Best Transgender Sex Toys

Best Transgender Sex Toys
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Transgender sex toys for men were introduced to the market only in 2016. This means that the market is still pretty young, however, it’s not completely new.

That’s why trans people who are trying to have some fun beneath the sheets alone or with someone can use sex toys to increase their pleasure. However, it’s not always easy to find the toys that have the best chance to get the job done. Here you will find a list of the best transgender sex toys for trans people as well as their partners. Take a look, maybe you’ll find something that you will enjoy. 

One quick note aside: we divided the list between best sex toys for trans men and best sex toys for trans women. We know that not everyone has had gender-affirming surgery or has had bottom surgery. Still, we are going to show trans male toys for individuals with a penis and trans women toys for individuals with a vulva and vagina. No disrespect is implied in this choice. We simply wish to provide everyone with the opportunity to find the items that work best for them. 

Best Sex Toys for Trans Men

The toys listed here for trans men are made for individuals with a penis simply for the sake of organization. With that in mind, we will suggest several different toys that you can use for solo fun. Don’t worry; we will mention the transgender sex toys for couples later! 

First off, no list would be complete without mentioning the modern incarnation of the Fleshlights. The basic concept behind this toy is that it is an inverse dildo. A person with a penis can thrust and penetrate a silicon toy with lubrication that will give them pleasure.

That might sound like a rather basic tool to use for masturbating. However, you have to consider the advances that have been made. These days, a person can buy one of the best Fleshlights that are cast by real adult stars. Each toy can give a unique feeling of pleasure. 

The best sex toys for trans men in terms of Fleshlights are the Quickshots. These small masturbation sleeves are open at both ends which makes them easy to stimulate the shaft of the penis. Which makes it one of the best toys for post-phalloplasty trans men, since such penises tend to have more intense erotic sensations near the base.

Fleshlight currently has several classic pink Quickshot sleeves and several clear ones. One of them is even made in collaboration with a famous porn star Riley Reid – so, has the additional fantasy element.

Not only that, the Quickshot can be turned into an automatic blowjob machine. Speaking about blowjob machines – those could work for trans men as well.

Blowjob Machine

Essentially, this is a product that has similarities to the Fleshlight in the sense that the man inserts himself into the toy. Unlike a Fleshlight, the blowjob machine takes over the action for the man, using sophisticated technology to produce a pumping action to bring the individual to orgasm.

These products are becoming more common in the mainstream of sex toys. However, they are still more expensive than most other sex toys on the market today. 

However, I would recommend starting with a Quickshot – to know if this type of toy works for you. If it does – only then upgrade it with the Launch or a separate blowjob machine.

As you can see, there are several sex toys for trans men that can provide all sorts of wonderful experiences for those that use them. Take a look at some of the couples’ toys as well because they can be used for solo play in some cases, like cock rings

Best Sex Toys for Trans Women

LELO BRUNO Ergonomic Design

Again, for the sake of organization, individuals with a vulva and vagina have their sex toys listed here. Trans women are best served with toys that provide penetration and vibration. With that in mind, we have come up with a substantial list of offerings that can help trans women enjoy their time playing solo or with the help of their partners. 

The first transgender sex toys for trans women that we are going to examine are basic vibrators. You can find all sorts of these toys on the Internet and in local sex shops. The basic point is rather simple. You place the vibrator on the clitoris and rub against it until you reach an orgasm. They do not require lubrication unless you’re using them inside, and they are rather simple toys. 

The best thing that you can do when you get one of these toys is to make sure that you get one that is quiet. You do not want roommates, parents, or anyone else hearing you using it. These toys are multi-faceted as they can be used to stimulate a partner, too. 

Prostate Massager

Trans women, whether they have had bottom surgery or not, tend to keep the prostate. Using toys in this area can still give pleasurable sensations. As such, some of the best sex toys for their benefit come in the form of a prostate massager.

These toys are designed to be inserted to provide pleasure during masturbation, and they also can be used during intercourse. Either way, the toys are known for providing great feelings for those that use them. It’s safer and cleaner to have a dedicated prostate massager instead of using a vibrator for one partner and then the other. 

There are many different sex toys that trans women can make use of, and these are just a few of the best ones that are easily available on the market today. 

Sex Toys For Trans Couples

When you find a trans partner and want to have some fun, you can get toys that will enhance your sexual experience. These toys are designed to work in a variety of ways. This means they can lead to incredible sensations and feelings of closeness. 

transgender sex toys for couples

According to one fantastic article, one of the best sex toys that couples can use is called the strapless strap-on. It can be found in the form of Fun Factory Sharevibe. The basic concept of this item is that one partner puts it inside of themselves for a sense of fulfillment. Then uses it to penetrate and vibrate against the other partner. It can be incredibly pleasurable for all parties involved. 

Cocke Sleeves

best cock sleeve

Another wonderful toy that you can use as a couple is called a cock sleeve. The basic concept behind these sleeves is that some partners are not well-equipped enough to provide their partners with the feeling that they want. Rather than get crabby about it, a person with a penis can wear one of these “cock sleeves” something a person inserts the penis into and then uses for sex. Also, they can be used in conjunction with lubrication to give the wearer pleasure while making them less likely to orgasm prematurely and end the sexual experience. 

Penis Rings

lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Next, a great toy for partners to consider is a cock ring. This toy is similar to the cock sleeve in a way, but it is only meant to be worn on a small portion of the penis shaft. Basically, a person can slip this on and use it while they are having intercourse with another person. The benefits of using such a toy are rather numerous. First off, cock rings often help men stay harder for longer. 

The blood flow of a person that is engaged in vigorous sex can lead to a loss of erection, but the cock ring keeps the penis hard. Another great reason to use this sort of toy is that it can have a vibration feature built into it.

That means it will please the individual who is wearing the toy and the person that is being penetrated by the toy. This versatile toy is something that all couples should consider having on their nightstand to get a little bit of extra fun out of every session. 

Where to Find a Partner for Trans Outcomes? 

Why have a toy when you can get the real thing, right? Finding trans partners is something that many people have struggled with throughout their lives. Most trans people have dealt with some form of difficulty in finding romance at one time or another. 

A fantastic way to find trans partners is by using transgender dating sites. According to research, LGBTQ+ people are twice as likely as the rest of the population to use an online dating service to find a partner. Also, they tend to be very fortunate with these outcomes. Dating sites do a lot for marginalized groups by providing them with a safe place to date. They also give users many different people from which to choose. Also, offered them the chance to connect away from prying eyes. 

People can also find dates using other methods too. Dawn Marie has provided a lot of guidelines to people who are trans and seeking dates in their local area. Watch the video, to help you come up with ways to meet partners that are trans and looking to have a relationship.

All in all, you can find a trans partner in many different spots. Choose the one that works best to meet your needs. 

Final Words

As you probably understood, transgender sex toys are no other than the same ones that non-trans people use. All you need is simply to find the one that suits your needs best.

Sex toys are becoming increasingly accepted by all people, including individuals in the trans community. Knowing now how you can find a romantic partner as a trans person, you should feel more emboldened to meet people that accept the use of toys that give extra pleasure in the bedroom.

Whether you are using a toy to explore your sexuality as a trans person or you are trying to find toys that will work well as part of a couple, you now know what you can find online or in a sex store. Do a little research, learn your personal preferences, and have better sexual experiences!

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