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If you are looking for some advanced sex positions to try out – consider the wheelbarrow. This position requires a lot of physical strength from both partners, so make sure that you and your partner are both fit enough. Otherwise, one or both of you could get seriously injured.

  • Level of Difficulty: High
  • Level of Flexibility: Medium

How Wheelbarrow Sex Position Works?

To get into the wheelbarrow sex position, the penetrating partner needs to stand straight with legs slightly bent in the knees. The receiving partner needs to lie down on the belly, face down. The legs should be facing towards the penetrating partner.

The penetrating partner then can start lifting the receiving partner by the waist up, towards their private parts. The receiving partner should place their palms flat on the ground to help support their body weight. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner for extra stability and comfort.

While this is not the most comfortable position for the receiving partner, it allows deep penetration. However, the penetrating partner can’t relax as well, since it’s their job to ensure stability and security of the position. That’s why, before you get into the wheelbarrow, make sure you’re both are physically fit enough to do it.

Things to Know:

  • The wheelbarrow sex position is advanced and requires a lot of physical strength. Make sure you’re physically ready.
  • This sex position is great for couples who want to try out something challenging.
  • The wheelbarrow allows deep penetration. It’s perfect for G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

Sex Toys and Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The wheelbarrow position is not very sex toys friendly. On the other hand – it’s complicated enough for you to worry about anything else. Yet, there are still some toys that you can try incorporating into the play:

  • Penis ring – consider using it in case of Erectile Dysfunction or simply if you wish to prolong the erection.
  • Strap on – perfect for double penetration or lesbian couples.
  • Butt plugs – perfect for some low intensity anal stimulation.
  • Prostate massager – if a plug is not enough and you or your partner want deeper action.

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