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Fleshlight Ice Review

This detailed Fleshlight Ice review will cover the pros and cons of this unique clear pocket pussy.

If you’ve ever wondered what your penis looks like when using a pocket pussy – good news. Now you can actually see it. All you need is a Fleshlight Ice clear pocket pussy. The transparent Fleshlight sleeve will uncover all the action while bringing you pleasure.

BONUS: this clear pocket pussy by Fleshlight also makes your private parts look bigger.

Fleshlight ICE
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Fleshlight Ice comes in three sleeve openings: Ice Pure, Ice Butt and Ice Lady. Each of them is designed for you to choose your preferred entrance.

Fleshlight Ice Benefits

The Ice clear pocket pussies come with numerous benefits. Based on my personal experience and what various users all over the world reported, here’s what you can expect from Fleshlight Ice:

3 Unique Entrances

Since Fleshlight Ice comes in three unique sleeve entrances, you can select the one you enjoy most.

If you want a clear pocket pussy that would most resemble anal entrance – Ice Butt is the perfect choice for you.

If you want a transparent pocket pussy that would look most like a vagina – Ice Lady is your best option.

And, if you want something that doesn’t look like a butt or a vagina, go for Ice Pure.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, all of them are equally tight and quality made, so you won’t be disappointed. After all, the texture inside is the same.

Transparent Fleshlight That Makes Penis Bigger

Another great benefit of Fleshlight Ice sleeves is their transparency. By using it, you will be able to see the whole action from a front-line seat.

Also, the clear case actually makes your private parts look bigger and more impressive. So, if you decide to use it together with your partner, Ice will boost your self-confidence.

Naturally, a boost in self-confidence usually leads to better sex and better stamina. As you know, sex comes from the mind first.

Easy to Clean

Even though the clear pocket pussy sleeve is a bit more sticky than a pink one, it is still very easy to clean.

Keep in mind that you need to clean it after each use. Not cleaning it causes the pocket pussy to accumulate dirt, sweat, and other nasty stuff that you definitely don’t want on your penis.

Skin-Safe Materials

Fleshlight makes all of its products only from skin-safe materials. That means the pocket pussies are hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic sex toys don’t cause any skin irritations or allergies that other materials could cause.

That’s why it’s important to choose only quality materials for your sex toys. This way you and your partner are completely protected from any unwanted skin irritations.

However, when it comes to pocket pussies – be sure to use water-based lube with them. Not using lube could cause unwanted traction. The traction could cause skin irritations that are not related to the pocket pussy’s material itself.

Discreet Shipping and Billing

Fleshlight provides their clients only with the best treatment. Choosing their products means discreet shipping and billing.

Your items will arrive in a plain, unmarked box. So, you can get your Fleshlights delivered to any place, even to work. No one will be able to tell what you ordered.

Also, since the billing is discreet as well, no one will know what you have actually bought. So, your secret is safe with Fleshlight.

How Fleshlight Ice Works and Feels?

Pocket pussies are very straightforward devices. So, you won’t face any troubles when using them.

All you need to do is simply clean it before your first use (and later after each use) and lube it up before properly.

I would recommend you to use water-based lube as it is compatible with any sex toy material. So, it will work perfectly with Fleshlight Ice and any other sex toys that you already own or will own in the future.

Once you lube it up, simply put it on and enjoy it with your partner, alone or with an erotic movie.

How Fleshlight Ice Feels

Compared to regular Fleshlights, the Ice edition has some advantages as well as disadvantages in terms of sensations.

Fleshlight Ice Texture

Since the sleeve is clear and makes your penis look bigger, the experience itself feels nicer and gives a boost in self-confidence. The texture of the sleeve itself is quite similar to other tight Fleshlights that are not transparent. The biggest difference is the enhanced suction effect. So, it’s tight, intense, and feels good.

In terms of downsides, the clear sleeve is a bit more sticky than a regular one. So, to get the same smooth experience as with regular Fleshlights, you will need more lube. Yet, if you lube it up generously, you will have a great time with Fleshlight Ice.

While the usage is stickier, rinsing it is easy – so that’s a huge bonus.

What You Get In The Package?

Just like Fleshlight promises, all your items arrive in discreet packaging. The box I got was unmarked, so no one could tell what was inside.

Once I opened it, I found the Fleshlight Ice that I’ve ordered and several additional items. So, here’s what you can expect to get with your shipment:

  • Fleshlight Ice clear case
  • Transparent, textured Crystal sleeve
  • Lady / Butt / Pure Orifice (depends on order)
  • Instructions for proper use and required care

As you can see from what the package contains, the only thing that’s missing is some lube. So, if you don’t have any water-based on at home, I would recommend ordering it in advance.

Water-based lube is compatible with any sex toy material, so you’ll be able to use it with any other sex toys if you own any.

NOTE: unfortunately, Fleshlight Ice is not compatible with the shower mount, so if you want to play with it during your shower time, you will have to use your hands instead of having a hands-free experience.

Fleshlight Ice Downsides

Naturally, a quality product like Fleshlight Ice clear pocket pussy comes with numerous benefits. Yet, there are a couple of downsides to it. In my opinion, you as a buyer need to know them to make better purchasing decisions.

Stickier Texture

Compared to your regular Fleshlight, Ice has a stickier texture. A stickier texture means that you will need to use more lube with it in order to avoid any unnecessary traction.

As you know, if you don’t lube up your sex toys properly, the friction that’s visible during the pleasure moments could cause some unwanted skin irritations for your penis.

Not Compatible With Shower Mount

If you’re the type of person that enjoys a hands-free sexual experience in the shower, Fleshlight Ice could leave you disappointed.

Unfortunately, this transparent pocket pussy is not compatible with Fleshlight’s shower mount, so if you want to use it during your washing time, you will need to use your hands.

Fleshlight Ice Alternatives

If you feel like Fleshlight Ice is not the perfect pocket pussy for you, I have some great news – there are some pretty nice alternatives to it.

If you still want to benefit from the crystal clear sleeve, you should consider Fleshlight Quickshot. It’s a more compact version of a pocket pussy that is also open on both ends. So, it can fit any penis size and is easier to clean.

However, if you don’t like the stickiness part, you could consider the Fleshlight STU. Form my personal experience and what I heard from other users, it is indeed one of the best and most universal pocket pussies.

Even though it is originally designed for stamina training, even guys who don’t have problems with lasting longer in bed will enjoy it. The Fleshlight STU is super powerful and will give you mind-blowing orgasms. Since it’s not crystal clear and has a pink sleeve, it won’t have the sticky texture and won’t require additional lube.

Fleshlight Ice Reviews

Buying a sex toy is very personal, so it’s useful to see what people are talking about it. Here I took some Fleshlight Ice reviews from the manufacturer’s website for you to review.

Since Fleshlight publishes only the reviews written by verified users, these testimonials can be considered trustworthy.

So, here are several detailed Fleshlight Ice reviews that tell what users liked about it:

Fast and discrete shipping. The first one was a recommendation by a close female friend and she was right. The feeling is awesome. Almost like the real. Now I got after years the icy but. It’s absolutely worth the necessary care as it is best toy I ever had. Would recommend it without reservation.

– Thomas C.
Fleshlight Ice Clear Pocket Pussy

I love this product. I always wanted to try one of these, and at 59 I decided I needed something to spice up my solo sessions. Well, this sure did the trick!! If you ever thought about getting one of these, it’s worth every penny.

– Paul L.

Fleshlight is the best product of this kind that I already tried. I’ve had one for years. All the other similar products I’ve had, from different brands, were put away after awhile

Miguel M.

As you can see from what Fleshlight users are saying, Fleshlight really does produce quality sex toys that are enjoyed by men of different ages all over the world. So, I’m sure you’ll soon be one of them if you aren’t already.

The Verdict

Overall, if you choose a Fleshlight product, you already made a great choice. Since they use only quality materials and put a lot of effort into testing their toys – you will always have a pleasurable experience and everything else lies in personal preferences and expectations.

Fleshlight ICE
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If you want a clear pocket pussy that makes your penis visually look bigger – Fleshlight Ice should be among your top choices. However, if you’re not interested in seeing your penis in action, you can consider other pocket pussy alternatives that I listed above. This way you will get a similar experience and it will not require the extra lube that’s needed for the sticky clear material.

So, if you believe that Fleshlight Ice clear pocket pussy is the best choice for you, be sure to purchase it directly from Fleshlight. This way you will get an original product with all the warranties that come with it. Click here to choose your Fleshlight Ice.

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