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Best Sex Machine
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Discover the best sex machines for 2022.

Let’s face it, all of us who ever used a sex toy, dreamed at least once that it would do the whole job on its own. A sex machine is exactly the device to fulfill this fantasy.

Choosing the best sex machine for your needs can be quite tricky. However, that’s why I wrote this guide. Here you will find the best sex machines for men, women, and anal play.

If you’re new to this, make sure to check out the FAQ section at the end of the article where I will cover the essential information about fucking machines.

Top 8 Sex Machine Choices

Fucking machines come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them can be super compact and simple, while others basically need their own storage room.

Since size can be a sensitive subject, I took that into consideration. That’s why below you will find sex machines of different sizes built for different purposes.

Best Compact Sex Machine

Compact sex machines are great for those, who don’t have a lot of storage space or simply want their sex toys to be easy-to-hide.

Also, compact sex machines are a lot cheaper than the big ones, so you’ll be saving space as well as money.

#1 Kiiroo KEON

kiiroo keon

Kiiroo Keon is the most advanced male masturbator in the market. When it comes to compact sex machines, it delivers more than you could expect from such a device. Kiiroo Keon has interchangeable sleeves and each is made in collaboration with a famous porn star.

kiiroo logo

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Keon is fully VR-compatible and can even be synced with video content for the most realistic experiences. Even if you’re in a long-distance relationship, Keon can be paired with other Kiiroo sex toys so both partners could please and tease each other.

So, there’s basically nothing Keon can’t do for you. Also, another great thing about the toy is its size – Keon is super compact (for such a device).

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#2 Kiiroo Onyx+: For Him

kiiroo onyx plus

Kiiroo Onyx+ can easily be called one of the best automatic male masturbators of 2022.

Onyx+ is a high-end male sex toy that you can use to have orgasms anytime you want.

This sex machine is VR compatible, features Bluetooth connectivity, and an inner sleeve made in collaboration with Fleshlight.

If you don’t know, Fleshlight is the leader of male masturbators also known as pocket pussies.

Kiiroo Onyx+ is powered by advanced technology, it can stroke your penis 140 times per minute.

Discreet, silent, and powerful – Onyx+ is the ultimate sex machine.

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#3 Fantasy Sex Machine – For Her

Fantasy For Her Rechargeable Remote Control Sex Machine

7 vibration patterns and 7 thrusting patterns. Not enough? Then let’s add a warming shaft stimulation.

This sex machine is very compact and super easy to customize according to your needs.

Being lightly curved makes it super easy for the dildo to stimulate the G-spot.

Not only that, this powerful sex toy comes with a remote control to fulfill all desires even from a distance. Or, you can let your partner use it to please and tease you.

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#4 Fun Factory Drei – For Her

stronic drei

10 thrusting modes to fulfill all desires. From sensual caressed to super intense pounding – Stronic Drei does it all.

The flared base of this toy gives additional stimulation around the vaginal opening and perineum.

The curved and super flexible tips are designed to make the G-spot stimulation effortless for this sex toy.

The combination of these methods gives a super realistic experience. Easy to control, easy to clean, quiet, and rechargeable – perfect for multiple orgasms.

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Medium-Size Sex Machines For Him

In this category, you will find slightly bigger sex machines. However, even though they’re not compact enough to be stored in a nightstand, a small cabinet should do the trick.

#5 Fleshlight Universal Launch

universal fleshlight launch

If you’re familiar with Fleshlight Launch, you most likely can guess what the Universal Launch is all about. However, to put it in simple words, it is a new and upgraded version of the original device.

Here’s what changed: first, the original Fleshlight Launch was only compatible with standard-sized Fleshlights. However, the new Universal one works with almost all Fleshlight models.

Second, the upgraded version is more ergonomic and more comfortable to use. The handles are easier to grip and that makes the device more stable.

Third – the device is more powerful and can stroke the penis faster. Also, there’s a place to put your mobile phone for a comfortable view of content during your private sessions.

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#6 Fleshlight QuickShot Launch – For Him

Quickshot launch

If you’re looking for a masturbator that is made by a luxury brand and features interchangeable sleeves – meet Fleshlight Quickshot Launch.

The Quickshot Launcghh is compatible with Quickshot sleeves, so you can choose whichever ones you feel like you want most.

Quickshot sleeves are small, compact, and can also be used on their own. So, they’re perfect for traveling.

The Quickshot Launch is a powerful masturbator that can stroke your penis up to 250 times per minute.

Quickshot Launch also features a universal smartphone mount, so you can play your favorite videos while the sex machine does its job.

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Full-Size Fucking Machines

If you have plenty of storage space and want to experience the power of a full-size sex machine, take a look at Cowgirl Premium.

#7 The Cowgirl Premium

The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine

This sex machine comes with a 1.9k USD price tag. However, it’s worth every penny.

As you can see just from looking, this sex machine is for serious play. 360-degree swivel and 6 vibration patterns that can be manipulated individually are just the beginning.

This sex machine allows you to focus solely on your needs. The machine comes with two silicone attachments along with the possibility to switch between a plastic stem and spring. So, you can let your mood dictate how the evening goes.

The sex machine comes with remote control, or you can download a special app for controls. The toy easily adjusts to your needs, so the only thing you need to worry about is your pleasure.

This sex toy is also perfect for those who are in long-distance relationships. FeelMe & FeelVR apps will make it possible for you to no longer feel the distance due to intimate video calls.

There are so many ways this machine can satisfy you that I can’t even put a number on it.

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Best ED-Friendly Sex Machine

Each year the sex toy market becomes more and more advanced. Therefore, they can offer sex toys for men who suffer conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction. I believe that it’s brilliant because each and every man deserves to experience orgasms without any exceptions.

#8 Arcwave Ion


Arcwave Ion is a pretty compact and discreet male masturbator. Created by the famous WOW Tech company, Arcwave Ion is one-of-a-kind.

Unlike traditional strokers, Arcwave Ion doesn’t stroke the penis. It uses strong sonic waves to stimulate the frenulum – the most sensitive part of the penis. Due to that, there is no need to have an erection in order to enjoy the sex toy.

When Arcwave was created, the company aimed to create a toy that could allow men to experience female-like orgasms: deeper, stronger, and more intense ones. To be completely fair, they did a pretty great job.

From my experience, the sex machine works very well, however, you need to play with it at least several times in order to fully familiarize yourself with the experience, relax and get the most intense results.

Also, the toy is somewhat noisy and the noise sounded kinda funny to me, so be ready for that.

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Sex Machine Buying Guide

When you want to buy a fucking machine, there are some essential things to consider. Below you will find a detailed buying guide that covers all the essentials that you need.


Size matters. Fuck machines can be small and compact to fit in a drawer. However, they can be big and bulky, so may require a separate storing space.


Just like with other sex toys, quality sex machines are not cheap. Yet, most compact ones usually cost less than 200 dollars. However, if you’re looking for a full-size fucking machine that’s super durable and comes with numerous functions – it will cost you at least 1-2k dollars.


Always choose sex toys that are made from skin-safe materials only. If you have any allergies (like latex) – make sure to check whether the toy is made from it. Most quality sex toys are made from hypoallergenic materials, so if you pick quality ones – you are in a better position when it comes to dealing with unexpected allergies.


Some sex toy machines are customizable, can be upgraded, and are VR-compatible. So, you need to decide whether a simple fuck machine is enough for you, or if you want an advanced one.


Some sex machines have one motor while others come with multiple. However, a more powerful motor usually means bigger sex toys.

Ready to Use?

Some sex machines arrive ready-to-use. Especially the compact ones. However, some bigger ones usually require some constructing skills. While its fairly easy, there are some complicated ones out there.

Discretion and Warranties

Choose a reputable manufacturer/sex toy store. That ensures that your orders will be handled discreetly. Also, your sex toys will come with warranties. That’s super important in case your ordered sex toy malfunctions or breaks.

Sex Machine FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about sex machines. These include types, cleaning, safety, and more.

What is a sex machine?

A sex machine, also known as fuck machine, is an automatic device, designed to mimic sexual intercourse. They can be used for solo masturbation sessions or together with a partner.

Sex machine types

There are various types of fucking machines. Most popular include:

  • Saddles – an automatic mount that you sit on.
  • Gliders – similar to a saddle but powered by your body movements.
  • Thrusters – just like the title suggests it’s designed for thrusting.
  • Strokers – as the title says – it’s designed for stroking.
  • Dolls – well sex dolls come in various shapes and sizes, so you probably have an idea about this category.

How to use a sex machine?

Using a sex machine is pretty easy. However, since all of them are different – the proper way to use a sex machine safely is to follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Sex machine safety

In order to use your sex machine safely – use it only the way the manufacturer suggests. Otherwise, you’re risking your health.

Sex machine benefits

Sex machines have numerous benefits. The essential ones include:

  • They’re comfortable
  • They’re durable
  • Hands-free orgasms
  • You’re in control
  • Easy-to-use
  • Some are VR-compatible
  • Good for long-distance relationships
  • Can be compact

Sex machine downsides

Here are some of the sex machines downsides:

  • Can be big
  • Could be too strong
  • Can be noisy
  • Could be uncomfortable at first
  • Not enough customizable
  • Can be triscky to assemble

How to clean a sex machine?

When it comes to sex machine cleaning – there is no one solution for that. In order to properly clean your fucking machine – follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

However, it doesn’t matter what kind of sex machine you get, you need to clean it after each use. Otherwise, the toy could get infected with various nasty bacteria that I’m sure you don’t want your penis touching. That could cause an infection that would need a lot more time to heal compared to how much cleaning the toy actually takes.

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