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Lisa Ann Fleshlight

Great news for MILF lovers, if you haven’t known yet, world’s most famous MILF Lisa Ann is a Fleshlight girl. Yes, there is a Lisa Ann Fleshlight. Actually, two of them and today I’ll tell you everything that makes them special.

Since more than ten years ago Lisa Ann has become the queen of the MILF department and earned numerous awards for her outstanding performances.

Her collaboration with Fleshlight resulted in 2 Lisa Ann pocket pussies, that have unique orifices and unique textures.

Lisa Ann
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The first one is called Barracuda with a vagina-like orifice and the second one is called Savage with a butt-like orifice.

How Lisa Ann Fleshlight Feels?

There are two Fleshlights in the Lisa Ann series. The first one has an orifice that looks like Lisa’s vagina and the other one looks like her butt. Let’s see what you can expect from each of them.

Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight

The Barracuda Fleshlight that features Lisa’s vagina-like orifice continues to be a bestseller on the Fleshlight website.

The Fleshlight has two main chambers where each has intense front and back-facing bristles.

Lisa Ann lady sleeve

The first chamber has front-facing bristles which create a resistance-like sensation that feels super intense against the penis. The chamber is only 2 inches long and is followed by a narrow exit.

Once you enter the second chamber, you will feel bristles that are facing the end side of the Fleshlight. These bristles create a resistance feeling when you’re pulling the penis out of the Fleshlight while stroking.

I perfectly understand why this Fleshlight is a best-seller. It’s super tight, the texture brings you intense and exciting massage sensations. So, I can definitely recommend you this Fleshlight.

Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight

The Savage Fleshlight features Lisa’s butt-like orifice and a super unique texture.

As you can see from the image below, it’s quite difficult to describe the texture of this Fleshlight.

Lisa Ann butt sleeve

Even though the texture is continuous and the Fleshlight has only one chamber, it’s super ribbed, super intense and it will take you time to understand what just hit you.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Benefits

Both of Lisa Ann’s Fleshlights are unique and come with multiple benefits. While most of them are common for all Fleshlight’s pocket pussies, there’s always something unique about each one.

2 Unique Sleeves

Lisa Ann Fleshlight series has two pocket pussies with two unique sleeves. The Barracuda sleeve has a vagina-like orifice and Savage has a butt-like orifice.

According to Fleshlight’s website, the Barracuda Fleshlight continues to be among the best sellers. Once you’ll try it I’m sure that you’ll understand why.

Lisa Ann MILF Fantasy

When you are buying a Fleshlight that looks like your favorite porn star, in this case, it’s Lisa Ann, – naturally, it is a lot more exciting.

Now, after many years of fantasizing about your favorite porn star and teasing yourself with her movies and videos, you’ll get the next best thing.

You know how hot the queen of MILFs is and you know you want her.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Lisa Ann Fleshlights sleeve has a unique texture that is easy to clean after you get used to it. The first several times may be a little tricky.

Also, never forget that hygiene matters. So, just like you wash after sex, you need to wash your sex toys as well. Otherwise, you risk any bacteria or other nasty stuff getting on it. Here’s a detailed guide on how to clean a Fleshlight.

Quality Skin-Safe Materials

Lisa Ann Fleshlights are made from patented SuperSkin material that Fleshlight uses for most of its toys. SuperSkin makes the sleeve feel similar to a real skin feel. SuperSkin is also hypoallergenic. This means that it won’t cause any irritations or unexpected skin allergies.

However, you have to keep in mind that you always need to use lube with your Fleshlights. If you are not using lube, it can lead to skin irritations that are caused by traction. They are completely unrelated to the materials themselves.

Discreet Shipping and Billing

Fleshlight always has your privacy protected. So, no matter how small or big your order is, it will arrive in unmarked boxes.

No one will be able to tell what exactly have you ordered unless you tell or show them.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Downsides

While there are numerous benefits of the Lisa Ann Fleshlight, there are some downsides to them as well.

Could be Difficult to Clean

Both Lisa Ann’s sleeves are super textured. If you have at least one Fleshlight already, you know how textured sleeves can be difficult to clean.

However, when you get used to it, cleaning Lisa Ann won’t be a problem, and trust me, she’s totally worth it.

How Lisa Ann Fleshlight Works?

If you have ever tried using a Fleshlight, you already know how to play with Lisa Ann.

However, if it’s Lisa Ann to who you’re losing your Fleshlight virginity, here’s a short guide on how to use a Fleshlight.

First, hygiene matters. That’s why you need to wash your Fleshlight before the first use and after each use. You can read a detailed guide to Fleshlight cleaning here.

Second, lube up properly. Not lubing up your pocket pussies will cause traction between your penis skin and the sleeve. This can cause skin irritation. As you know, penises are sensitive, so be gentle and use lube. Water-based lube is the perfect choice as it’s suitable for nearly any sex toy material.

When you’re prepared, it’s the imagination that matters. Once you put it on your erect penis, you can squeeze it, twist it, use long and short strokes – find what you like.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Alternatives

If you’re looking for a MILF Fleshlight, I wouldn’t recommend searching for alternatives, as Lisa Ann is the Queen and in the MILF category and her Fleshlights are the best.

However, if you’re looking for alternatives, my current favorite is Elsa Jean Fleshlight. It used t be Riley Reid’s Fleshlight. However, Elsa Jean won.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Reviews

Just like the actress herself, Lisa Ann Fleshlight has thousands of fans worldwide.

Knowing what real users have to say helps make better purchasing decisions. All of the Lisa Ann Fleshlight reviews, listed below, were written on the official Fleshlight website by real and verified users that actually purchased the pocket pussies and tried them out.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight banner

I’m a slightly larger user at 7.5 x 6; and this sleeve is awesome. It fullfills an awesome kink of watching pounding Lisa Ann without all the effort of taking her hostage and violating the law.

– Stephen J.

The simple and ingenious sleeve has a sweet spot with maximum stimulation allowing you to control your experience very easily by simply moving the sweet spot.

– Eric J.

Unbelievable how amazing this Fleshlight feels! Combine this with the sleeve warmer, and you got a perfect combination! Can’t wait to try out the other ladies! ?

– Trevor T.

This sleeve is really nice. It has this soft pressure on all the surface like the obsession sleeve thanks to all the little fingers but in a softer way. You feel the stimulation of all the fingers and this inner ring between the two type of little fingers adds variety to the texture. It feels a bit like a lotus node with this funny pop. The same sensation is found in the Alien texture just after the first vortex.

All in all, this is a really pleasant texture, less aggressive than the obsession one, so you will last longer. This node allows you to play with it. Fun and stimulating but not too much. So a really well balanced sleeve. Highly recommended in your collection !

– Michael T.

As you can see from the Lisa Ann Fleshlight reviews, written by real users, Lisa Ann is a star not only as an actress and performer but as a Fleshlight as well.

Overall Verdict

Trying the Lisa Ann Fleshlight convinced me that, in fact, she is the Queen MILF.

Lisa Ann
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Each of the sleeves comes with an intriguing texture and is ideal for beginners. So, all horny guys out there should definitely try out Lisa Ann.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous texture, go for Savage Fleshlight. If you’re looking for a more intense Fleshlight – Barracuda Fleshlight should satisfy your needs.

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