Medical Fetish Is More Than Playing Doctors And Nurses

Medical Fetish Is More Than Playing Doctors And Nurses
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You know how there are some people who are extremely turned on by doctors and nurses? Yes, there’s a solid chance they’re into medical play, also called medical fetish or medfet. For those who are just learning about it, by medical play I don’t mean what children do. Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of toy doctor gloves and syringes. But medical play is just so much more than pretending to be a doctor or a nurse, even as a kid or an adult.

Even if you don’t know it and you’ve stumbled into this article simply with sheer interest, it’s good to know that healthy fetishes exist. Not that I’m saying fetishes are usually unhealthy. It’s just that a medical fetish can be manifested in so many ways. According to Mistress Odette, you could be getting an erotic gynecological exam while you’re at it. 

And this play can be transformed into something that can become a part of your daily life quite easily. Even if as a kid you were afraid of the hospital – although chances are, if you’re into this play, you weren’t afraid at all – there’s always the present to overcome those fears. In fact, indulging in medical fetish at a later age could be a great way to eliminate those childhood fears. 

So, the fact is, interest or not and if by chance or not, now that you’ve stumbled into reading this article, read on. There are the fundamentals, where you can start, how it’s like. And, in this article, there are also tips on what to do at an advanced stage of medical play. Because you know, that’s when things start to get a bit too interesting.

The Fundamentals: What Is Medical Fetish?

So, let me be clear, just the sight of something turning you on – even if it’s a non-sexual object, like feet, for instance, is quite normal now. When we’re talking about medfet, some medical tools might turn a few people on. Or the thought of being examined by a doctor or a nurse. 

Trying to understand it isn’t hard. Medfet enthusiasts simply like how these tools make them feel. The news of a rectal exam, which is a nightmare for so many of us, feels like a party invitation to them! Or the thought of a gynecologist looking around their body is simply a thrilling adventure! 

It’s the same excitement that so many of us might be when we hope to try a new sex toy or a new sex position we like! Just replace a thrusting dildo with a rectal thermometer and there you have it. But oh, licensed medical professionals are simply too busy to prolongate these, ahem, sensual procedures for longer than necessary. 

So, going to the hospital might appeal to people with a medical fetish but those visits are hardly erotic. So, at home, you have to dress and be the part – a lot of imagination and creativity goes into a session of medical play. Also, unless your spouse is a nurse or a doctor, your best bet is learning thoroughly about medfet. 

You need to know about how to use those medical tools safely on yourself. Also, be up to date on your and your partner’s allergies – there are other precautions, obviously, but we’ll get to that in a while. Meanwhile, let’s talk types.

The Various Types Of Medical Play

These are the beginnings when you’ve just realized that hospitals and doctors and nurses and basically everything related to them turn you on. So you either watch a lot of medfet porn – most of it is sexual, almost all of it includes a nurse or a doctor going all medical on someone’s ass, quite literally. 

Or you find yourself a partner who’ll not only dress the part but come to bed prepared with some tools. But hiring a dominatrix also works well, if you’re comfortable with it. Therefore, even in medical play, there’s a lot that can be done – so here also comes the various types. You can indulge in one or all of them, based on what you think you’d like the most!

Physical examination in medfet:

What do you need for a physical exam? I don’t know, because I’m not a doctor, but neither is your partner. So, what do we do in our make-believe physical examination session? We get creative and do what’s best in BDSM. We tease, torture, pleasure and at times humiliate our medical fetish enthusiast – and all in good faith with consent, be assured.

gloves in medical play

There are some really uncomfortable sensations that may arise during a real physical examination. These sensations are mimicked in a session of medical play. With it comes some nasty words and dirty talk – if you’re into it. The “patient”, if medical play is to be sexual, is also at times penetrated with a strap on.

Nipple clamps, anal, urethral, vaginal, or even oral insertions and exploration of the nasal cavity typically form the basis of a physical examination in a medical fetish. Handling and manipulation of the clitoris, the vagina, the testicles and the penis is also quite common. These procedures are mostly quasi-medical in nature. 

Temperature-taking fetishism:

As the name suggests, this fetish in medfet includes you taking the temperature of your patient. Both people consent to either take or their temperature being taken through oral or rectal thermometers. This is a separate fetish altogether. It might be happening because of an attraction towards both the medical equipment and a love for temperature play.

The sexual attraction towards the scenario, the process, the persons involved, and of course, the medical equipment make it a part of medical fetish. It can go both ways – maybe the sub gets sexually aroused when their temperature is being taken…or maybe the dom gets excited when taking the temperature.

I once took my friend’s cat to the vet. And they had to take the cat’s temperature through a rectal thermometer. So it might sound strange to hear or read about a person being subjected to an anal thermometer, but these things exist and are very much real. And where medfet is concerned, it’s almost always mixed with other plays. Temperature-taking fetish might as well just be a part of medfet foreplay. 

Enema Fetishism:

An enema is most absolutely needed if anal is on your mind. Some people might want privacy while going about cleaning their extremely private parts. But if you’re into medical fetish, there’s a fetish that involves an enema with your partner being right there. This fetish is also called Klismaphilia. So, those who enjoy enemas can be referred to as klismaphiliacs.

In this fetish, besides being attracted to the people and the equipment, at times even the preparations can turn you on! Arousal is caused due to the anticipation of what’s coming – the smell of the rubber gloves and the enema solution, the feel of the latex and the syringes on your body – all leads to the ultimate experience!

There’s some logic to being excited about enemas. Because the anal cavity is so sensitive, an enema can most absolutely feel wonderful due to overstimulation of the nerve endings in the anus. Nudity, exposure of the throbbing anus and the probing of the anal cavity only add to it all. An enema fetish needs the patient to be really vulnerable and trust their doctor.

Anesthesia fetishism:

I don’t know if you’ve seen that episode of Young Sheldon where he has to get his tooth pulled out. He was administered some anesthetics and he apparently obtained answers to questions that unravel the mysteries of this universe. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is anesthesia isn’t something you can just play around with.

That said, people find anesthesia sexy as well so they want to play around with it. Medical professionals can’t just give it away – that would risk them losing their license for practice – so medfets do with just the masks, the medical equipment and the situation. You create a scenario where you’re about to administer medical anesthesia but you don’t really.

Some people might get their hands on certain gasses but they’re harmful. Medical fetish is considered an edge play due to these cases where adventurous participants push the boundaries without knowing what they’re doing. Being aroused by the thought of either administering an anesthetic or being anesthetized yourself is well and good, but don’t act on it.

Setting the scene and using masks made of black rubber – hence the nickname Black Beauty – is considered to be an anesthesia fetish. You can also add elements of BDSM into it. Maybe combine this fetish with other fetishes, but please, stay away from actual drugs, gasses, and God forbid, mallets.

Humiliation and power play in medfet

You know how people used straight jackets to bind ‘crazy’ people back in the day before frying their brains? Well, you could do that, minus the electrocution, obviously. Use medical restraints to bring an element of power play in your medfet session!

To bring in the factor of humiliation into it all, the recipient can be gagged, restrained, or be made to wear an embarrassing item of clothing while engaging in a session of medfet. As it is a BDSM play, usually the dominant partner is the doctor and their submissive is the patient. So, it’s mandatory for the patient to do whatever their Dom demands them to do!

As medical fetish can be an offshoot of BDSM power plays, the power dynamics dictate its rules. Often mixed with all the types of medical plays, comes the love for humiliation. Dirty talking, degrading, or humiliating the patient goes hand in hand for a successful session of medfet!

Some Equipment To Get Familiar With

You can bring your own sex toys, tools, or whatever you like into your session of medfet. But there are some common tools, besides latex gloves, for everyone to know about and use. I’ll make a list of some basic and advanced tools together for you to get familiar with.

medical tools for medical play

The Center Stage

Nope, not talking about a stage with lights and curtains but there definitely is going to be a play on top of that. This is basically a bed with supportive and comfortable foam with three cuff connectors on the sides. Plus, the cover made of faux leather is removable and easy to wash. 

Tantric Chair/Bed

If you’re more into sex chairs, this is your best bet. It has clips to add restraints, is comfortable for almost any position at all and you won’t regret getting one of these babies for yourself!

Lube Applicating Syringe

This syringe basically helps apply lube. Or you can fill your anal and vaginal cavities with lube. It comes with loops for your fingers as well and this makes it easier to use. You also don’t have to worry about unwanted spillage as there’s also a rubber cap for this syringe. Not just lube, but water, chocolate syrup, or any other safe to use liquid (maybe honey?) can also be injected using this syringe. (Also, read up a bit on our article on food play to know more about how to play sexually with food!)

Vaginal/Anal Speculum

You knew about this one already, didn’t you? This toy, sorry medical tool, is made from stainless steel and adds to the whole session of medfet an extra hint of reality! Lube it up and explore all the regions in your partner’s body you want. Probe it, stretch it or play with it – the field is all yours to conquer.

Reflex Hammer

It’s one of those hammers that you’ve seen doctors use to check your reflexes. You simply hit a knee or a particular joint to check if the body’s reflex action is perfectly functioning. This is actually a real medical tool. So, obviously, it’s a personal favorite for many medfet enthusiasts.

Medical Posture Collar

Here’s another real medical tool. This collar is worn on the neck to correct someone’s posture. People who have problems with their neckwear this. But during medical play, this just adds spice to the whole session! Restraining your patient with a real medical collar is extremely sensuous for people who are into it.

Precautions Are Important

You cannot disregard taking proper precautions when considering a medical fetish. Apart from knowing your partner’s medical history and being up to date on all the allergies that they might have, there are also other things that are to be considered. Anxiety or heart diseases, for instance, aren’t something to be taken lightly.

Taking someone’s pulse, checking their temperature, blood pressure or even stripping them naked to use an anal or vaginal dilator on them is okay. But don’t go around knives while playing doctor-doctor. Try not to cause your patient any serious damage. Have knowledge about all the procedures that you’re considering enacting. And this goes for both the patient and the doctor.

The doctor needs to know because he mustn’t overstep any boundaries in excitement. They also shouldn’t be experimenting without any regard for the patient’s safety. The patient, on the other hand, should also know about the procedures because it’s always important to know what’s happening or going to happen to the body.

Using the stethoscope and putting it away is alright, but don’t forget to sterilize all your other medical equipment. Pre-packaged sterile items are best to use in the case of dilators. Also, dispose of any waste or used equipment properly. Always use sterile gloves – gloves are to be thrown away after every use or bacteria grows on them.

Make sure your surroundings are clean, equipment sanitized and that you and your partner have washed up before and after a medfet session. And never forget, consent and safe words are also an extremely important part of medical play, just like any other BDSM play. 

Tips On How To Set The Mood For Medfet

Two words: Imagination and Roleplay – that’s really the basis of medical play. Take castration, for instance, it’s a recurring fantasy for many. So, you’re obviously not going to perform any kind of surgery on your partner – please, even if you’re a medical practitioner, don’t. Surgeries need the sterile environment of the hospital. At home, or anywhere outside a hospital, we make-believe.

For castration, you do all that’s needed – restrain them, use alcohol to swab the area (body parts, here, take your sweet time with it), and wear surgical masks and everything. But don’t cut, wave a scalpel in the air, make it touch the skin gently, and even go as far as to present them with the make-believe castrated body part – made of bananas, onions, your pick, really.

You also most absolutely have to dress the part. What’s a doctor without his coat? Build up to the final showdown – the procedure that your partner is interested in. Mix all the plays, introduce your tools and if anything goes wrong, run to the hospital immediately.

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