Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl Position
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This sex pose is best known as the cowgirl position. However, such terms as cowperson, cowboy, or simply rider can be and are used to describe it. So, just for the sake of popularity of the term and consistency throughout the article, I’ll use the cowgirl term here.

The cowgirl position is ultra-friendly for the person on top, or to put it in other words – the rider. The rider controls the speed and the depth of the penetration, while the person that’s being ridden can comfortably lie down and enjoy the show.

At least that’s how most people imagine how the cowgirl position works, however, there’s much more to it.

  • Level of Difficulty: Strong legs are a huge bonus
  • Level of Flexibility: Low

How Cowgirl Sex Position Works?

The receiving partner who will be ridden needs to simply lie down on their back. The penetrating partner then positions themselves on top as if they were sitting on a horse. Both partners are face to face.

In terms of sitting, it’s better not to choose a 90 degrees angle like you would when riding a horse. Slightly leaning forward will be more comfortable.

In this position, the penis or the strap-on gets positioned into the vagina or the anus. The rider can now start riding, and grinding the way they like.

Another great thing about this position is that the receiving partner can always lean on the bottom one for additional support. Simply use your hands! This way the top partner won’t get as tired.

However, if you don’t have a lot of strength in your legs – there’s a great chance that you will get tired eventually. In such a case, don’t be shy to give control to your partner. The cowgirl position works excellent with penetration from both sides.

Things to Know:

  • Consider doing some stretches before getting into action. Your legs will feel a lot better.
  • Switch up the action and let each partner be in control – cowgirl position is excellent both ways
  • Cowgirl position keeps both partners face-to-face which is extremelly sexy, since both partners can see each other’s O-faces.
  • Start the fun slow and use lube for smooth experiences. Tis angle gives pretty deep penetration, so it can cause discomfort for some. However, if you find that it’s not deep-enough, consider going fir a rear-entrance position, such as doggy-style.
  • This angle is perfect for women who have difficulty reaching an orgasm solely through penetrative sex. The access to the clitoris is very easy, therefore doesn’t require a lot of effort yet brings a lot of pleasure.

Sex Toys and Cowgirl Position

As great and versatile as the cowgirl position is, there are always things that can be done to add a little spice.

Here are some excellent sex toys that will complement this sex position:

Tip: if you want extra intensity, consider using a penis pump right before sex. This will make the penis bigger in size. Therefore, the penetration will be deeper and more intense.

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