Can’t Get It Up? Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction & Low Libido

Can’t Get It Up? Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction & Low Libido
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Believe it or not, Erectile Dysfunction and low libido might have more to do with your mental health than you would believe. Why, you wonder? Well, it’s common to say that all problems start in the mind. When the mind is not cured, the problems may become physical.

In this fast-paced generation of cutthroat competition, we seldom get the time to sit back and reflect on our own health. Most of us are heckling around to grab hold of our careers in this already confusing metaphor of life.

Hopping from one achievement to another, we seldom look back at the mirror, taking care of our own selves. This negligence bites back onto us in the form of various ailments some of which affect our daily livelihood. 

As we age, these imbalances take a toll on our bodies. It wears us from inside and when we reach our 30s, we are bombarded with a buffet of ailments. In males, the most notable effect falls on the androgens leading to a drastic upregulation or downregulation of the subsequent hormones. This causes a plethora of hormonal problems ranging from thyroid, cholesterol to the most common sexual disabilities.

Estrogen and testosterone fall culprits to these hormonal fluctuations, and yes estrogen is present in males as well! As a matter of fact estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen plays a critical role in male sexual function. 

So, if you’re a man facing the newfound hardships of life, you’ve clicked on the right links. Here, I have addressed two of the most embarrassing sexual disabilities which affect almost 70% of men in their 40s. Yep, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. 

Alright, What is Erectile Dysfunction? 

Caused due to a plethora of health conditions ranging from blockage of arteries to diabetes to androgen deficiency, this condition prevents coitus due to the lack of a proper erection. 

In most cases, corpus spongiosum, the muscle primarily involved in hardening the penis is inversely affected here. The muscle does receive proper stimulation but due to loss in fiber properties (owing to improper diet, alcohol/substance abuse, etc), it cannot achieve its desired stiffness. Another prominent cause is atherosclerosis, i.e blockage of vessels traveling to the penile tissues. 

Uhhh, that was too much science. Could you tone it down, please?

Well, basically imagine yourself in bed with the hottest lady of dreams who you wanna rage all night. But unfortunately, your little guy just won’t respond. Or even if he does, he won’t get hard enough for a proper “bang-bang”. 

Mind you, you can ejaculate perfectly well and in time so this isn’t a case of premature ejaculation. It’s just that your little guy down there just won’t get up and become the big boner it’s supposed to. 

Ok, Gotcha. What is Low Libido? 

It is as self-explanatory as it could be. In this disability, either your testosterone is produced insufficiently or the receptors on which the hormone binds have lost their vigor due to underlying health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Basically, you don’t feel sexual towards anything anymore. 

You should keep in mind; if you’re having a low libido it is mostly in general. Meaning, if you find yourself getting attracted to someone or something but not towards your own partner (no judgments!) then that isn’t a case of low libido. Rather that’s just a change in sexual preference. A person suffering from low libido has difficulty in finding sexual vigor in himself/herself towards anything in general. 

Damn, That’s Rough. Can a Person Have Both? 

No, it’s not really as rough as it sounds. As a matter of fact, it is way more common than you think. It’s just that you wouldn’t see someone talking at a bar loudly about their low libido or ED, hence it remains under the radar. 

Yes, in most cases a person suffering from low libido has symptoms of erectile dysfunction follow him closely. Almost 90% of men suffering from low libido have an underlying cause of ED but not vice versa. 

Is There Any Way to Prevent Low Libido or Diagnose It? 

For sure there are tonnes of meds and pills available. I won’t go into how to medically diagnose it for obvious reasons of me not being your doctor but I can give you 5 golden tips. It’s fairly simple, one needs to be vigilant about his health and follow these basic points to avoid such problems. 

Follow a Proper Diet 

One of the most crucial factors to a healthy life is a person’s diet. Whatever you put inside you will have a major role in determining your body’s health for years to come. Through a nutritious balanced diet, one can prevent more than 99% of age-related hormonal problems.

follow a proper diet

If you find yourself suffering from ED, switch to a non-alcoholic diet for a few months with enough fruits and greens to take care of your vitamin needs. Cut down on your red meat and soda, and your body will be forever grateful to you. 

Size matters 

The size of your body matters. You thought of something else, didn’t you? *wink wink*

You must keep in mind that an obese body or an underweight one is equally disastrous in the long run. One must work out, go for a swim or even sprint a quick 100m every once in a while.

This not only helps in stimulating the blood flow through arteries but also releases endorphins and androgens which then improves the overall health of the individual. 

Train your Pelvic Muscles

We don’t necessarily recommend you to go to a physiotherapist or join a gym. But rather, try out some exercises for the pelvic muscles once a week.

A strong pelvic floor enhances rigidity during erections and helps to trap the blood into your penis by stimulating some essential veins. This finally results in a “girthier” penis with a long-lasting erection. 

Consider Using a Penis Pump

Even though it won’t solve the problem, you will at least be capable to get your sex life back.

Using a quality penis pump will help you gain your confidence back and might even help you to deal with your condition mentally.

Performance in bed is very important to men and not being able to sattsfy your partner can be frustrating. So, don’t let your condition destroy you and take charge.

Opt for Therapy to prevent Low Libido

If you’re someone who still isn’t very keen on visiting a doctor; you must know that it is completely fine. Try and consult a therapist to see if the problem is physiological or psychological. As a matter of fact, when you visit your doctor, he will most certainly ask you to visit a therapist first.

This is to ensure that the medications can be prescribed towards a targeted problem. In this generation of sky-high levels of stress, most of our problems tend to be psychological so a few weekly sessions with a good therapist can fill you up with the vigor you have been craving for! 

Reduce Stress and Find a Work-Life Balance 

Last but not the least, you must dedicate one hour every day just to your own self. In that one hour, indulge in any activity which rejuvenates you. It could be as simple as playing with your pet puppy or something like your hobby such as drawing or photography etc. 

work-life balance

The point is, you need to let your brain relax for some time every day. This will help it to re-assess itself and bring down the hormones to their natural state before taking on yet another tiring day. So sit back, take your time and rejuvenate! 

By now, I’m convinced that you have made up your mind about what to do. This article was aimed to guide you towards some basic homely remedies after helping you identify the problem. 

Let me again remind you, ED and low libido are not conditions to be ashamed of. Every other man suffers from ED or low libido at some point in their lives. Most of them are just too shy to talk about it and just end up faking the hypermasculine “alpha man”. But the truth lies somewhere else.

Therefore, if you feel that you might be suffering from low libido or a case of erectile dysfunction, do not hesitate to take professional help. It will be even better if you discuss it with your significant other (if you have one) and then decide on the future course of action. 

At, you are our primary concern. So go ahead and live a happy sexual life!

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