they already know you’re into their feet way too much. You know, not everyone likes giving foot massages 3 times a week or asking for foot selfies. But be prepared to tell them how you feel, to answer all their questions, and to make things as clear as possible.

How to gradually introduce foot fetish?

Start with small things – after you’ve had the conversation with your partner and told them you like feet way more than they think – try painting your partner’s nails. Or yours, for that matter, if that’s something that excites you. Suggest giving your partner pedicures. Or suggesting giving a foot massage is also a good idea. Gently caressing and touching the feet while you’re being intimate is the way to go.

attractive feet

Keep in mind that if you’ve not had the conversation yet, drop hints. Compliment the shoe your partner is wearing. Or help pick out a nail paint of a color you think would suit your partner’s skin tone. You can also comment on the odor of their feet…but keep in mind that the conversation is inevitable. 

So then, after the baby steps, you can move on to sucking, kissing, or rubbing the feet erotically. The key is to enjoy the process with your partner. After a point of time, you’d be more comfortable with your fetish around them. More intense activities, like touching or penetration of the genitals with the foot, might follow then.

You could also introduce the aspect of humiliation into your foot fetish. After you’ve established with your partner that you consider the feet as something vital to your arousal, you can further include them in different plays. Put your feet on your body or over your face and feel the humiliation and see if it appeals to you.

There can be many reasons as to why you have a foot fetish. While you’re exploring your fetish, consider that maybe you think a foot is somewhat, quite literally, below the genitals and thus there’s a power play revolving around it. But always remember to move at a pace that’s okay with the both of you to ensure a smooth practice of this kink.

Possible Risks Involved And Precautions To Take

Even though you don’t have to worry about pregnancy when engaging in fetishes involving non-sexual objects or body parts, the fear of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) is very much real. Skin-on-skin contact can spread HPV (human papillomavirus) and even herpes. Not to mention, you can contract many skin infections if your feet aren’t clean.

Fungal infections like athlete’s foot can spread from contact with an infected person or even through their shoes. Moreover, sharp toenails, cuts, or bruises on the feet can harm you by causing infections if inserted vaginally or anally. Make sure the feet are clean and the nails trimmed before any penetration is involved.

Taking care of the feet

Foot fetish or not, taking care of your feet is vital. Your whole weight falls on those two mighty warriors – it’s time you knew how to properly care for them.

The most important rule is to wear proper shoes. The size should be correct and the fit snug. Improper shoes affect your posture. And in extreme cases, wearing improper shoes might lead to calluses and rough skin due to excessive pressure on your feet. Also, blisters are inevitable if your shoes are too tight.

Again, I know you want to look like a million dollars but avoid heels as much as you can. They look good, yes, but they do not feel good. And no, you’re not Sarah Jessica Parker. Neither are we getting paid as much as she does to wear those heels?

Let’s see, what else can you do to make sure your feet are healthy? Well, always inspect your shoes before wearing them – can’t have a small stone, or a tiny spider lurking inside – your feet would not like that surprise. 

And, don’t share shoes. Your shoes are yours to wear. Sharing shoes lead to sharing infections and can add to odor. Your fetish for feet might welcome the odor and love it, but the feet won’t. 


Foot fetish is pretty common and it’s quite easy these days to find like-minded people and share your fetish for feet. Try out online forums, dating apps, or even try talking to your friends about it. You might find fellow foot lovers and connect with them comfortably! 

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