At What Age Does A Man Stop Ejaculating?

At What Age Does A Man Stop Ejaculating?
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If you’re wondering about at what age does a man stop ejaculating, I could just simply say 70 is the age when a man stops ejaculating and be done with it but that wouldn’t be true. This article talks about how when you’re 80, it might take you a week to get ready to go again once you’ve had sex – this means, if you live till 80, there’s a solid chance that your libido might be low, like you’re doing it only 4 times a month, but those sperms of yours will still be A-Ok to get produced and released.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I say sperms will be produced and released, I mean just that – the chances of you getting someone pregnant at that age is near impossible. Oh but there still is a chance, as low as it may be, so do use protection. Using contraceptives not only protects you from the risk of unwanted pregnancy but also prevents the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). So yeah, even when you’re 80, a condom is still your best friend.

What Is The Process Behind An Ejaculation And The Orgasm?

We all know what foreplay is and how men reach their climax, but what is the science behind your orgasms? Did you know that there are three stages to go till you achieve a complete climax? Of course, these stages begin after your penis is erect. After a certain amount of sexual stimulation – be it intercourse, masturbation, or oral sex – the first stage is emission. Emission means the deposition of all the juices from a man’s seminal vesicles, epididymis, and vas deferens into the urethra – your sperms are added already by then. 

The urethra is in the prostate gland and the secretions from this gland is also added to this liquid – this is your semen. Next comes ejaculation, when a man’s pelvic floor muscles go through rhythmic contractions. These wave-like contractions propel your semen to erupt out of your penis. This eruption leads to a man’s orgasm. An orgasm also involves your brain – the release of certain hormones in your body completes the orgasm and makes it as pleasurable as it is…for you to truly enjoy sex, both your body and mind must be in it.

Does A Man Ever Stop Ejaculating?

So, if you’re still ejaculating at 80, when do you finally stop? I’m not saying your body stopping ejaculating is something you’re looking forward to – I’m not even remotely implying that – but aren’t you curious about it? And more than curious, some people are anxious about what is going to happen when they age. Some changes in the male body come gradually and some, frequently, it’s better to be prepared and have some knowledge about these.

This article is all about these changes that happen in a male’s body when they age. And yes, it’s mostly related to sexual health because hey, they didn’t cover everything in our sexual education and healthy well-being classes in school. And even if they did, there’s a chance we’ve forgotten about it. No harm in loading up the mind with some bits and pieces of information!

Never will there ever come a time when you’re all set and ready to have sex, when there’s a lot of friction and yet you fail to come. I mean, this might happen due to some issues but let me assure you, one of those issues will never be age. The human male body is designed to deliver sperm and it doesn’t really just stop. But yeah, the quality of those sperms do keep degrading over time and they lose their vigor and vitality after a man’s age surpasses a certain number.

If you fail to ejaculate, chances are the ‘problem’ might also be in your mind. I mean, just recall the very first scene of the popular British show on Netflix “Sex Education” where Amy (Amie?) and Addam, both are going at it when she orgasms and he has to fake it. Although Aimee (yeah, this is it) realises he is faking it and goes, “Where’s the Spunk, Adam?” (It’s quite funny, actually, when you don’t see the deep-rooted issues here.) 

As Adam was only a teenager, it proves that a lot of factors can crop up and stop a man from ejaculating at times…and age might just not be the only one of those reasons.

So, when it comes to stopped ejaculations, is age no factor at all then?

Oh no, age is a factor. So, at what age does a man stop ejaculating? Well, it’s more like, the process of aging brings about other changes in the body that leads up to not only stopped ejaculations but many other changes. The primary reason for these changes would be the drop in the level of testosterone in the male body. The second reason would be the weakening of pelvic floor muscles – leading to the decrease in the force of ejaculation, and well, taking most of the fun out of it. And thirdly, your prostate gland secrets less and less with age – leading to a decrease in semen volume.

Some other changes that come with age include you taking more time to get an erection. With age, if you have trouble getting an erection, it’s not necessarily erectile dysfunction but a simple process of your body telling you the testosterone has gone down. This might start happening when you’re in your late forties. For some people, this happens in their late twenties. Keep in mind that it’s not erectile dysfunction if you developed it with age – people with erectile dysfunction always have trouble getting an erection, even when they’re teenagers.

Other changes in a male body which come with age include the erections not being much harder anymore or taking more time to reach an orgasm. Aging is not a cure for premature ejaculation but this delayed orgasm is particularly helpful for those people who think they orgasm way too soon. Keep in mind, I said they ‘think’ they orgasm early – you should check out some stats about the average time men usually take to ejaculate before forming any opinions.

What Happens To Men’s Ejaculations With Age?

With increase in age and the decrease in the testosterone levels, men might also lose libido. This happens when someone is well over 50 but the signs are there from way before that. For example, before men completely stop ejaculating, if that ever happens, the amount of semen they ejaculate dwindles from a shower to just a few drops and dribbles. To answer a question directly as to, at what age a man stops ejaculating, the answer would be: it’s not just physical but also mental.

When a man sees that he’s not shooting as far and wide or in as much of quantity as he used to, there’s also a subconscious factor playing into action. Most men, after reaching a certain age, let’s say 55, just give in and stop having sex altogether. I mean, obviously, age will make some changes in your body and several men try to reverse those changes through different ways or Western medicine, but many men take a little loss of libido as an indication that now it’s time to just give up. 

So here it is, the stopping of ejaculation due to none other than the man himself. Like I had mentioned before, an orgasm involves both the little head – the head of your penis and the large head – your mind.


A man’s ejaculation depends on several factors – both physical and mental. Physical factors involve a decrease in hormone levels leading to less frequent hard erections, a drop in the volume of your semen, and a decrease in libido. The mental factors consist of taking the physical factors as an ultimate sign of ‘providence’ and gradually decreasing the amount of sex a man has, voluntarily. 

There is no particular age for a particular man to stop ejaculating. Many men ejaculate when they are stimulated, even when they’re well over 70. It all depends on what kind of life a person is leading – a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and not excess consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes can go a long way. And also, a man’s motivation behind overcoming these few ‘challenges’ put forth by nature determines when a man altogether stops having sex or ejaculating altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want to have sex but can’t ejaculate?

Ans. A few things to keep in mind is, firstly, how old are you? If you’re fairly young this might be a psychological issue. Your best bet would be to visit a urologist, see if there’s a problem in the anatomy and follow up with a neurologist. If you’re older than 40, it might be not just psychological but purely a physical issue. If ejaculation stops, it’s time to revise those meds you’re taking! Visit your doctors, the ones you’re already visiting, and let them know you’re facing this issue and they’ll guide you to what’s best for you.

A stop in ejaculation can also be a result of trauma or an injury due to an accident. If this is the case, don’t put much pressure on yourself. Let your doctor know what’s happening because chances are, this pause is temporary.

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